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The series I didn’t know I needed (with a lot of Gilbert Blythe ‘cause he’s pure and perfect, just love him).

THAT yousana moment made me feel so much joy in my heart. and i even know why. exactly why. sana expresses herself with that little nod in such a beautiful kind of way. she stays true to her belief. she knows what it means to stick to the islamic rules regarding pre-marriage relationships. she is a strong young women and she knows what’s her priority. and yousef appreciates her. he fucking appreciates her. how often happens that in today’s society? you clearly see in his mimic how he has to suppress imagining kissing her. but he knows what it means for sana and how he’s not in the position to change her opinion for his sake.

if this isn’t the most beautiful and well-acted scene we’ve seen until now then i don’t know. it contains so much. sanas inner conflict and how she wants to stay true to her belief, yousefs conflict and the way he distanced himself from islam and even the conflict between them both precious guys. during their conversation that afternoon they both learned about each other and each others belief and opinion on islam and you can already feel the tension between them that’s just so caring and soft and promising. because they accept and tolerate each other and understand each other without words. my heart hurts because it’s so beautiful.