tv show: hemlock grove

Roman Godfrey x Female Reader - The Godfrey’s (Rated M)

Hemlock Grove is one of my fave TV shows so I thought I would try writing a little Roman <3

You’re minding Shelley Godfrey while her Mother is out, unknown to you that Roman was to come home that night aswell.

Warnings- Fingering

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Bill Skarsgård

Height: 6'4"

Most Famous For: Playing Roman Godfrey in the TV show “Hemlock Grove,” Otto in “Victoria,” and Simon in “Simple Simon”

Suggestion Credit: dammitshila

A pack of gifs of Freya Tingley  as Christina Wendall in Hemlock Grove; Season one - Episodes 1-10. I honestly wasn’t sure if you wanted gifs of her after the color change to her hair, so I gif'ed as much as I could before that. Also my sincerest apologies for my coloring being all over the place on this – they mainly shoot with a green filter and I was eyeballing it.

Requested by: Anonymous

Size: 400x226.

Count: 64.

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