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Relationship status: Single.

Favorite Color(s): Blue and all of its shades. Also taupe, olive and grey.

Lipstick or chapstick: I don’t even know how are they different haha.

Last Song I Listened To: Badge And Gun - John Mayer.

Last Movie I Watched: Solace. It’s a little weird but also interesting to see Anthony Hopkins play a character so similar to Will Graham in it, super awesome acting, very great movie!!

Top 3 TV Shows: Hannibal, How to get away with Murder, and Being Human (UK). (This is sooo hard to pick just 3!!)

Top 3 Characters: Francis Dolarhyde, Will Graham, and Remus Lupin - I feel emotionally connected to these characters, I love them from the books, and I love them in the movie/tv show adaptions too.

Top 3 Bands: Lawson, Maroon 5, and Backstreet Boys (I don’t think boybands are considered ‘bands’ but I just want to list them because they are my heroes).

Books I’m Currently Reading: “Wolves Eat Dogs" (Martin Cruz Smith) - only about a hundred pages in and it seems interesting already, and “Around The World in Eighty Days” (Jules Verner) - I’ve only just begun to read all the classics that most people might have already read by now haha.


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If I go back, it’s not for Beacon Hills.

“I have no qualms about a female Doctor. I just want to get her pregnant, get a show with her son up and running, then kill her off and focus on her much more powerful male replacement. But just to be clear, no qualms at all.”

Reasons to stay alive: 

- I can’t know what the future brings and i don’t want to throw away my chance to see it

- dead people can’t laugh and i don’t want to give up my chance to laugh, even if i don’t have much to laugh about right now

- I can and will learn to love being alive 

- my pets wouldn’t understand why i’m not coming home

- the moon is beautiful and yes, even small things like that are reason enough to not kill myself

- in a year or two or maybe ten, i’ll be thankful that i stayed alive, even if i don’t think so right now

-  there are so many books i didn’t read yet, songs i didn’t hear yet, movies i didn’t watch yet, conversations i didn’t have yet 

- my future friends i didn’t even meet yet will be happy i do

- my depression can go f*ck itself

- one day, i’ll be covered in tattoos and love my skin 

-  dead people can’t go to concerts

- i deserve to be alive 

- my favorite band members would want me to 

- i can just accept my suicidal thoughts as something i do not need to act on. I’ll distract myself. I can want to die but i do not need to act on it.

-  life has music and music is a pretty amazing thing

- so what if all i ever achieve in life is watching a whole tv show in 3 days? I still have value as a human being and i deserve to be alive!

-  there are reasons to stay alive. Even when my mental illness keeps me from seeing them, they’re still there.

-  a bad day is no reason to end my life. Even a lot of bad days in a row are not a reason to end my life. Better days will come!

- maybe one day my story will inspire somebody else to stay alive

- i know i can do good in the world and i will not throw away my chance to

- staying alive itself is a brave thing to do and reason to be proud of myself



When people call me racist and homophobic because i don’t ship W*stallen, S*percorp and K*rolsen:

(i hate writing stuff using * but i’m just trying not to mess with the search)

bitch take a look and my otps


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so, as you can see, it’s not a matter of poc or homosexual couples i ship where i see chemistry. 

We are not homophobics if we ship a straight or/and white couple. We ship them because we see something in them as we see things in gay or poc couples. I’m not spreading hate over the ships i don’t ship. But these days, i’ve been called racist, homophobic (ME, WHO HELPED A FAMILY MEMBER TO COME OUT TO HIS MOTHER, DAMN TUMBLR), dump, stupid etc. Enough with this kind of bullying, for real. People express their opinion and i respect that. But don’t insult human beings you don’t even know, over TV shows. It’s supid, toxic and disrespectful. Racism and homophobia aren’t selective characteristics. You are or you are not. People ship what they wanna ship. You don’t have the right to make them feel bad for their preferences.


2 in 1 shot by shot

I did a “shot by shot” of the “2 in 1” promo.  I slowed it down to .25 speed and played it on my HD 24 in screen.  I’ll list the shots w/ my commentary in italics

1. old house door – the one Kelly is in?
2. Dean slices his hand for spell – his watch is evident in multiple shots later
3. Crowley’s hand reaching out of his grave – personally, I find this a ‘standard’ shot used in many TV genre TV shows (Buffy, Being Human, etc… ) not some “property of Dean Winchester” shot.  
4. Mystery Figure w/ guns:

