tv show: spooks

bs s4 teaser: scene-by-scene questions

ok ships this is still cool

random dudes standing guard at a scaffold?! uhmmm… may i say jack, “had you fought like a man, you needn’t have been hang’d like a dog”?!

flint in thought… what is that thing in his hand?! a token of affection? 

flint’s crew? meeting up with someone?

silver opening the door of a tunnel? a hideout? stash of the gold?

nothing new here, angry dudes with beards being angry and weapon-pointy 

max is either moving to the north pole or burning nassau thus covered in ash?! (srsly tho that’s ash, right? maybe the brothel will go up in flames?)

scary big dude hacking away at… silver’s leg?

eleanor being literally on the other side of a closing gate aka she is doomed

rogers searching for someone or something (maybe the gold?)… maybe in connection with that tunnel system?

someone being dragged off to their death or just a kidnap… methinks it’s not silver (bc legs) 

fight fight fight!!! the resistance is under way

dadbeard in a sea battle, bye, we hardly knew ya

(will they bring in maynard to off dadbeard?!)

someone being dragged through the sand… maybe the person who was tied up and perhaps thrown over board?! or the aftermath of one of the sea battles?

flint saving silver’s life? silver saving flint’s life? who will save my life? season 4 will kill me 😭