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When you think about it, it’s actually quite sad and scary how many people ship Karamel not seeing how unhealthy and toxic the relationship itself is. They perceive the relationship as something normal thinking that’s the exact way all relationships should work because “who cares the guy treats the girl like shit if he’s hot;” they literally aspire to have relationship just like that only because that’s exactly what they’ve seen/read being romanticized and glamorized for all those years in movies, books or TV shows. And that is exactly why representation matters. 

Many Karamel fans are feeling insulted when someone tells them their ship is unhealthy and instead of listening for once they just give us irrelevant arguments, top it off with “it’s just a ship, chill,” and block us. No, the reason why many people are pissed off at what has been happening to Supergirl ever since CW happened is not that we are “heterophobic” or “trying to ruin your fun with shipping,” it’s the fact that there are many young people watching the show, looking up mostly to Kara, and when they see a scene where Mon-El literally intentionally insults her in front of everyone because something didn’t go his way but she ends up with him at the end of the episode anyway because that’s what “she’s supposed to do,” no one’s gonna tell them “well, that’s actually bullshit; that’s not how relationships should work.” And to top this all off, after episode those young people go around Twitter or Tumblr and all they see is y’all calling Kara a bitch and swooning 😍😍😍 over Mon-El calling Kara selfish for no apparent reason because that was so cute, relationship goals 👌👌👌.

So maybe try to pull your heads out of your asses for once, see what’s right in front of you and just stop. Don’t glamorize something unhealthy only because you find Chris Wood hot or whatever other reason you have.

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(playing open world rpg on a vcr with a third party GameCube controller) Shauna i cant stop playing now! i need just 200 points more to advance to the next level (furiously mashing buttons, beeping ensues)

Darling Dearest, Come Closer

Matt Murdock x Reader

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Being in his arms felt like being in a sanctuary of utter peace and purity, as anyone would imagine it to be laying with their lover.

You’d come to the conclusion that you loved him just months before and he gladly extended the feeling. 

“I should be getting home soon,” you sigh. 

“Don’t leave,” Matt murmurs in your hair. “I’ll be cold.”

You chuckle, kissing his bare shoulder before sitting up. “I really do have to go. My sister is in town, she’ll be flipping out of I don’t get back soon. She is currently trying to convince me to move back to [hometown.]”

Matt sat up, frowning. “Why?”

“She thinks Hell’s Kitchen is too dangerous. Which, I mean, it kinda is. She also thinks that Daredevil guy is a complete kook.”

Matt hid the humour from his face. “I wouldn’t say a complete kook,” he shrugged. You chuckled at him as you pulled on your shoes. “I wouldn’t say he’s exactly sane,” you sighed. “But I can’t say I’m not grateful for him. He did save my life.”

“Which is exactly why I, too, am grateful for him,” Matt replied, holding his hands out, silently asking for you to come over. 

He “saw” your figure move closer to him and then felt your fingers intertwine with his. “I’m sorry I have to leave,” you murmur. “Don’t be. I’ll see you tomorrow. Will you be okay getting home?” he asked. “I always am. And besides, I have Daredevil to protect me,” you said teasingly, kissing his nose. “Do I have to fight this guy to death for your love?” he laughed. 

“Darling, dearest, Matt,” you whispered to him, “you are the only one I could ever love.”

“Come closer,” he muttered to you. He swooped an arm around you, hands on your waist. Gently, he tugged you closer. 

Your teeth grazed his lip, teasing him, and he let out a small groan. 

Slowly, you kissed him. And again you found yourself in the sanctuary of his arms, though this one was neither peaceful nor pure; only loud and sinnful.


- “I will always come find you.”
- “You are the one who I always come back to.”

Okay the thing about this is Harley Quinn is also an extremely sexual character and ALWAYS FUCKING HAS BEEN! She ENJOYS IT! The people making these posts are also the people posting about how women should be able to choose what they do with there bodies. In the Batman universe HARLEY CHOOSES TO BE SEXUAL AND ALWAYS HAS!! SUICIDE SQUAD DID NOT SEXUALIZE HER! SHE’S ALWAYS BEEN SEXUAL!

ever since her original appearance in 1992 where she wore a skin tight suit in a show meant for little kids

In the comic Mad Love 1994 she tries to sauce the Joker! Even wearing lingerie she’s still got a personality.

even the 2001 comic Harley Quinn had her drawn very explicitly for the time

In the 2002 TV show she wore an open top, seen as extremely inappropriate


Let’s jump to 2008 where she was seen in Lego Batman and even made a sexy lego!

her 2009 apperance in Arkham Asylum, a game made for adults rather than children gave the creators a way to expand on the sexual undertones of her character and dress her accordingly 

Now that the media is more accepting of sexual characters and the NEW 52 reboot, the design for the 2011 Suicide Squad comic looks a bit hotter

and SHOCKER the 2011 Arkham City comes out less sexual than the comic book

With the new comics of course comes a new Harley Quinn in 2013

2015 marked the release of Arkham Knight


My point is Harley Quinn has ALWAYS been a character with sexual undertones, and as the original audience became adults and the world changed, Harley’s looks have changed to more display this characteristic. In Suicide Squad she was still funny, awesome, and did her best to encourage her team. She’s still the same Harley Quinn my dad grew up on. Just in a different package. Enjoy ALL Harley Quinns, not just the ones that fit your mindset on modesty. She’s not meant to be a modest person. 

EDIT Okay, so, apparently I did make a mistake. I’m sorry, the “you make me so thorny” line IS in fact an edit. I checked almost everything else in this post, and it took 2 hours to even make. So I’m depressed that that slipped by me. I am sorry. Please forgive me.
  • Me: I don't know what's wrong with my memory. I can't memorize anything. Everything just slips out of my brain.
  • Also Me: In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit. These are their stories. DUN DUN.

Crackship #41 by @dreamcrackship ( for @stilinski-lover-24)

  • Sabrina Carpenter and Dylan O’Brien

I bow down to pray
I try to make the worst seem better
Lord, show me the way
To cut through all his worn out leather
I’ve got a hundred million reasons to walk away
But baby, I just need one good one to stay