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The Endless List Of Games I Love

Pokemon Red/Blue (1999)

“I have no qualms about a female Doctor. I just want to get her pregnant, get a show with her son up and running, then kill her off and focus on her much more powerful male replacement. But just to be clear, no qualms at all.”

TV Show Idea

It’s your usual Cutthroat Kitchen tournament-style episodic cook-off…with a catch: the contestants - pretentious, self-important chefs from around the country - are judged not by top-of-the-line famous cooks, but by normal people. 

And not just normal people, but normal people with everyday limitations that the chefs must adhere to. Each episode is a new competition that challenges the chefs with a new limitation or change based on various people’s food realities. 

Here are some possible episodes: 

  • Create a dessert (pastry/cake in one episode, ice cream-type dessert in another) for Diabetic people 
  • Make a traditionally spicy dish for people with Sensory Processing Disorder 
  • Cook for a kids’ birthday party, bearing in mind that children have very simple tastes and will be put off by “gourmet” ingredients 
  • Again with SPD, make a meal that normally has too many mixed textures for the judges to comfortably eat 
  • Catering for elderly judges who both cannot chew/crunch very well (and are sick of soup/oatmeal) 
  • Catering for elderly judges with a combo of “can’t taste unless the flavors are very strong” and “aging body can’t handle too many spices” 
  • “We surveyed 100 low-income families to see what their most common ingredients/spices/brands are and you may ONLY use those. Now make Thanksgiving dinner.” 
  • Traditionally cheese- or milk-heavy recipes for people who are lactose intolerant 
  • “We surveyed 100 college students and– look, just make really good ramen out of these $0.99 noodles from CVS and some cheap spices.” 
  • Various religious restrictions 

Each of these will be judged by people who are really in the given situation. The low-income competition is judged by people who have those budget limitations every Thanksgiving. Their judges for the SPD episode are all Autistic (or have other SPD-inclusive disorders). The kids probably aren’t actually having a birthday party but they ARE all actually young children giving their honest opinion of what the contestants cook. 

Most chefs, when faced with making, say, a non-spicy hollandaise sauce will panic and say “the dish is ruined!” because all they did was make the sauce minus cayenne. Those chefs would soon be eliminated, leaving only adaptable, accepting contestants who know how to work inside the box to improve a given dish. Add, not just take away. Chefs who are ready to take classic meals in a new direction are the ones who win. 

The ultimate moral of this show is that given dishes can be made many ways, not just the traditional ways. 

Audiences in the mentioned demographics will both love seeing themselves represented on TV and learn new recipes invented under pressure/on the fly that they can copy at home. 

Feel free to add episode ideas to this!! I’m sure I missed a lot of people. 

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Fluff: #60 “You look like you could use a hug.” - OtaYuri! :D

You look like you could use a hug,” Yuri says as he looks down at Otabek’s figure slumped down on the bench. His skates are still on and he is resting his head on the wall behind him, eyes closed. Yuri can see the anger on his features even if he doesn’t say a word. 

He hurt his knee again, he landed a jump a bit harder than usual and Yuri felt his heart stop when he saw Otabek fall on the ice. When he stayed there just a beat too long, flat on his back, completely still. 

Yuri sits next to him, resting his hand on top of Otabek where he is holding the ice on his injured knee. Yuri pushes it a bit further and even rests his head on Otabek’s shoulder as well. Yuri is scared it might be a bit too much when he feels Otabek taking his hand off his knee but it comes back on top of Yuri’s instead and he rubs his fingers against Yuri’s knuckles. 

Yuri looks up and Otabek opened his eyes, looking down at him and biting the inside of his cheek. Yuri has the feeling he is fighting back tears and for the first time in his life, the sight of someone crying might bring some tears in his eyes as well. 

Otabek never stops making new emotions bubble up inside of him and if he’s being completely honest, Yuri is ready to embrace every single one of them. 

Otabek came to St.Petersburg a few months to train with Yuri. And it’s great. Otabek sleeps in Yuri’s guest room and they hang out a lot, binge watch too many tv shows on Netflix. Yuri loves showing the city to Otabek and he rent a motorbike so it makes the whole thing even cooler. 