thoughts: Later we see him shooting a gun REMARKABLY similar to Dean’s. OTOH, where’s the bowlegs?  Also, does this person have a slight paunch?  My first instinct is JDM. But he’s so very skinny these days.  Still, JDM wants Jensen to direct him.  Jensen is directing in S13 – likely the 3rd episode (as always) and we could still be in the Other World at that point.  So… JDM could be in as many as 4 episodes and Jensen gets to direct him.  But… it’s a stretch.  Alternatively, there could be some temporal phenomenon going on and this is Dean after years in the Other World (again….. the shoulder to hip ratio is definitely NOT Sam and doesn’t really look Jensen).  Bobby?  I know Bobby may have been sent elsewhere two years ago.  But Jim Beaver is either trolling us hard or that is not Bobby.  So… I’m going 1) JDM, 2) Bobby, 3) young John, 4) Dean, or 5) “other”.
5. Lawrence House staircase – likely in the past
6. Dean w/ cutup leg – bowlegs evident
7. Someone washing off a grisly looking claw device
8. Dean wired up in the Bunker for a mind trip. Note, bunker lights are fully ON.
9. Baby crib in what looks like a 1960’s living room - did Cas hide Kelly in the past?
10. Cas by pristine lake
11. BMoL red shirts grabbing guns in their compound
12. Black & White picture of Lucifer coming out of Crowley’s early lair (the New York asylum)
13. Cas reaching up with a finger to touch someone at the old house by the lake
14. Kelly, pregnant, in comfy bed
15. Luci swirling a lock of Rowena’s hair in a fancy room w/ blood on the chair – it sure implies he got her
16. Somebody depressing a detonator switch
17. Mystery Man walking
18. Ketch calling either Sam or Dean’s phone – looks like they are in the motel room based on placemat
19. Dean crying
20. Sam closing his eyes (with emotion) in BMoL compound, Jody in background
21. More Mystery Man walking, this time towards a prone Cas
22. Satellite photo of a city with a spot marked in the center
23. Kelly painting baby’s room
24. Mystery Man walking towards prone Cas, firing over Cas’ head at some other target – gun looks just like the one Dean uses in the promo
25. Other World Sam with shocked face
24. Bloody footprint on wood floor
25. Other World Dean with shocked face
26. Dean’s hand w/ Enochian brass knuckles
27. Dean pointing to blueprint along the curved wall (perhaps under the telescope level)?
28. Hand-cuffed Lady Toni w/ancient MoL gear attached to modern tablet
29. Dead-looking bloody dude – I agree it’s a random hunter
30. 4 spires in Other World w/ rocks and three dead dude – one non-human sitting, two prone
31. Jody’s picture on a cell phone w/ her Sioux Falls location
32. Lucifer looking at someone
33. Sam and Dean, looking tired and sweaty, sitting on the ground next to a curved wall with a relatively shallow portion smashed out. Laterns and emergency power evident. Empty bottle of scotch. – Looks like “smash our way out doesn’t work”.
34. BMoL conference room
35. Jodi’s truck moving quickly
36. Cas looks out of old house window
37. Bloody Dean face – he looks satisfied
38. Ketch goes flying in MoL Bunker, across the table, the lights are on like normal.
39. Ketch w/ snub gun, bleeding
40. Ketch appears injured in upper arm/shoulder, in continuation of fight.
41. Electronic evesdropping display
42. Jody at BMoL compound
43. Spell bowl lights up
44. Ketch’s phone says “Lester’s down. Who’s next.”
45. Mary’s face showing shock in Other World
46. Kelly in bed.
47. Cas touching Dean w/ two fingers & glowing thing is happening in old house
48. Sam looks stunned (in old house)
49. Cas says “you” to Mystery Man in Other World

Comments based on all sources (this promo, regular promo, pictures, and BTS):

Scene locations:
- MoL Bunker w/out power, motel, MoL Bunker WITH power, BMoL compound
- Old house, Other World

Action sequences:
- Looks like it’s Dean vs Ketch & I think Dean wins
- Sam seems to be at the BMoL compound
- Dean seems to be recovering Mary
- The boys & Lady Toni use a spell to get out of the Bunker
- They boys are in a motel room plotting
- The boys & Mary are recovered and in the Bunker talking about Lucifer
- Cas & Kelly have some quiet moments at the Lake House
- Sam, Dean and I think Lucifer show up at the Lake House – I’m struggling with the two different cribs (one in a 60’s living room, one in nephilim baby’s bedroom… neither are Sams’)
- Otherworld has two sequences – one w/ Luci, Cas, Sam, Dean & Mary and the other w/ Cas and Mystery Man

- We aren’t in Kansas anymore in Otherworld. Doesn’t look Oz but it looks different (future, different realm, don’t know)
- There may be temporal thing going on – and/or a time shift

mabifica headcanons because i’ve been thinking about them again

okay so first of all it’s a slow burn over a lot of summers. pacifica develops feelings first and has fuck all idea what to do with them, mabel develops them second, and no one acts on them until either the summer before or after senior year of high school 

pacifica is really fashion conscious, half because she likes it half because of her parents’ impossibly high standards, but she loves every sweater that mabel ever knits her and wears them whenever she’s feeling down. they’re her comfort item

pacifica never had a nickname before mabel came up with paz and she pretends that she doesn’t like it (nicknames are common) until she has to admit that it’s grown on her. mabel makes her a sparkly sweater with paz on a pez dispenser

