tv shows that should exist


Alerted today by an anonymous friend to the existence of This Buzzfeed List of tumblr pitched Books/Movies/TV shoes that should definitely exist…

This is your lucky day, list maker! This book actually DOES exist RIGHT HERE in the form of self-published Johnlock fic. I know, because I wrote it!

It’s super cool that the color bonding concept is part of the fandom zeitgeist, I’ve read other takes on it since writing Colors, and it’s interesting to see how other people tackle the challenges of writing about all the details of totally visual concept. It was my first fic and it taught me that I had purposeful, novel length fiction in me. I still miss those versions of the boys and I’ll always be grateful for the experience I had building that world and the story that unfolded in it.

Still obsessing about this Amary McTapping AU TV series/fic...

The first thing either one of them said to one another in that bar they met in?

Amanda:  *finishes off her beer*  Hey, I didn’t know they let cardigans into this kind of place.

Mary:  *looks at her over her glasses*  Why?  Does it offend you?

Amanda:  No, it’s about time we got some class in here.  My apartment needs some class, too.  Wanna come home with me?

3x20 Episode Thoughts

Still crying but whatever:

  • Glad to have Talbot back. He and Coulson are lovely together as always.
  • Fitz trying to fight off Daisy. Oh bby.
  • And freaking May interrupting the would-be fitzsimmons make out sesh. Why do you gotta be like that May. Come on. Be a cool mom.
  • (but, of course, i’m super here for fitzsimmons working together effectively and helping each other with everything and being the perfect representation for how a couple should exist positively on a television show)
  • Talbot freaking out everything. Calm down bby it’s okay. Coulson’s got this.
  • But Elena coming back!!!!!! To save Daisy!!!! To see Mack!!!! I’m just so glad that everything’s okay <3
  • Like look at that mother/son-in-law super cool spy bff relationship we’ve got going on there. I’m so here for this.
  • Like communicating via food? Actually perfect.
  • Poor Mack tho. Feel better bby.
  • And then Lash.
  • Like months ago I was so not here for this, but that whole fight scene I was just cheering on bby Andrew and he uninfected Daisy and it was just so great
  • And then i knew.
  • James i freaking liked you man and this is what you did. How. Freaking. Dare. You.
  • May just sitting there with Andrew. I just… Literally how many times do they have to kill Andrew this season.
  • And I’m really sad he wasn’t the one to kill Hive. Like I’m so incredibly grateful he saved Daisy but now we’ve got still-alive Hive with James, Radcliffe, and a WARHEAD with the potential to create an army of horrifying mutant… things.
  • Like this could not be worse.
  • Until Elena gave Mack the necklace… and Fitz was with it in the promo… like there’s not a single person in this entire show that I will not cry over for the rest of my life (but literally if it’s Fitz or Simmons I honestly don’t know what I’m gonna do… please not one of them. please.)
  • At least Daisy’s back. Hive was literally killing her. And now she has her family again. Everything (sort of) makes sense again. (and can we please have just a couple lighthearted seconds of her finding out about fitzsimmons that’s all I ask)