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Name: Satu
Age: 17
Country: Finland

Hi! I’m an art student from Finland and I’m pretty awkward and bad at talking to people irl so I decided I’d try making some friends this way! Besides my art I also love reading and photography, and some of my favourite things are Rocky Horror Picture Show, Harry Potter, drag queens, a lot of different movies & TV shows, and all kinds of music from K-pop to 90’s grunge. I speak English pretty fluently and I’m studying German and Swedish so I’d be happy if you could help me get better at those! I would also like to write some real letters because that seems exciting lmao.

Preferences: I’d like you to be about the same age as me but I don’t really care about anything else. All different kinds of people are okay with me as long as you’re nice!

Power Rangers (2017) Review

This new Power Rangers film is a reboot of the classic series with the same name from the 90’s. As with the TV Show, this film features a cast of teenagers who gain special powers and vehicles to fight giant monsters and other similar threats. To be honest, I was quite happy when I heard about this reboot, because I hardly remember anything from my childhood days and this was a great chance to start over.

I will say right from the beginning that I was really disappointed with this film, but there were also some redeeming qualities to it. First of all, the cast of this movie does a fine job for the most part, they do the best they can with the material they’re given, but said material is not really good honestly. I was particularly impressed with R.J. Cyler who plays Billy Cranston (The Blue Ranger). He was really good in Me and Earl and the Dying Girl and also steals this movie.

The other actors also do a decent job for the most part. The kid who plays Jason, Dacre Montgomery, is a very good lead with enough charisma to carry the movie. Same goes for the other actors, they are not bad, but the movie is. The biggest problem by far with this film is that it struggles to find a tone. At times they wanted this to be a gritty reboot, with a dark tone and teenage angst and other times it jumps right off to a goofy high-school comedy.

This was also evident with the villain of the movie, Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks) whose acting is so far out there, that it seems to be ripped of straight from the old series. You never really feel threatened or scared by her, but more you wanna laugh out loud at every scene she’s in. 

Also, the action scenes were really well directed and the special effects look really good. But the problem is it takes a lot for the action to get started. Stuff really starts to happen very late into the movie. This is a Power Rangers movie that has no Power Rangers in it for the first two acts . I know they did this because it’s supposed to be an origins movie, but they could’ve done a much better job with the execution to be hones. In the undying words of Immortan Joe: “MEDIOCRE”. I give Power Rangers a 5 out of 10.

you ever see those posts that are like “if you dont remember this certain tv show from my childhood in the early 90’s then you’re to young to be on social media!!!” and its like. yall know people born in the 2000’s are teenagers right. and you’re 30. yall know time moves forward right


Oh my god so I’m growing my hair out and it looks weird as shit but my girlfriend likes it (especially when I wear stupid 80s headbands) because she says I look like a teenboy protagonist from any given 80s/early 90s tv show….I’m pretty sure she’s the only person on earth who find this legitimately attractive

But also. Let’s bring back ninja headband guys

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@Everyone and E; Now that we know your favorite DC/Marvel Heroes, what about the villains? Come on, take a walk on the dark side we have cookies. My favorite is still Magneto.

Nova; hmm. I like Harley but i guess she’s more anti-hero now. I mean she has an excellent character growth and has really come a long way from her humble sidekick beginnings from the tv show. Yep she’s from the 90s animated cartoon not the comics.

Connor: I’m a fan of Doctor Octopus. I like the idea of tech heroes and villains, i wonder why, but i also like one of his newest arcs where he became spiderman and actually did good. which was so weird. 

Roman: J’son, peter Quill’s Father. He was a crook ruler and while he meant well, he did go mad with power and the moment his son exposed him and got him dethroned? Because A star Lord like villain named Mister Knife and starts running a crime ring. like seriously badass but still bad 

Missy: Venom. Fierce, deadly and so cool. not to mention his general power set and his iconic symbol as one of Spiderman’s biggest villains. 

JacK;….umm pass…

Sol:….Toby, oh wait you said favorite. Novy!

Nova: hey! Why am I the bad guy?

Sol; because..


Sol;….i said so…

Nova; *glares*

Sol: at least you’re the favorite! 

Viktor:…..*just stands there, smiling.* 

E: I like Venom and Mister Knife. Venom is just an awesome character and i really loved playing him in the ultimate spiderman game. Plus he’s a hero now known as Anti-venom and through a guardians comic we learn that the symbiotes aren’t evil at all but they will go berserk and corrupted if left alone in the universe too long. Mister Knife because honestly? It’s basically evil Star Lord. i mean come on, that’s so much fun. 

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So I've been seeing this really cute scenario around lately and am dying to see your take on it. :) The Seidou boys (Miyuki, Jun, Ryousuke, Haruichi, and Sawamura) are working out (doing push-ups) when their SO walks over and lays down on their back. How would they react?

