If I do close my eyes, what is it do I picture years from now? Like Leon said, Doesn’t one need to understand that before they’re ready fight for their existence?’ How would my future fairytale unfold? Will I finally connect with the one I deeply care for? Will I reunite with friends long gone? See the ones I love find true happiness. Maybe this future includes people I’d never dreamed of getting close to. Even make amends with those I have unfairly wronged. A future that’s not so lonely. A future filled with friends and family. You’d even be there. The world I’ve always wanted, and you know what? I’d like very much to fight for it.

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Check out all this amazing fan art of Millie Bobby Brown’s awesome breakout character 011 from Netflix’s STRANGER THINGS. I just can’t get enough of this show and it’s awesome to see all the love its been getting from this wonderful and immediate fan community. This is post 2/2 showcasing great pieces of 11 Fanart found right here on tumblr and created by the following amazing artists:

http://portlynntagavi.tumblr.com/ http://jollyjoules.tumblr.com/ http://arexcho.tumblr.com/ http://roanart.tumblr.com/ http://rayneralencar.tumblr.com/ http://snarkies.tumblr.com/ http://clayrodery.tumblr.com/ http://iliketoothpaste.tumblr.com/ http://robbiegeez.tumblr.com/ http://toonimated.com/ http://jenbartel.tumblr.com/ http://sashamutch.tumblr.com/ http://glenbrogan.tumblr.com/ http://jerrodmaruyama.tumblr.com/ http://rosanaiarusso.tumblr.com/ http://sendforhelp.tumblr.com/ http://joceydraws.tumblr.com/ http://emilypaik.tumblr.com/ http://nanlawson.tumblr.com/ http://vincentsillustration.tumblr.com/ http://katiejrice.tumblr.com/

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- TV shows and real life

This week I watched the new Netflix series Stranger Things.
My head exploded like pretty much everyone who watched it! And as I started to obsess about it, I realized some things to bring to real life. As I do.
So today I’m talking about how we can make good use of the stories we connect with.
-I’m gonna try to write a quick read-

(Spoilers ahead)

One example is Steven Universe. I love that the show has no definition of gender and sexuality. I don’t see it exactly as LGBT or Hetero or whatever, but as people and souls and energies connecting, . This is very appealing to me. Only if our world looked as people as they are instead of labels.
Also the kid is the most symbol of pure love! Although Pearl’s love for Rose is outstanding, the lessons Steven toss around in every episode are priceless.

Stranger Things may be a story of a monster of another dimension, but it’s actually about friendship. “Friends don’t lie”, right El? But other than that I got to dive into all the “hippie crap” they talked about in the show, when the subject was the Sensory Deprivation Tank. Also the power of the mind and travelling to different dimensons.
Ooh that is gold to me!
I got back into trying to Astral Project. The closes I got to the astral world (consciously) was a sensation of spinning that got me a bit nausiated and heart pumping fast.
But hey, practice makes perfect.

So let me know, do YOU incorporate lessons from stories to your own life? If so, which stories were the best teachers for you? Comment down below or on my INSTAGRAM (http://instagram.com/daniellepioliart).

Keep Drawing Joy

That’s it!

I’ve had it with the argument that if an adult doesn’t like a children’s show, it’s because that show is aimed for kids.

Do you know who hated that argument?

Walter Elias Disney.

Do you know who created a multi billion dollar industry that’s going strong after almost 90 years?

Walter Elias Disney.

Do you know who once said, “You’re dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway.”

Walter Elias Disney.

Walt Disney knew the importance of marketing to both children and adults. He knew that you needed to make timeless creations that could be enjoyed by people of every age.

Do you know why nostalgic shows like Looney Tunes, Animaniacs, Hey Arnold, Batman: The Animated Series, Powerpuff Girls, etc. are often quoted by millennials these days? Because they treated us like adults. They were arranged so that adults could like them just as much as kids.

Do you know why shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, Over The Garden Wall, Gravity Falls, and Steven Universe are so popular today? Because they follow the same principle.

And do you know why things like the new Spongebobs, the Powerpuff Girls reboot, and Teen Titans Go are failing miserably? Because they’re only aimed at young children, instead of expanding their demographic to include people of all ages. And in a few years, they’ll be forgotten. Because all of the jokes are aimed towards the children of 2016. And those children will be long gone.