tv show: the l word

Can we talk about the diversity of the L word? not only did they recognize African American lesbians, but they also recognized the deaf community and deaf lesbians as well as females in the armed forces. they worked to normalize transgender lives, and they also include childhood trauma and those who work to overcome it. AND, they touch points on those with financial issues, physical illnesses, age gap relationships, cheating, women with butch appearances, lesbians who used to be straight, lesbians who are now straight, Latino women, sexualizing women in the media, bi racial relationships, divas, invasion of privacy, being intimidated of straight authority due to being gay, lesbian writers, lesbian bosses. Positivity in general, no matter what category you fall under.

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tldr; just fangirl w me over gay™ tv shows and i’ll love u forever thx

anonymous asked:

My girlfriend is having trouble accepting herself and her sexuality. I'm trying my best to help her but she keeps pushing me away (even though I know she doesn't mean too) what can I do to help her?

This might sound stupid but maybe you could try watching some lgbt related movies or tv shows with her. I remember when I was 15 I discovered this tv show called “The L word” and it helped me to understand who I am, what I want and that it’s okay to be gay. It made me realize that I’m not the only one who’s feeling like this, that it’s okay to accept myself being like this and to actually love myself for who I am and for who I love. 
Also try attending some pride and LGBT events with her. Confront her with the gay life, try to get her involved, show her how good it can feel to accept herself.

Here’s a brief list of tv shows and movies you might find useful:

- The L Word (show)
- The Fosters (show)
- Lip Service (show)
- Jenny’s Wedding (movie, I highly recommend this one)
- Imagine Me And You (movie)
- D.E.B.S. (movie)
- Room In Rome (movie)
- My Summer Of Love (movie)
- But I’m A Cheerleader (movie, I also highly recommend this one)


I just want to talk about Nikki and Julie for a sec. When you watch the show, it’s obvious from the very beginning that there are A LOT of feelings still going on between these two. And then it all comes together in this beautiful moment where Nikki just goes “fuck it” and kisses her. What makes it even more beautiful is how Julie holds on to Nikki like this is what she really needs in her life and doesn’t want this moment to come to an end.

Nikki knows what Julie has been through and when Julie tells her to wait right before she is about to pull her top off, she doesn’t hesitate to pull away. The look of concern and fear that she might have gone too far says it all for me.

I love how these two characters have LOADS of history and are reconnecting after all these years, because really they each deserve the best and the best means being together.