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things that make you bi: sexual attraction to males & females
things that don’t make you bi: the pastries you eat, the color of your ipod, the color of your shirt, the music you listen to, having a close friendship with someone of the same gender, making eye contact with someone of the same gender, smiling at someone of the same gender, talking with someone of the same gender, caring about your friend who is of the same gender, being flustered and caught off guard when someone of the same gender flirts with you, taking a long piss in a public restroom, enjoying tv shows that aren’t marketed toward people of your gender, being a fan of a wrestler who is of the same gender, watching hentai, beer labels, street signs, wallpaper, going back in time and doing a doubletake at a WWII-era uniform, drinking vegetable water, standing near a bingo sign for 2 seconds, etc etc etc

I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about the American version/remake of Skam and, as a non-American viewer, I can’t help but agree with them; listen, it’s not because “America always ruins everything!” (even if sometimes it kind of does), but because it’s unfair to us (non-English native speakers). 

Here’s why: 

(little premise: I’m Italian and I study Languages and Translation at Uni, so a lot of the specific terminology I’m going to use might be literally translated, ‘cause the course regarding this was in Italian and I have no time to look for the correct translation. I’m going to try to be as clear as possible, though) 

The US already “own” most of the “Tv show/cinema market” and the grand majority of what we see on TV doesn’t represent the “arrival culture” ( = the culture of the country in which the show/film “arrives”). For example: the school system in America and in Italy work in a really different way; growing up, I experience first hand the Italian system and learn about the American one through TV, which is great, because I get to learn how life works in another country; unfortunately, this doesn’t happen with, for example, other cultures. and why is that? because the US monopolize the market and doesn’t let other countries express their culture. So, we get to see our culture and the American one but I  don’t know anything about Germany or Norway or whatever. (this obviously changes from country to country: in Italy, Spanish TV shows are really popular and sometimes French and German ones air as well, but you get what I mean). so, UNFAIR. I mean, I don’t think Italian TV shows are the best thing ever, and I wouldn’t force anyone to watch one of those awful “cinepanettoni” (”comic” movies that are generally very sexist and very not-funny) that come out in our cinemas every Christmas, but if something actually worthy of attention were to be produced, it wouldn’t have the success it deserved because it’s Italian and nobody watches Italian things apart from Italian people.

That’s why Skam is so important: it’s a non-American TV show that gained popularity despite this. And GODFUCKINGDAMMIT I don’t want to see the American version. I ALREADY KNOW AMERICAN CULTURE. But Skam is Norwegian and it’s a great opportunity to learn more about this country. US producers, no matter how good their intentions are, would take it and change it to make it look more “pleasing” or more “American-like”, because that’s what you do when you aren’t part of the “starting culture” ( = the culture represented, so the culture that is the basis of the show/film/whatever). In Translation Studies we call this “appropiation”: you take something that comes from another country and you erease all the “cultural-specific” elements or you replace them with elements that are part of your culture to make it more understandable to your viewers. It used to be very popular between French authors and sometimes they created completely different works. Nowadays though, this is called “stealing” (or “this work is based on” when you ask for permission), because our views on copyright are very different. Basically, you don’t like the “starting culture” and decide yours is better, or you think your viewers/readers/whatever are stupid and can’t understand another culture (which is offensive towards everyone: non-American have to learn everything about the US because they can’t represent themselves on international scale, and THAT’s because American are too stupid to understand something non-American). 

All of this to say: Skam should stay the way it is and no remake could make it better or more interesting. Globalization should be about learning something about each country in the world, not about knowing everything about America just because they have a bigger industry. I understand that language is a big barrier, and that English is the easiest way of promoting things, but I’m kind of tired of seeing everything from their POV. Appreciate Skam for what it is, and give it the success it deserves even if it’s not in English/American! Its way of being not-American is exactly the reason people like it so much!

(besides, I kind of think they want a remake because they felt offended that somebody is way better at talking about delicate topics than them.)

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even tho im mad at myself for loving a nerdy cartoon, i really love steven universe…. seeing like women who love other women & like, positively represented female romantic relationships on a TV show marketed towards children makes me literally cry so much (in a happy way) and feel so hopeful about the future! but it also makes me sad because…. if i had had access to media that represented queer women positively at a young age i would have had such an easier/less stressful life!