tv show question challenge

The Walking Dead Question Challenge.

1. Who is your favorite character?

daryl and maggie (couldn’t pick just 1)

2. Who is your least favorite character?

carol (sorry i just find her a tad boring i love her as a person but carol just bugs me PLS DON’T UNFOLLOW ME) :( lol

3. What’s your favorite episode?

hmm, i’d have to say season 2 episode 2 “bloodletting” because it’s quite dramatic. it’s the one where we meet hershel and maggie takes lori to the farm after carl is shot and shane / otis go to the school and it’s all very emotional and dramatic. i also like season 2 episode 5 “chupacabra” because we see daryl’s sweet determined side and he has the best quotes in this ep like -

jimmy “you believe in a blood sucking dog?” daryl “you believe in dead people walkin’ around?”

“yeah and people in hell want slurpies”

“that’s the third time you’ve pointed that thing at my head, you gonna pull the trigger or what?” *andrea almost shoots him in the head* “i was kidding!”

*andrea gives him a book* “what, no pictures?”

“hey… shoot me again, best pray i’m dead.”

4. What is your favorite season?

season 2… don’t get me wrong, season 3 is awesome and action packed but we’ve lost people and it’s depressing and darker than before. idk season 2 gave us hope.

5. What’s your favourite relationship?

idk because i don’t ship daryl / carol so i’d have to say glenn and maggie.

6. Who is your favorite anti-relationship?

i’m not sure if i’m just being stupid but i don’t really understand this :|

7. How long have you watched this show?

since days gone bye came onto our beautiful screens :) i still remember the year before it came out when it was first announced because i was on holiday in spain and my dad saw an article about it and we couldn’t wait.

8. How did you become interested?

just from finding out about it ^^ like said above.

9. Who is your favorite actor in the show?

NO I CAN’T PICK ONE. all of them… can’t choose. all of them.

10. If characters have died in this show, pick one to bring back and why?

as much as i love shane to absolute pieces (i really do) i’d bring back lori because i’d have loved to see rick and her sort it out and i’d love judith and carl to have their mother asdfghjkl;kjhgfdsa

11. Pick one thing you wished could/could’ve happened?

I wish rick and lori sorted things out even if she still had to die… i just wish it ended better between them.

12. If you could be anyone, who would you be?

maggie because she’s beautiful and perf (idk why i never used to like her wow i’m dumb)

13. How would you kill any of the characters?

um… fuck you i wouldn’t dare kill any of them unless they were a walker and if they were i’d stay with whoever it was until their final moments (like andrea w/ amy) and then shoot them after they had died.

14. Name a show that would be an awesome crossover?

…doctor who. nuff’ said.

15. Pair two characters that would make an unlikely, but strangely okay couple.

i love lori i really really do but i’d be so interested to see andrea get with rick lmfao

16. Overall, what would you rate the show?

are you kidding…. the amount of numbers i could give it would be infinite.

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Interesting question.

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