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Stop the over sexualization of teenagers in media

This is a very common thing in television shows and movies, 16-17 year old being shown in “steamy” situations and very graphic intimate sex scenes. It’s WRONG.
I don’t want to hear the argument,
“But teenagers have sex all the time!!!”
Because yes that may be true but that’s not something people WATCH. I am a 16 year old and most of my friends live very active sexual lives. But it isn’t as intimate as the media makes it out to be. It’s purely because of hormones.
People that absorb these pieces of media are either younger than 15 or older than 18.
And in modern day it is almost ACCEPTED for older men and women to prey on teenagers (i.e “if he’s/she’s # then I’m #”)
If a television show hires actors 20+ to play 16 year olds or 17 year olds it puts this smoke over what is morally right. People who are older are going to think there isn’t a difference between these ages solely based on looks.
And to the younger audience it is promoting teen sexual activity which is NOT recommended by me or anyone with common sense by any means.
This is a real problem in media and I’d really like to see steps to fix it

  • me, after watching 4 to 6 episodes of a new tv show / reading a new book: well fuck
  • me, after realising that i've discovered yet another fucking ship to dedicate my life to: ahh fuckity fuck

faves (x)

that transition tho

  • Mom: Why can't you just trust me?
  • Me: trust isn't the issue one the table here.
  • Mom: then why can't we watch tv together?
  • Me: cuz you're as straight as a pencil and I'm too gay to function.
  • Mom: I thought you were ace!
  • Me: I still think girls are cuter than guys!

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