They cuddle sometimes, in front of the tv, they hold hands too. Otabek never leaves without a kiss on Yuri’s cheek. And there isn’t anything better than the warm embrace of Otabek’s hug. They always make Yuri feel better so he thought, maybe it could be the other way around with Otabek too.

That he could suggest a hug to make him feel better.

Otabek reaches over and wrap his arm around Yuri’s shoulder, pulling him closer and Yuri can feel a kiss being pressed against the top of his head, “You’re the one who needs comfort Beka.”

“I always feel better when you’re in my arms” Otabek replies, his voice a bit rough, breaking on the last few words. Yuri puts his arms around his waist to hold him a bit closer.

“I’m sorry you’re hurt. Go get changed and I’ll call a cab to get us back home, okay? We’ll get the bike another day.”

Otabek looks back at him in silence for a few beats and Yuri can feel it right to his bones. There is something so intense in those dark brown eyes that he can’t look away. Finally Otabek nods and gives him a tiny crooked smile,

“Can we cuddle on the couch tonight? Watch a movie or something?” He asks, reaching out to push a few strands of blond hair from Yuri’s face. He knows he is blushing but he nods, like he could ever say no to this kind of request from Otabek.

Before getting up and reaching from the crutches they gave him after he fell, Otabek leans over to give a kiss on Yuri’s cheek, like he always does. 

But this time, it feels dangerously closer to his mouth than usual.


When their idol crush mentions them as their ideal type during an interview


Jin would be watching a cooking show when the timer he set for your interview would go off. Jin knew what questions would be asked during this interview and highly anticipated your answer to the question he wanted to hear the most. After 30 minutes of the show go buy, the MC finally asks the question “Y/N, we’ve recieved this question from a lot of fans, what celebrity would you describe as your “ideal type?”” As soon as his name left your mouth he would squeal out of happiness and probably drop his ramen.



After a long day of work Namjoon would be returning home and get ready to go to sleep seeing as he still had a busy day ahead of him tomorrow. As he is getting ready to tuck himself into bed he gets a VLIVE alert saying “Y/N’s Q&A  ❤ ❤ “ seeing as you were his crush, he couldn’t resist the urge to watch your live. 20 minutes pass and you’ve answered 10 questions so far, you then read “Y/N, which celebrity is your ideal type? I love you!!” Hearing that question made Namjoons heart race and when you said his name he couldn’t help but spring out of bed and do a little happy dance

“Awh yeah, awh yeah, awh yeah awh yeah awh yeaaaahh”


Yoongi would be preparing to head back to the studio after he dropped home to collect some stuff he forgot. On his way out he realises he forgot to switch off the TV and heads to the living room to switch it off. When he reaches for the remote he hears his name being called on the TV, and when he looks up a bunch of pictures are being displayed of him with basic korean variety show hearts and text saying “sarang” in pink. Shortly after it returns to the scene where the MC’s of the show are teasing you about it. Suga rewinds the show to watch it from the beginning and when he realises why you said his name he tries not to react but can’t help but feel happy inside



BTS finally got a day off and Hoseok decided to spend it at home watching dance videos and snacking on his favourite food. While roaming the recommended page of YouTube, Hoseok stumbles across a video of you and seeing as he’s watched all the vine compilations and funny moments videos with you in them, he wasn’t surprised. What most caught his attention though, was the title of the video: “Y/N of GROUP/N mentions her ideal type on Radio Star”. Hoseok was hesitant to click the video as he was afraid he wouldn’t meet your expectations. Around the middle of the video, after explaining what you would like in a man, the MC asks: “is there a certain celebrity who you would date?” Hoseok freezes in anticipation but when you say his name he feels relieved and stress free, then he feels a wave of happiness and can’t help but smile like an idiot

“Y/N-ah, what are you doing to me?”


