tv show: lost girl

  • Mom: Why can't you just trust me?
  • Me: trust isn't the issue one the table here.
  • Mom: then why can't we watch tv together?
  • Me: cuz you're as straight as a pencil and I'm too gay to function.
  • Mom: I thought you were ace!
  • Me: I still think girls are cuter than guys!

who else is part of Team “I just become obsessed with shows to avoid my real life stress and anxiety”? As a social work grad student I can say that the amount of time I invest in my favorite shows is becoming problematic, but fuck it because they make me happy. 

Lesbian TV Guide

Tv shows with queer female characters:

- American Horror Story
- Arrow
- Banana
- Black Sails
- Buffy The Vampire Slayer
- Carmilla
- Defiance
- Faking it
- Glee
- Grey’s Anatomy
- Lip Service
- Lost Girl
- Once Upon A Time
- Orange Is The New Black
- Orphan Black
- Person Of Interest
- Pretty Little Liars
- Rookie Blue
- Sense 8
- Shameless
- Skins: Second Generation
- The 100
- The Fosters
- The Legend Of Korra
- The L Word
- The Walking Dead
- Waterloo Road

Feel free to add more to the list

People often ask me why I like to rewatch episodes of tv shows, I tell them that its comforting and it even helps with my anxiety. Being able to drift away from real life for 45 minutes and live vicariously through my favorite characters makes living in such a cruel world that little bit better.


Sister Sledge perform Lost In Music on the Dutch television show Toppop (1979). The song was written and produced by Nile Rodgers (guitar) and Bernard Edwards (bass) from the band Chic.

Lost In Music, from the hit album We Are Family (1979), is arguably the very best song Sister Sledge ever recorded. Its lead vocals are sung by ever glamourous Joni Sledge (Philadelphia, PA, 13 September 1956), and they are some of the finest, if not the absolute finest vocals of her career. Her infectious ‘Tadadada tada tada tada da da…’ at 3:22 is legendary already.

The beautiful Joni Sledge died from yet unknown causes on 10 March 2017 in her home in Phoenix, Arizona. She was sixty years old.

ID #77458

Name: Bree
Age: 17 almost 18
Country: USA

Hello! My name is Brianna but I typically go by Bree. I’ll be 18 in July and I live in the United States of America in the state of Florida. I just graduated high school last week and now I’m off to college soon. I’ve had long distance friends but I’ve never actually gone through a pen pal thing like this before and unfortunately, I can’t do snail mail.

Anyway, I’m interested in politics, history, biology (especially genetics and neurology), psychology, religious studies, reading and language. I’m learning American Sign Language as well as Hebrew and I’m trying to get into new hobbies like gardening and bullet journaling. I grew up not watching movies but I’m also trying to get into that so I may have not seen your favorite movie even if it is super popular which sucks but if you recommend it to me, I will probably watch it and then you can tell me about all your favorite parts. For TV shows, I love Grey’s Anatomy, Lost Girl, the typical Netflix Originals (Sense8, Stranger Things, OA) and tons of shows that I know are bad but I watch anyway like Once Upon A Time and Vampire Diaries. Again, I’ll probably check out your favorite show if I haven’t already. I listen to many different types of music from many decades so I’ll probably love to check out anything you’re interested in unless it’s too vulgar and demeaning. I love sharing my interests with my friends and hearing about theirs but I am definitely a feminist so I’m not interested in things that go extremely against my values. Some random things about me are I love watches, candles, cool socks, Youtube, coloring and although I’m not artsy at all, I love love love all forms of art. I have 2 beautiful cats and a dog but my cats are really my babies and I love them so much. I’m a lesbian and I lead and LGBTQ youth group as well as work with a bullying and suicide prevention organization and volunteering and activism is my passion.

Preferences: Ages 15-21, any sexuality or gender, not racist, homophobic, transphobic, islamophobic, anti semitic, etc.

I can’t do snail mail but we can communicate through text, snapchat, instagram, tumblr, messenger, skype or email.


OKAY SO I just finished Riverdale and there’s a hole in my heart till the fall season starts and I need more suggestions…here are shows I’VE SEEN:

Vampire Diaries
The Originals
Gilmore Girls
Witches of East End
Secret Circle
Queen of the South
Broad City
The Last Kingdom
The White Queen
The White Princess
Agents of Shield
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Jane the Virgin
One Tree Hill
Lost Girl