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The Maid Tommy Shelby x Reader Request

Hey everyone! It anyones listening… I haven’t actually been able to watch season 4 of Peaky Blinders so I just kind of did the story to my best ability. I had a lot of fun writing this though. If you anyone wants a second part to this please let me know.

Request: Working as a maid for Tommy and him slowly falling in love with you

“Come on Charlie, Come on.” You soothingly bounced the toddler on your hip while pouring hot water from the china teapot decorated with lavender stalks into a beautiful delicate white china teacup.
You placed Charlie on the table you were working on to arrange the plate of biscuits that you were asked to bring out to the study.  You careful picked up the teacup and saucer and held it in your right hand and with your left you careful balanced the plate of biscuits on your forearm.
You then carefully very carefully picked up Charlie with your left arm holding him against your hip. You complimented yourself on your fine ability. You slowly started to walk out of the kitchen and into the drawing room, that was cozily decorated for Christmas. A big tree was planted in the corner. You smiled gently remembering helping pick Charlie up to help him put the star on the very top.
The fire was burning brightly helping maintain the warmth. Ada and John were sprawled out on the overstuffed armchairs talking loudly and laughing at the littlest things. You walked through and entered the front room.
Arthur and Micheal were in a heated discussion over something probably not that important. Both were grasping a cup of whiskey.
Lizzie was sitting on the recliner in the corner reading a book contently.
You continued to walk through until you were met with the door to the study. You stood for a second a bit stumped at how you were going to knock but soon you realized you had an extra pair of hands.
“Charlie, Charlie.” You cooed. “Could you knock for me?”
You spent the next couple minutes trying in vain to get Charlie to cooperate but the poor little boy didn’t know what you were saying to him.
You finally gave up and started to knock with your head when the big oak door swung open. Revealing Tommy standing there with an amused smile on his face.
“I heard you were having a bit of trouble.” He chuckled.
“Charlie wasn’t cooperating with me.” You teased.
You entered the big room, happy to find Polly sitting on a couch smoking a cigarette.
She looked over at you as you walked closer. “Darling, I don’t know how you do it all.”
You smiled humbly and set the tea down for Tommy and the plate of biscuits most likely for Polly.
Tommy came up behind you and gently lifted Charlie from your arms. You watched fondly as Tommy sat down with him talking to him quietly, making him laugh.
“Do you need anything else?” You asked politely to the both of them.
Tommy looked up from Charlie. “We’re fine, why don’t you get an early night? You deserve it.”
“Do you want me to put Charlie to bed?” You offered.
“No, it’s okay. I’ll do it."Tommy responded looking up from his son.
"Good night.” You said and turned around and headed back through the rooms until you reached the kitchen. You closed the door to gain some privacy from the rest of the Shelby’s.
You went about preparing yourself some dinner.  You had been Tommy’s right handmaid for about three years now, three long years. He had hired you after his wife’s death to help run the house. You didn’t really mind the job. It wasn’t a huge amount of work, it was only really Tommy and Charlie, which was a bit sad.
You always glanced up at the painting of Grace Shelby as you passed it in the hall, and she was captivating, remarkably beautiful.  Over the years you had worked for Tommy the two of you started to share a connection a special connection.
He would never let any other servant into his study except you. He preferred you to take care of Charlie, he never minded when you sparked up a small chat with him when he wasn’t busy and he also never minded you cleaning the room he was in, which he could never stand with any other maid.  
You liked that he allowed you to do these things. They were small in some peoples eyes but to Tommy, they were a big step. You had also grown to do certain special things tailored for Tommy. You know the time he comes home so you always put a glass and bottle of his favorite whiskey on his desk. You also decorate the house for him around the holidays which he would never admit but truly loves. When he forgets presents for his family you always buy and wrap some for him. And if he’s had a really bad day then you run a bath for him.
You sigh gratefully as you sit down in the chair at the kitchen table with your sandwich and cup of tea. You reach across the table and grab your book and begin to read.
After a couple minutes, you hear a few attempts at someone trying to open the door. You reluctantly get up from your comfortable seat and go open the door, only to find little Charlie staring up at you with a smile on his small little face.
“Whacha ya’ doin here little one?” You asked picking him up. You closed the door with your hip and plodded on over to the cabinet rustling around for a box of biscuits.
When you found them Charlie made a noise of happiness. You chuckled.
“Just like your dad, aren’t you? He loves these as well.” You go over to your chair and sit down pretzel style and place Charlie on your lap and give him a couple of biscuits while you continued eating.  You both fell into a nice quiet silence, Charlie eating his biscuit and you eating your dinner while sipping your tea.  Soon Charlie fell asleep leaning against your chest and you continued reading your book in peace.
A little while later you were brought out of your content little world when you heard a chuckle. You immediately looked up. Tommy was leaning against the door frame with a genuine smile on his face.
“He really does like you.”
You blushed a little under the watchful eye of Tommy. You glanced down at Charlie and smiled.
“Do you need anything, Mr. Shelby?” You said looking up at the man.
“I just wanted to see where my son went running off to. I was going to put him to bed now everyones left.”
You immediately leaped up holding onto Charlie. “I’m really sorry Mr. Shelby! I didn’t know they were going so soon, I would have gotten there jackets!” You looked at him apologetically.
“Don’t worry. I had a hunch you were with Charlie, I didn’t want to disturb you.”
“That’s very kind of you, Mr. Shelby. I’ll go collect all the dishes.”  You walked towards the door, stopping to give Tommy Charlie so he could put him to bed.