//oooh! this is a cute scenario! i see lots of fanart with this concept so i really liked translating it into words ^v^ - A

Miyuki was in the middle of claiming superiority as the newly promoted captain, trying to do (and succeeding in doing) more push-ups than all the other team members, when someone suggests that they ramp up the difficulty. You had been hanging out by the doorway for some time, waiting for this stunt to end when they usher you in and sit you down on the sharp plank of Miyuki’s back. Almost immediately he’s pushing himself harder, wanting to impress both you and his teammates. He’s covered in sweat, bare torso slick from sweat but he’s keeping up the pace, groans leaking from his chest, arms shaking from effort, when he finally collapses at push-up number 322. He rolls over and pulls you onto his chest, running fingers through your hair as he catches his breath.
“I wasn’t that heavy, was it?”
He laughs. “’course not. Barely felt a thing.”

Jun and Tetsu had been arguing—well, not arguing per say (Jun was the only one yelling after all) more like egging each other on. They kept betting higher and higher numbers of push-ups that they could do at once; Tetsu said he could to one hundred, Jun raised it to one-twenty and so on and so forth. Then it escalated to how many push-ups they could do while balancing things on their back: Tetsu said he could hold a full bag of rice, Jun said he could balance two, Tetsu said three. It wasn’t until Jun crossed his arms over his chest and bet that he could do a hundred entire push-ups while having you lie across his back that Tetsu balked. 
“Prove it.”
So here you were, lying flush with Isashiki’s back as he strained against gravity, Tetsu counting slowly, methodically, not counting reps where Jun didn’t dip low enough. “Can’t you be heavier _______? I’ve gotta prove Tetsu wrong!” He speeds up and you have to cling around his neck so you don’t fall off.
“We can add a rice bag on top of her.”
“Don’t you dare do that Tetsu! I’ll kick you!” 
They continue arguing; Tetsu forgets to keep track of reps and Isashiki’s loudly debating the count but it’s peaceful to you, just another Thursday afternoon, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. 

For having such a small stature, Ryosuke was surprisingly strong. He could do the most amount of pull-ups, the most amount of crunches and the most amount of push-ups out of everybody on the team. People were pretty impressed by how striking his physique was and frequently—especially come training camp time—the upperclassmen liked to test Ryosuke’s using feats of strength. Sometimes the competitive spirit was enough to get even you in the mood.
“Four-hundred and one! Four-hundred and two!” The crowd was chanting, pushing a smirking, sweaty Ryosuke in the middle of the circle to keep going. Your screaming was the loudest, clapping your hands with glee and shouting encouragement, when he waves you over. 
“Might need some extra weight ______! This is too easy!” He’s all cocky bravado and a prideful soul and you can’t help but oblige him, sitting square between his shoulder blades. His pace doesn’t even slow in the slightest and everybody’s screaming and pumping the air and counting louder than before. He collapses at four-hundred and eleven, but that’s sixty-three more than his previous record and he’s beyond pleased. 

Haruichi was a hard worker—that you couldn’t deny—but sometimes his pervasive self-doubt forced him to push himself beyond what was healthy, or even necessary. You’d woken up in the middle of the night to a cold bed and your boyfriend gone; this wasn’t a rare occurrence, especially not during important seasons, but usually he left a note or a text if he was going to be gone for a long period of time.
Stuffing your feet into outdoor slippers you searched all around the dorm, the fields and the school only to find him in the far gym, pale skin covered in a thin layer of sweat, doing push-up after push-up, panting hard, hair in disarray. You look in, watching his determination for a while. You’re loathe to interrupt him but you want him back in bed with you, where it’s warm and there’s no chance of him getting injured alone, so you stride in there, quiet as a mouse, and lay yourself down over the expanse of his back. He startles, stiffening up and collapsing to the ground with a tiny cry.
“_______! What are you doing here?” He’s asking, just a bit sheepish but mostly out of breath. You nuzzle beneath his chin, feeling the rapid rise and fall of his chest.
“Come back to bed with me Harucchi.” 
He nods. “Only if you promise to never do that again. You almost gave me a heart attack!”
“Mhm. I promise.”

You were tired of Eijun ignoring you in favor of finishing extra reps of strength exercises. It wasn’t often that you two got evenings alone together, especially with Summer Koshien coming up, and you wanted to spend it well, but every time you called out to him he would always say the same excuse:
“Just ten more, _____! I swear just ten more!”
But ten turned into twenty which turned into thirty and on and on and on. It was already too late to go out anywhere and the television was only playing game show reruns from the 90′s so you swing yourself off the bed and right as Eijun is in mid push-up, sit yourself right on his back. He’s floundering for a second, screeching like he’s just broken an arm but when he realizes it’s only you he smiles wide and says: “Finally gonna help me practice, huh? Awesome!”
You open your mouth to protest, to say that wasn’t at all what you were aiming for, but he’s doing reps at double the pace now, smiling through the pain and you can’t help but roll your eyes and let him burn himself out. 

