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“Here’s a real question: how have you survived this long when you’re so violently self-destructive?

Andrew cocked his head to one side in a question. Neil didn’t know if Andrew was playing stupid to rile him or if Andrew really was oblivious. Either way it was frustrating. He wondered why no one else had caught on, or if people noticed and just didn’t care enough to say it. Now that Neil saw it, though, he couldn’t look past it. Anytime the Foxes mentioned Andrew’s upcoming sobriety or Andrew’s name popped up in write-ups on the team’s performance at games, the focus was on what a danger he was. People talked about his trial and how it saved them from Andrew. No one said what they were doing to save Andrew from himself.

Ok, but hear me out.

Enjolras as a news anchor and Grantaire as a comedian show host.

Grantaire making fun of Enjolras in his show.

Grantaire making impressions of Enjolras.

Grantaire being asked why he’s so obsessed with Enjolras.

Grantaire. Meeting. Enjolras.






what is ‘The Magicians’ even doing at this point

The Beast, Season 1: Dark and mysterious, excellent nightmare fuel, draws bloody smiley faces on everything, tears out people’s eyes, has a giant c l o u d  o f   m o t h s for a head

The Beast, Season 2: Awkwardly hangs out in Julia’s apartment, watches cartoons, constantly eating junk food, won’t stop fucking singing

Riverdale S01E09

This episode was all about big questions!

Let’s dive straight in and address the big elephant in the room! Where did all that snow come from?!

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Are we ready to see Ronnie without the pearls?!

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Will Alice work at the Blue and Gold? Do they have a budget big enough to pay her?!

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And what is Cheryl plotting?!

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book vs tv show characters
  • book! penny : whiny, pretentious, thinks he's smarter than he is, kind of an asshole
  • tv show! penny : still kind of an asshole but cares too much underneath, hears voices, not pretentious, annoyed by everything (remember when he got fucking stabbed and rolled his eyes at it? #iconic)
  • book! janet : wants what she can't have, a gryffendor, bi and butch, actively dislikes other girls
  • tv show! margo : has a better name, a slytherin, bi and femme, isn't really friends with other girls but doesn't want to destroy them, more canonly bi (the line about thai food implies she doesn't think that girls are interesting sometimes and that she thinks they're attractive all the time)
  • book! asmodeus : 17, smarter than she should be, kills a god, goes by "becky" for some reason
  • tv show! kady : bi as fuck, not seventeen, would die for julia wicker
  • book! josh : can do magic but only sometimes, part of the squad, mostly irrelevant, marries quentin's ex
  • tv show! josh : still irrelevant, ditches the squad, dating victoria who wasn't even in the books
  • book! quentin : depression, trying his best, kind of a fuckboy after alice/penny but he gets better about it, ivy leauge kid
  • tv show! quentin : same thing but with more obvious depression
  • book! julia : deserves better
  • tv show! julia : deserves better
  • book! alice : fucking brilliant, deserved better, i am adopting her bc her parents are shit
  • tv show! alice : deserved better, my brilliant and kind daughter who i am adopting bc her parents are still shit
  • book! eliot : more of a hipster, gay, doesn't marry a woman (@syfy writers - what the fuck???? what the fuck??? what the fuck?????)
  • tv show eliot : trying his best, very sad, covers it up by drinking a lot, qpps with margo, more preppy less hipster, marries a woman because he has to, still gay
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Ed: Yeah, I’ll help hide this body.
Oswald: Ed, considering mine was the last body you tried to hide, you’ll forgive me if I’m not overwhelmed with confidence in you.

alice and margo were queens, and they fought til the end
once students and lovers, they came to this land as a godsend,
they never once wished to return to their lives
to be students and chattel and sidekicks and wives,
but fillory was harsh, and it knew they would learn;
and two queens went in to fight and one queen burned.

julia and kady were witches, and they summoned a god
they called out to their lady, reverent and awed,
they never once wished to summon the fox,
to be beheaded and raped and murdered and locked,
and julia, brave, saved kady and became a goddess;
and kady gutted the fox, keeping her promise.

—  the magicians women in verses of “wicked girls saving ourselves”