Jimin was working out as he wanted to tone up his body for BTS’s upcoming comeback because he’d been stuffing his face with marshmallows for the past week. Jimin arrives at the gym and as he takes his spot on the treadmill, he realises he forgot his headphones at home so he has no choice but to look at the TV so he won’t die of boredom. 3 minutes into running, an interview of you and your group appears on screen. The MC asks each of the members who their ideal type is. When it’s your turn, Jimin thinks to himself “there’s no way I’m her ideal type” but as soon as you say his name Jimin cant help but fly off the treadmill and fall on the carpetted floor. He quickly gets up to make sure he heard everything correctly

“Dude rewind the show” “I’m sorry but we cant re-” “I SAID REWIND THE SHOW FOR THE SAKE OF MOCHI LOVE”


Taehyung was shopping online for some new clothes when he saw a picture from the photoshoot you did with Gucci. Taehyung couldn’t help but click on the photo and it took him to a new page with the headline “Interviewing World Famous Kpop Star Y/N YL/N”. He couldn’t resist the urge to read through the interview as you were his crush and he wanted to know as much as possible about you. 6 questions into the interview and he arrives at the question “Y/N, could you tell us something about your ideal type? I’m sure your fans would like to know” you responded “Well a lot of fans have been shipping Kim Taehyung from BTS with me and it gets me flustered because he suits my ideal type. It’s a bit embarassing for me to say it haha”. After that Taehyung absolutely lost it and started smiling like crazy while singing.

“Y/N-ah likes me back, Taehyung and Y/N sitting on a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g”


Jungkook was strolling around the streets of Seoul when he decided to stop at an electronics store to pick up some new speakers. After looking around for a little bit, Jungkook finally found the speakers he needed and was on the way to pay for them when he passed by the TV section. On the screen was you, sitting opposite the MC of a popular Korean TV show and Jungkook couldn’t help but stand and watch. It was quite entertaining to him that there were like 20 you’s on different TV’s all over that he didnt even notice when the MC asked “Y/N, now that we are on the topic of relationships, do you mind telling our audience who your ideal type is? And maybe give us a little hint of who fits this description?” Jungkook instantly perked up and focused all his attention on the TV. Once you said his name, he instantly went into jungshook mode

“I-I, wha-? Did I hear that right?”


Those Childhood behaviors & experiences that I now get knowing I have bpd like:

Oh yeah identity issues:

  • Not understanding why when actors’ spoke about a character they were playing they treated it like a separate person because for me playing pretend meant becoming that character, another version of myself
  • Transfixing on my friend’s TigerBeat magazines even though I didn’t care about celebrities and getting a subscription myself just for the quizzes 
  • Getting really attached to specific words or phrases that you thought fit you or that other ppl used to describe you (for me it was “unique”, “empath”, not “normal”)
  • Using others’ descriptions of you as the way to describe yourself and your role in your own life (has big eyes, has nice smile, intelligent, artist)
  • Going to the bathroom in school to escape and end up just staring at myself in the mirror and asking who am I? I don’t recognize myself
  • Taking in bad descriptions of yourself and mean comments as truth as well (annoying, loud, talkative, sensitive, judgmental; you interrupt too much, you complain too much, you always think you’re right)
  • Getting really attached to IPod Touch backgrounds and saving ones that I thought represented me
  • Saving screencaps of the results of random silly quizzes as if collecting “facts” about myself
  • Taking on personality traits from a TV show character I liked and wanted to be like, wanting to dress like them, and wanting ppl to call me by the character’s name as a nickname
  • Quoting “Forgive and forget, that’s my motto” from a TV show character because it sounded cool and Right even though it wasn’t at all true about myself
  • Trying to copy some self-harming techniques I had heard to make my depression feel more valid
  • Throwing out a chocolate with caramel inside even though I liked it because I had previously always said I hated caramel and couldn’t contradict that
  • Acting like moments between you and another person or you in general were part of a movie and you had an imagined script of what dramatic thing you should say

Wanting attention & validation:

