Denmark was under the sun - and no one could, in their wildest dreams, imagine - that the country would soon experience its heaviest and most bloody defeat. It is the story of a forgotten time and a forgotten war. About Laust and Peter, Johan and Didrich, […] and the destiny of others, who were victims of the euphoric folly of mad people. And our own faith in them.
I am Inge. I am a freight manager’s daughter. Laust’s and Peter’s love. I am the last living witness. I have the time that disappeared.
—  BBC 1864

Reading a series is like watching a TV show. In the pilot, everyone’s sorta clunky and not really with the whole deal. Then as time goes on, everyone falls into character, knows the ins-and-outs of things, and is extremely comfortable with the set and characters.

And then when you go to rewatch from the beginning, you can’t help but cringe at how awkward everyone is.


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