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Image (right):  Filmmaker Barry Jenkins at the 2017 Vanity Fair Oscar Party. ( Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Looks like Colson Whitehead’s Underground Railroad is getting a TV adaptation! Amazon is developing a series that’ll be directed by none other than Moonlight’s Barry Jenkins.

Jenkins describes Whitehead’s novel as “a groundbreaking work that pays respect to our nation’s history while using the form to explore it in a thoughtful and original way.”

So here’s a question for those who’ve read the book: What are your hopes and dreams for the show?



I fell in love with  Britell’s amazing score in Moonlight and wanted to make a tribute video to the one and only Elise Wassermann - one of the two main protagonists in the joint British and French television series The Tunnel.

Footage: The Tunnel (2013)
Score:The Middle of the World by Nicholas Britell
Editing:Cathy Loudi

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This remains one of the most powerful moments in Star Trek history imo.

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bc you like alex o'loughlin: have you ever seen the tv show "moonlight" where he played this hot vampire? =D it only had one season and wasnt really that good but whatever ^^

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^ this is one of my favorite gifs to ever exist. AND THANK YOU, KIND ANON. I WILL MOST CERTAINLY CHECK OUT THIS SHOW. It doesn’t have to be good as long as I get to stare at this fine Australian man.