  • Doing and saying whatever to make adults you liked laugh or give you positive attention 
  • Finished painting a picture I was proud of (around age 3-5), my friend/neighbor who I’m painting with just finished finger painting something as well. My mom praises her and calls her choice to finger paint creative. I immediately smear my entire picture with my fingers
  • Carrying around a book of writings that I covered the outside with notes about it being “top secret” and “do NOT read” in the hopes of attracting interest so that someone would try to read it
  • Telling my best friend I *insert suicide ideation here* to hear her reaction in the hope of concern and attention
  • Biting at my mouth and lips in attempts of (unsuccessfully) hurting myself and getting attention after reading the book Speak in which a girl does the same in response to trauma
  • Talking nonstop, loudly and quickly in attempts to be heard; Having problems interrupting people in conversation  as I was used to being ignored and having limited time to be heard
  • Oversharing in class about personal experiences

Black and white thinking

  • Seeing my darker shift in mood as the new “bad” me vs the younger happier idealized version of myself as the old “good” me
  • Drawing images of broken mirrors, broken hearts, and thorny plants to represent this Bad new me vs regular hearts and thriving pretty plants as the old Good me
  • Seeing ppl as either minor acquaintances or Best Friends, no inbetween  
  • Feeling like ppl, even best friends, couldn’t get me and therefore we shouldn’t be friends anymore
  • Getting mad at ppl for having different opinions because they were Wrong

Unstable moods; Depression and thoughts of suicide or self-harm 

  • Feeling broken, wrong and messed up constantly for not being as happy as I once remembered
  • Writing dramatic sad poems about a perceived loss of innocence aka growing up which I concluded was the reason for the change
  • Leaving class just to wander under the guise of going to the bathroom, linger at windows and fantasize about running away somewhere happy
  • Continuously thinking about and wanting to break the mirrors but knowing it would be messy and probably hurt and I’d get in trouble
  • Feeling like I wanted to die before knowing what that meant and feeling like no one could save me
  • Punching my desk and the school porcelain sinks to feel my knuckles sting; scraping my hands with pens by drawing rough repeated lines over the skin to “punish” myself for being “bad”
  • Self-harming before knowing what that meant
  • Prolonging eating to punish yourself with hunger but giving into eating eventually
  • Feeling weak about not being able to commit to doing serious harm to myself
  • Having episodes of loss of interest in all things I found fun; feeling numb
  • Erratic sleeping patterns
  • Wanting to call in sick from school or pretend your sick to stay home because you just feel awful and don’t know why
  • Wanting to die on the way to school, passively feeling okay with the thought you might get hit by a car or bus

Unstable relationships; Imprinting, FPs, (Perceived) Abandonment & Splitting

  • Getting super attached to my first best friend in kindergarten and being convinced we’d be best friends forever 
  • Coming home crying every other day the next year when she got new friends who all didn’t want me around them
  • “Testing out” a new friend group everyday to try and find a place I felt like I belonged  
  • Spending recess after recess walking around alone and watching all the other kids play together reasoning everyone has a friend but me
  • Not playing with other kids who invited me to because they weren’t my Best Friend (cough baby’s first FP cough)
  • Getting super attached to my new neighbor/friend and jumping at any chance to hang out with her even when she was mean to me or didn’t really want to hang out with me
  • When she suddenly started avoiding me and stopped talking to me after years of friendship I went from hurt to completely uncaring as if we were never friends at all
  • At my new school, I once again spent my time trying out new friend groups and dropping them when they didn’t fit me and ended up in the small assortment of “rejects” 
  • Going back and forth between being best friends, feeling better than them, feeling bad that they were putting energy into someone who really didn’t care
  • Feeling like I was pretending and didn’t care about them as much as they cared about me (none of them were my FP) and therefore we shouldn’t be friends at all 
  • Getting super attached to a new girl in school because I didn’t have any close friends and we were both Guyanese and therefore somehow connected; saying embarrassing things to her about how I felt detached from other friends and much closer to her in the span of only a few days
  • She told my other friend that I was like an annoying “dog” following her around and she switched schools within the next few weeks
  • I immediately into the “she never existed” mode of detachment 
  • Writing dramatically “I’m sorry I wasn’t a good friend to you when you were such a good friend to me” in my friend’s yearbook (knowing he wouldn’t see it until years later)
  • Getting super attached to and oversharing with teachers who showed me particular kindness and attention
  • Getting depressed when I noticed they showed kindness and attention individually to other students
  • Feeling not good enough or healthy enough to be in relationships

These are my personal experiences but maybe they are relatable to others with bpd.