“Good night Mr. Shelby, good night Charlie!” You called over your shoulder as you started tidying up.
You were peacefully sleeping in your room on the third floor which was the same floor as Tommy and Charlie. Tommy had insisted on it for the sake that Charlie like you best.
You were awoken from your slumber by a loud wailing. You slipped on a light robe over your thing night dress and walked slowly towards Charlies room.
“Charlie, Charlie.” You softly sang as you sat down with him in your arms. You slowly rocked him on your lap. You thought for a moment and then began to softly chant a few lines of a poem.
“In the bleak mid-winter
Frosty wind made moan;
Earth stood hard as iron,
Water like a stone;
Snow had fallen, snow on snow,
Snow on snow,
In the bleak mid-winter
Long ago.” You repeated those few lines a few more times and eventually, Charlie was fast asleep. After you had laid Charlie in his bed you turned around and let out a yelp at the sight of a figure in the door.
“God! Mr. Shelby, you scared me.” You tried very hard not to look at his bare, perfectly sculpted chest.
“Where did you hear that poem?” He asked quietly.
You gestured to Charlie sleeping and walked out into the hallway that was dimly lit.
“I was a nurse in the war. I heard the poem said by a soldier before he died. So whenever a soldier was close to death and had no comfort I tried to bring it to them with soothing words. Why?” You answered in a whisper.
He looked a bit surprised, which you didn’t see quite often.
“I didn’t know you were in the war.”
“There are a lot of things you don’t know about me.”
Before you registered what was happening Tommy had brushed a few loose strands of hair that were covering your face.
“I like your hair down and a bit messy.” He whispered.
“I like your hair a bit messy too.” You said while reaching up and brushing his bangs aside.
“Good night, Mr. Shelby.”
The next couple weeks were calm and unchangeable Tommy went out to work early in the morning and came back late as usual. On one particular wintery day, Charlie had drawn a picture of Tommy that was quite endearing.  
“You want me to show this to dad?” You asked as you stroked Charlie'shair as he was about to fall off to sleep.
He nodded and whispered a sleepy, “Yes, please.”
You smiled and kissed his forehead feeling bad for the little boy, growing up with no mother, and having a sweet but distant father.
You loved this time of night. When the house was still. The few cooks Tommy hired were cleaning the kitchen. The other two maids were cleaning the upper two floors, leaving you the ground floor.  
You hummed a quiet tune as you dustied around and cleaned up things that were left around.
You had just started to dust the study when you heard the door open behind you. You looked around and saw a very tired looking Tommy. He gave you a solemn nod and sat down on the couch with a sigh.
You queitly coutinued your tidying taking care to be extra quiet You could sense Tommy’s tiredness.
As you finished up you made your way towards the door, and said a quiet “Good night Mr. Shelby.”
But just before you left you heard him mumble a few words.
You turned around to make sure you werent hearing things and you watched as Tommy gestured for the seat across from him. “Please, sit.”
You hesitated for a moment but you gave in and went to sit down on the carefully polished leather couch.
“I’m tired,” Tommy said suddenly letting out a stream of smoke.
You looked up from fiddling with your hands in surprise, Tommy had never expressed his emotions to you before.
“Me too,” you responded quietly.
You stared at eachother for a long time.
“Where are you from?” Tommy asked.
“London.” You said simply.
“You’re smart, why did you end up as a maid?” He said in his deep monotone voice.
“I was in school until the war came and they needed nurses, so I stopped doin math and started stitching up soldiers instead. When I got back, I had no experience for anything then a household job.”
“What was your job before this?”
You suddenly found it quite hard to look Tommy in the eye.
“I didn’t have a job before this.”
Tommy looked at you with confusion written on his face.
“How did you make money?”
You glanced away from Tommy and began to inspect the vase that sat on the side table.
“I was married. My husband had the job.”
Tommy suddenly sat forward. “You’re married?” He asked.
“Was.” You whispered looking back at Tommy.
Tommy was now the one that found it hard to look you in the eye.
“I’m sorry, I understand how it feels.”
“I wish you didn’t” And with those last few words you stood up and remembering Charlies drawing you took it from your apron pocket and unfolded it and handed it to Tommy.
You walked out of the study. Only to stop when you heard his voice, “Tommy,” You turned around, “Sorry?” You asked in confusion.
“Please, call me Tommy.”
Fox's The Gifted Finally Introduces X-Men Villains Fenris
Fox's The Gifted at last confirms the link between Lauren and Andy Strucker and the X-Men foes Fenris, but there are still more family secrets.

CBR has a bunch of articles about Gifted, with finally revealing the connection between two protagonists Lauren and Andy and evil Fenris Twins, as well as about possible tease of Stepford Cuckoos and other Morrison influences

- Admin

Supergirl explained DCTV

Supergirl and the legion

This season on supergirl we are going to be introduced to the Legion of Superheroes so I thought I would give some background for those who aren’t as familiar with them in the comic books.


The legion is a group of superheroes in the far future who come from all different worlds and have been different powers. They form long after the Justice League. They also wear these rings that signify they are a member of the group and these Rings also give them the ability to time travel.

So to give some background Supergirl storyline often crosses over with the Legion in the comic books. She often leave to the future to become a member of the legion. Mon El also is a member in the comic books. In smallville and in the Justice league cartoon Kara leaves to future to make her own path away from superman.

Supergirl TV show

Now Kara in the comic book has had Mon El as a love interest she also has another from the Legion named Brainiac 5 who has been confirmed cast for the show. Now I don’t think they would get them together or anything right now. I think there is a more complex story coming about what happens in the future and why Mon El and the Legion travelled back in time. Most likely having to do with Reign. Or I hope Lol.

If have any question feel free to ask .