Watch Netflix Without Internet?

Watch Netflix Without Internet?

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You read that correctly. Your morning commute with your iPad or Android tablet just got better. The latest update to Netflix will allow subscribers to watch Netflix without an internet connection and without using data. Netflix will now be download and go, allowing for a more streamlined viewing experience even in places where you can’t get a connection. To check out how exactly this works, keep…

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Concept: a TV show where every episode has a different setting, premise and genre, but it’s always the same cast of characters, with the same names, personalities, and broad-strokes backstories. Each episode begins in medias res and ends with a cliffhanger, effectively giving us dozens of individual slices from dozens of purely hypothetical storylines.

things you’re missing out on if you don’t watch eyewitness!
  • explicitly gay characters
  • n o queer baiting
  • bisexual lilies
  • badass independent female characters
  • unsexualized, non fetishized, unstereotyped lgbtq+ couple
  • cool as fuck action sequences
  • crime drama !
  • murder mystery !!
  • good af soundtrack
  • poc in positions of authority!

(feel free to add to this!)