Check out Chloe Bennet’s new hair for Season 3 of Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.!

“The comic book version of Daisy Johnson has very short, Miley Cyrus-esque hair,” explains Bennet. “We wanted to stay true to the comic book character fans love; I wanted to please them but also make sure there was still some movement and length and sexiness in the hair.”

“It was crazy. I cried a little bit, to be honest, and definitely had some anxiety,” she says. “I should have brought tequila with me. 100 percent.”

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Favorite actress series | Gillian Anderson: “The Fall is a superb detective series. It’s dark and edgy, built on character. Anderson is sensational in it. Her Stella Gibson is a woman to whom the adjective ballsy simply doesn’t apply, she’s subtle and feminine: soft voiced in silk blouses, killer heels. When she makes a pass at a female colleague in episode three tonight, half of the women in the country, let alone the men, will probably think: I would.But the model performance of restrained, unshowy television acting that Anderson gives as Gibson is not the only weapon in her armoury. Her recent emotionally raw Blanche Dubois in A Streetcar Named Desire(ironically the classic role about a woman failing to cope with her fading beauty) at the Old Vic suggested that there is much more to come from this actress.” - Chris Harvey

TV Shows

Week Ending July 27th, 2015

  1. Steven Universe
  2. Teen Wolf +1
  3. Big Brother 17 +1
  4. Gravity Falls −2
  5. Pretty Little Liars +1
  6. Supernatural −1
  7. Hannibal +1
  8. Star vs. the Forces of Evil
  9. Parks and Recreation +1
  10. Orange is the New Black −3
  11. Sense8
  12. Once Upon a Time −3
  13. The Legend of Korra −1
  14. Doctor Who −1
  15. Game of Thrones −1
  16. The 100 −1
  17. Sherlock +1
  18. Adventure Time
  19. American Horror Story −3
  20. RuPaul’s Drag Race

The number in italics indicates how many spots a title moved up or down from the previous week. Bolded titles weren’t on the list last week.

You want to make new friends, but you don’t know how? I’M HERE FOR YOU.

So lately I noticed that it’s full of people in here that would love to make new friends, but they either don’t know how or are too shy or too lazy etc….
How? I’m gonna do all the dirty work.
I’m gonna be like a dating app, but for friends and no app.

All you need to do is fill out a lil form and I will confront the informations with all the other people and pair you with someone. Everyone will get paired to someone else and will have to AT LEAST try and become their friend. I will always be here to help you guys throughout the whole journey. I’ll even help you guys introducing if you need to.


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You don’t have to follow me, but know that I’ll follow you (so no pressure 👀 )


I’ll start collecting all the forms and as soon as there will be a good amount I’ll start pairing people up. I’ll then contact you and boom. New friends.
If the friendship between some of you guys will work out pls message me and you will be added to a nice lil page on my blog where I’ll note all the successful friendships **
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FAQs (also if you have another question check here, maybe someone already asked me):

Once I’m paired up with someone will you delete my application?
 No of course not, if you’ll match someone else you’ll have multiple friendships.

What happens if I become great friends with the person I was paired up?
 You come here and tell me, so I’ll add you to the successful friendships page!

What if there’s no one compatible to me?
 There will always be someone.

  What happens if I have problems with my new friend?
You can always talk to me and if you want I’ll help you guys out **

FOLLOWING ANYONE IN THESE FANDOMS (just like and/or reblog):

- The Walking Dead
- Supernatural
- Doctor Who
- Sleepy Hollow
- Sherlock
- Criminal Minds
- Gotham
- Psych
- Bates Motel
- Game Of Thrones
- Orange is the new Black
- Unbreakable
- Arrow
- The Flash
- iZombie
there’s much more, but these are some at the top of my head!
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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Give Up on NBC's "Hannibal"

Though NBC officially cancelled Bryan Fuller’s series Hannibal in June and it appears that the show may be out of options when it comes to finding a new home on a streaming site, if Saturday night’s episode is any indication, the best the show has to offer may be yet to come. The episode,The Great Red Dragon, is the first episode in the arc based on the book Red Dragon by Thomas Harris. Richard Armitage joins the cast playing Francis Dolarhyde, a serial killer known as The Tooth Fairy, and Mads Mikkelson and Hugh Dancy reprise their roles as Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham, respectively. Though it was only the first episode of the arc, it was possibly the most interesting and engrossing episode of the show so far. Even though Hannibal appears to be dead in the water, below are 5 reasons you should keep watching based on Saturday’s episode.

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Just watched the first episode of “I Am Cait” and bawled my eyes out. This show is so important. I’m so excited for the episodes to come. If you’re planning on watching it, be warned there’s a lot of talk about suicide and a lot of usage of wrong pronouns.