((This is super long but I just felt like it needed to be said and shown that ppl with bpd often have signs of early symptoms in childhood that get worse later and that they often don’t understand until later. Hope this gives others with bpd some clarity.))

Feel free to share some of your own!

(EDIT: Remembered some more)

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hello! you're blog is so cute i love it!!! tbh you're such a good writer it makes me cry. could you please do a fic describing keith's emotions (or lack thereof) when allura fell in his arms vs his emotions when lance literally just touched his shoulder?

(Hey sweetpea, you’re honestly the kindest person ever?? I hope you don’t mind that I added elements of whump into this prompt because I wanted to stick to my sickfic/whump theme, but I couldn’t turn this prompt down because I loved it!! It’s still more focused on Keith’s thoughts than the actual whump!)

Keith’s idea of love had always been through a screen. Never real, processed and filtered through a Hollywood lens.

He’d had a taste of love when his classmate Lucy gave him a card cut out like a heart for Valentine’s Day in kindergarten, but he didn’t feel anything at all. But Keith couldn’t quite help but feel a little warm and fuzzy when his classmate James let him help him build his sandcastle.

But for the most part, Keith never really understood what it was. Teachers at school always explained it was what mommy and daddy felt for each other, but he didn’t have that. How could he know what he didn’t have? Keith told himself that maybe he just wasn’t wired to have it, that not all boys get to have it, and that was okay. You can’t miss what you never had.

But Keith was curious. He wondered what it would feel like. He wondered what all his classmates were crazy about, why all the girls would squeal over their crushes picking petals off flowers and why all the boys tried and competed to find ways to get the girl. It was something Keith just didn’t get, something that wasn’t on his radar.

He would watch romance films on the TV, watch as a boy and girl fell in love in a whimsical journey. He watched as boys burst into song about how happy they felt, how in love they were in the rain. He’d watch girls sing quietly to themselves about how smitten and complete they would feel, the devotion they felt to another human being. To Keith, it didn’t didn’t feel real at all. He could only shrug and move on. It just wasn’t for him.

Then there was Lance.

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If you liked Hannibal but thought “maybe a little less gore and a little more gay,” you should watch the Exorcist TV show. If you wanted to like Supernatural but were too frustrated by the one demon-hunter not coming out & the ways women were treated, you should watch The Exorcist TV show. All of it is on Hulu. Also John Cho is a hot dad. Hernando from Sense8 is the main character. Geena Davis is there. It’s about naming unspeakable corruption (hi, Catholic Church!) inside redeemable people (hi, people marginalized both in and out of the Catholic faith!)

“The Kingslayer’s Epiphany” Part 1 (Seth Rollins)

Story Content & Trigger Warnings: Some violence, and some fluff.
Disclaimers: I own nothing or anyone associated or affiliated with WWE. I own only the original characters. This is just a fictional story that came from my imagination.  
Pairing:  Seth Rollins X Reader

Summary:   When Smackdown invades RAW and you’re kidnapped by the Bludgeon Brothers, Shield members—and Tag Team Champions—Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose prepare for battle at Survivor Series to get you back.  And in the midst of all the chaos, Seth has quite the epiphany.

Word Count: 5809

Note: This is sooo going to require a second part.  It didn’t go as I originally planned, but hey… Ya gotta let your muses do their thing.  I realized, that it was reaching 6,000 words, and I hadn’t even really got Seth to tell Y/N how he felt—or at least not the way I want him to.  So yeah, part 2 will be in the near future.

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having to read a post with my own two eyes where an anon asks “is madd legit” made me lose 40 years on my life

anonymous asked:

as someone who actually nonironically likes vore its so obvious that griffin is a dirty vore lover lmao

theres a lot of things i expected from running an ironic, jokey-joke griffin-based vore blog but the amount of messages i have gotten that start with something along the lines of “as someone who genuinely likes vore, I think - “ is absolutely not something i had predicted and still dont know how to respond to usually