pacifica plays the violin. she’s not phenomenal and she doesn’t love it, but she’s the sort of good that kids whose parents are rich and think that violin lessons are a good way to show off their wealth and how much better their kids are than everyone else’s areshe learns how to play all of mabel’s favorite songs on it and mabel freaks out and does her little mabel squeal

mabel makes pacifica watch all of the movies and tv shows that she thinks are essential to paz being a normal human. paz doesn’t like most of them, but she sits through the movie marathon with her like a trooper because it’s so fun to watch mabel get excited about them and get into popcorn fights and cuddle

when they get married pacifica takes the last name pines because loves mabel and the whole family and she wants to get rid of her connection to her family. they are invited to the wedding, but they don’t show up. pacifica is unsurprised but still hurt.mabel dipper and stan reform love patrol alpha during the reception and mabel serenades her bride with the cheesiest 80s love ballad imaginable

pacifica proposes. they’re alone, and she makes it seem very casual because she is TERRIFIED that mabel will say no and get freaked out and maybe break off the whole thing (having parents like hers left some scars) and mabel, of course, says yes immediately and starts planning and talking about what color the bridesmaids’ and bridesmen’s things will be and when they want to get married and pacifica’s like completely overwhelmed because she was so scared that mabel was gonna say no but also hella relieved and excited and then mabel asks if she can redo the proposal because SHE wants to give paz a big public proposal, because mabel is the queen of the big romantic gesture, and paz is like fine i know you’re into that mabes you can do it 

on kids: mabel wants them, paz isn’t so sure. eventually they decide to adopt

ID #51529

Name: Cara
Age: 17
Country: the UK

I’m a bi girl studying English literature at college, I love reading so it would be cool to chat to someone with a love for literature like mine! I like lots of tv shows too like SKAM, Doctor Who, Being Human, SKINS etc… I am open to talk to anybody, I wanna learn about other cultures!

Preferences: 16+

the other day my hairdresser and i were talking about tv shows and netflix. i recommended voltron like any sane human being and she gave me this look like ‘im an adult wtf’ and i almost cried on the spot because i hate it when people think that because a show is aimed at kids that it can’t be remotely good or deal with important stuff.

reblog so that my hairdresser knows that voltron is more than a cartoon.

I’d give anything to stare at this man’s eyes again. To reach out to him, and thank him for the gift of escapism. The gift of art. The gift of humanity. And the gift of resilience.
It’s been a difficult, emotional day for me today. Made worse by the comments I read today in a blog about Tim Curry. Ever since the new version of the movie, “It” came out, there’s been a lot of comparing between Tim Curry and Bill Skarsgard. Both of whom I adore. And both of them brilliant in their own Pennywise way. So I expect people to compare their performances. What I don’t expect, is the lack of compassion. The bullying. The harassment. The name calling. Today, I read something that made my stomach drop. My heart break. Some of those fans, the so-called Skarsgard fans, mocking Tim Curry’s health. His disability. Tim Curry suffered a stroke back in 2012, that left him in a wheelchair. Those “fans”, mocked & dragged Tim’s performance by mocking his disability. It made my blood boil. I was angry. You see, I can take the comparison. Some people prefer Skarsgard’s performance as Pennywise over Tim’s. That’s fine. I, personally, do too. But I would never go out of my way to humiliate someone who has given SO much. Who has ACHIEVED so much. I grew up being educated by his performances. Even as a voice actor, he provided some of my best childhood memories. He was one of the reasons I became so enamored with writing. Because he provided me with the power of imagination and escapism. These people don’t understand the length to which Tim Curry goes to, to achieve such wonderful performances. To make his fans happy. Even now with him being in a wheelchair. He sits there, without taking breaks, to take pictures with his fans. I was one of them. I was fortunate enough to meet him last month. I kneeled down, looked right into his green eyes and said, “I waited all my life to be able to look right into your beautiful green eyes and thank you for everything you do.”
He kept eye contact with me and said, “right back at you, darling. Your eyes are beautiful and you look lovely.” The tears I had been fighting to hold back, stumbled down my cheeks. “May I shake your hand?”
“Of course.” It was one of the greatest moments in my life. I realized then, as I do now, how much I miss his smile. His laugh. I wanted so badly to give him a hug. This man who has gifted us with films, tv shows & music; is quite possibly, the nicest human being I’ve ever met. His love for his fans is genuine and sincere. He is so appreciative of every single person that he meets, every fan. I know this because he spent hours posing for pictures without a single break. Not once did he complain. Even in the state he’s in.
Maybe those Bill Skarsgard “fans” that claim their “loyalty” to him don’t really know anything about Tim Curry. They’re completely oblivious to the fact that this man is a legendary actor. And that his disability doesn’t define his talent. There are much better ways to make your point a valid one than to bring others down. Rather than to feel sorry for Tim Curry, you should all be inspired by his work, art, compassion & dedication.
Notice how I write “Bill Skarsgard fans” in quotation marks. As I don’t believe that those girls are fans, but are rather obsessive girls that are fascinated with the flavor of the month celebrity hunk that comes along.