tv show: dexter

anonymous asked:

Few months ago you told us about your favorite movies on your page, could u do the same with your favorite series? take care little poet :)

God it’s so early and you ask me that… again, it’s complicated to choose but I’ll do my best, so here’s a list.


“Penny Dreadful”


“Game of Thrones”

“American Horror Story”


“Orphan Black”

“Orange is the new black”


“Stranger Things”

“The Killing” (U.S Version)

“Buffy The Vampire Slayer”

“New Girl”




INTJ, ENTP: *chopping tomatoes*

ENTP: I get so biased with tv shows, when i watched House i wanted to be a doctor, when i watched Lost i wanted to live on an island, when i watched Dexter i wanted to be a serial killer..

INTJ: *stops* what???

ENTP: jk i wanted to be a blood spatter analyst


ENTP: *knife in hand* WHAT