My Dad keeps complaining when I watch Buffy downstairs, because it’s “too dark” or “too violent”. Goodness forbid a 23-year-old watch a TV-14 show from the 90’s. Sheesh.

names and their aesthetics

Eleanor: Billie Holiday’s “Gloomy Sunday” and white patent leather mary janes

Sif:  getting into bed in the summer and the sheets are cold, sitting in the back of the bus

Mary: soft, blue light and sitting on the floor only wearing a black, long-sleeve bodysuit

Deanna: garnets, falling asleep in the back of the car

Katie: the bitterness of black coffee, the feeling when it’s cold outside and you inhale through your nose

Kristie:  suede skirts, heavy reverb from a guitar, and cherry seeds

Alora: fingertips red from strawberry juice and 90′s tv show reruns

Frances: the first time you try vodka and dim porch lights

Kels: warm soda and the way rain looks under a street light at night

Auxé: brown lipstick stains on napkins, crumpled dollar bills

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What's your opinion of the character designs in ReBoot?


It doesnt feel fair to to judge it for it’s primitive CGI since it is a tv show from the 90′s. Whether it was intentional or not I think it gains an “aesthetic” in all it’s jankiness, and 100% buy them as something that would live inside a computer. The show has a certain charm to it either way.

Of everyone it’s actually Frisket that bothers me most. They didnt make him either realistic or cartoony enough and just ends up looking awkward, especially whatever the hell is going on with his snout ‘n’ jaws. 

Also looks a bit like a cheep knockoff of Rush


I’ve got a lot of support and questions where my reviews have gone, and basically everything I’ve uploaded including the streams have been flagged from something. Most of it is like Nintendo for using the Super Mario World theme in a live stream, or Time Warner making my videos exclusively viewable in the US due to footage. 

Being an artist, I’m a bit of a problem solver and I found a solution that I think enhances my Channel’s brand by giving it a somewhat unique look and also obscures footage enough to prevent unfair copyright claims. 

In-universe, Stev will be reviewing TV shows using a VCR TV hybrid from the 90′s. I made it pink because I thought it would make it look more pleasing to the eye than a black on. Visually Stev has been inspired by Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, and Bee and Puppycat. 

I promise the flickers won’t happen as much as these gifs show that it does. I’ve actually watched a whole episode in this style and didn’t find it annoying at all. But rejoice I am working on videos again!  

I have to hope, because otherwise, it’s too depressing. …I really do it just to not be ashamed of me, of my way of living. I want to look at the eyes of my children, and my grandchildren, and say that ’ I did all I could.’

I’ll say quote from an American TV show. It’s called Angel. There is a wonderful phrase there: ‘If nothing we do matters, then all that matters is what we do.’


UNNAMED PROTESTOR against Russia’s anti-gay laws, interviewed by The Daily Show’s Jason Jones, and who managed to take a quote from a late 90’s / early Aughts TV show to eloquently and sincerely sum up her pro-LGBTQ cause.

Spaciba, friend.

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I dont understand this limitless ratings thing, is it good for poi? is it a flop?

OK so CBS decided to push back POI to the mid season because it felt it could have one of their own new shows do better on the Tuesday night slot and something to beat Chicago Fire (because CBS alway lose viewers to that show over on NBC at the same time). So along comes ‘Limitless’, not only does this show fall to the 1.4 core demo rating this week against CF but it fails to even match POI’d ratings against CF. Basically a brand new show in it’s first season is now getting the same ratings POI was getting in it’s 4th season! That’s really, really bad for CBS and really really telling of how loyal POI’s viewers are. TV shows (apart from like in the 90′s) always debut with their biggest numbers in the first season, and then there’s drop off every season, without fail, no matter how big or small shows will lose viewers every season. It’s a downward trend so the longer a show is around the less people will watch live. So the fact that limitless is not only failing to beat CF but it’s failing to even match POI’s 4th season ratings against the same show.

Basically the decision to move POI from their usual time slot this year looks more unjustified because the numbers are there to back it up. This limitless show will likely get renewed for a second season but the damage has already been done, it really needed to take off and be big in it’s first season (2.0+ more in the demo) and instead it’s performing like a 4th season show.

I don’t really know how this affects POI currently, but this certainly proves that CBS’s decision with their fall schedule was a mistake, that they had the audacity to think a new show could vastly surpass POI’s ratings on a difficult night against a more mainstream show (CF), and also more than likely proves it’s was a mistake not to include POI in it’s usual time slot this year.

Also bear in mind this show has had zero interruptions unlike POI whose ratings suffered due to constant breaks.

If limitless continues to fall (which is likely) then it was a huge mistake to shaft POI.