tv show: kings

When you and your friend are arguing about something in your fandom and it turns out you were right:

just imagine the trailer for the raven cycle tv show.. 

it starts with the gang getting out of the camaro and walking through cabeswater, a stag runs away in the distance

the camera zooms in on noah, as he walks farther into cabeswater, and a skull quickly flashes over his face as the scene slowly gets darker

then it pans over to adam who is lying in the grass. the grass just slowly grows over him and it just swallows him up

then onto blue who is walking to this giant tree and just as she turns to look back at the camera she vanishes behind the tree.. almost like she disappeared into it

next onto ronan who has a unkindness of ravens (i think that is the term) circling him into a tornado of them. he just fades into them

then the camera gets to gansey, with cabeswater behind him, … he’s all nicely dressed.. he’s wearing a crown with golden bees on it.. they start to come alive and you see panic in his eyes,  the camera still zooming in towards him…

as chainsaw flies up from behind him, and grabs his crown off his head as she flies into the camera.

it goes black and the raven cycle flashes across the screen.

and that’s it. that’s all that is shown. in a way we get the whole story and almost nothing at all. @maggie-stiefvater