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my favorite hobbies are: watching tv shows, binge watching tv shows, watching tv shows and chilling, watching tv shows while eating junk food, watching tv shows with friends, watching tv shows in my bed, watching tv shows alone and crying over certain characters, watching tv shows instead of dealing with my problems, talking about tv shows, shipping couples from tv shows, convincing ppl to watch tv shows, #tvshows,

some autumn/halloween aesthetics are: pumpkins, the colors orange, red, yellow, and brown, black cats, windy days, oversized warm sweaters, stepping on fallen leaves to hear the crunch, candy corn, old books, apple cider, pumpkin spiced/flavored everything, rainy nights, skeletons, halloween themed movies/shows on tv, junk food suddenly becoming orange and halloween themed, ghosts, spiderwebs, candy apples, pumpkin picking, haunted houses, corn mazes, those plastic pumpkin candy buckets, silhouette of bats against the night sky, witch hats, dumping your candy bag on the floor of your best friend’s living room and trading with them, dark red lipstick, the smell of dead leaves, vampires, fall scented candles, and jumping into leaf piles.


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  • a/n: this came out longer than i expected bc i got carried away with the ridiculousness of soonyoung
  • soulmate au where you will switch bodies with each other randomly
  • everyone thought soonyoung was the unlucky 1% that didn’t have a soulmate
  • why? because he didn’t have anything that showed signs of having one
  • he didn’t have a timer, he couldn’t hear his soul mates thoughts, he couldn’t feel anything his soulmate did
  • but soonyoung was positive, no matter how many people gave him that pity look soonyoung always smiled brightly because he definitely knows he has one.
  • soonyoung looked online for answers and he found a forum about people who didn’t have any physical signs of a soulmate, he discovered that for some people it takes time for it to develop
  • so that’s what soonyoung believes
  • “it’s not that I don’t have a soulmate. I just haven’t figured out how to find them” 
  • he’s really positive through all of this, he’s just this kind of really free spirit that whole heartedly believes he has one and on the off chance that he is in fact that 1% well he says he’ll just steal seokmin’s soul mate
  • the first time he switched bodies with you wow did he freak out a lot
  • he woke up really groggy and didn’t know where he was because the blanket was a lot fluffier than he remembered and when did he get a lot more pillows and why does his chest feel heavy
  • soonyoung literally shoots up out of bed and falls off and He’s running to the bathroom and he has this horrified face like “IM A GIRL”
  • he’s really really really confused and so he does what any person would go
  • google ‘'why did I suddenly turn into a girl’
  • turns out a lot of the results point towards soulmates and now soonyoung is grinning from ear to ear like “TAKE THAT SEOKMIN I ACTUALLY HAVE A SOULMATE”
  • and for 10 minutes soonyoung stares in the mirror bc wow his soulmate is kinda breathtaking even with bed hair
  • feels really really really bad bc he has to change out of your pajamas and He’s closing his eyes with your shirt off trying to find another shirt and He’s screaming “IM SORRY”
  • leaves a note on your mirror saying he’s sorry once again
  • finally changes into normal clothes and because he feels kind of skeptic, he’s slowly stepping out of your room
  • found your phone and wants to unlock it but doesn’t know the password so he can’t really call anyone
  • instead he locks himself in your apartment out of fear because he doesn’t know what a girl acts like
  • decides to binge watch tv shows and eat the junk food you had lying around (you did not appreciate the 15 bags of snacks he decided to eat)
  • he discovers your laptop and luckily for him it wasn’t locked, he’s messing around when it finally occurs to him that he could log into his facebook and call the members
  • video calls seokmin
  • seokmin screams when a girl answers “WHO ARE YOU”
  • soonyoung decides to mess with seokmin like “hi seokmin, I really enjoyed our time last night”
  • cue seokmins soulmate in the background asking who she is and why they were together
  • soonyoung laughing his ass off before he’s like “okay sorry, it’s soonyoung’
  • “stop lying, soonyoung is a boy”
  • “I’m soonyoung I switched bodies with my soul mate”
  • that goes on for 5 minutes before soonyoung is finally like “FINE THEN WHERE IS SOONYOUNG”
  • soonyoung goes to his apartment bc apparently his soulmate locked themselves in his room and refuses to come out
  • when the doors open Chan, Minghao, and Jun are staring at the small girl at the door like “who are you”
  • “I’m here for soonyoung”
  • Chan: he’s kind of busy right now
  • soonyoung doesn’t even bother, he walked right straight in and knocks on his door “hey its me.”
  • and the three boys watch in astonishment as the door opens and the girl is being pulled in
  • ‘'does soonyoung have a girlfriend”
  • now soonyoung is looking at himself in the eyes of his soulmate
  • “did you change my clothes?”
  • you two just kinda sit in his room together really astonished that this was how the universe decided to have you guys be soul mates
  • and its really silent for a while before soonyoung says “I didn’t look at your body but did you?”
  • it isn’t until the next morning when you guys switch back, so you basically spent the whole night together kind of getting to know each other
  • when you two switch back its a fight for the bathroom because you two literally held it in for 24 hours
  • jun, minghao, and chan sitting in the kitchen staring at the chaos because one) soonyoung just spent the night with a girl and two) what was that about changing her clothes
  • after telling everyone the whole body switch situation everything just kinda makes sense now
  • you and soonyoung will switch bodies at least once a month
  • its really weird and random but you two actually end up enjoying it after the first few times
  • you asked soonyoung to dance in your body once and you literally developed a massive crush on yourself bc you looked good
  • you and soonyoung actually start to get use to being in each others bodies like you don’t mind using the bathroom in his body (since you saw it while doing the do)
  • soonyoung acts cutely when he’s in your body, says oppa a lot because it sounds cute from your voice
  • “OPPAA”
  • “I swear to god soonyoung”
  • it was the worse body switch of your life because soonyoung cried saying his face was so beautiful
  • soonyoung uses your body to flirt and mess with the guys
  • the first time soonyoung knew he loved you was the day after your 3rd time switching bodies
  • he woke up with you snuggled into his chest, his arm was being used as your head rest as you lazily had your arm draped around his stomach
  • and you were dressed in his large white t-shirt with shorts on and even though he was the one that put it on the day before it was an entirely new sight with his actual eyes
  • he couldn’t help but stare at your features because he found you so beautiful, so naturally breathtaking and he wondered if you saw just how beautiful you were to him when you are in his body
  • like he just can’t wrap his head around it, when he’s in your body he just thinks ‘'oh I’m y/n for today okay’ but when he’s looking at you with his own eyes and body, he just feels his chest thump loudly and all he wants to do is lift you in his arms and pepper you with kisses
  • and while he’s watching you sleep soundly into his chest with bits of drool at the ends of your mouth he’s swooning in his head and his whole body fills with joy and that’s when he knows he’s head over heels
  • soonyoung prefers sports bras over regular ones and you could not agree more
  • you two literally bond a lot about the struggles of being a guy and girl
  • you once gave guy advice to the other boys and it was really awkward because they always forget that you become soonyoung once a month
  • jun once complimented your body to soonyoung while you were in soonyoungs body
  • it was awkward so you decided to not tell jun that it was the time of the month
  • but you appreciated the compliment
  • while in your body, soonyoung got hit on and he didn’t know what to do
  • “being a girl is hard”
  • once got turned on while in your body
  • soulmate soonyoung is a really cute free spirited guy that respects your body while he’s in it. and he just really really loves you and always makes sure your body is in tip top shape for the next day. he’s also just a cute bun that likes to mess with others but by the end of the day he just loves snuggling with you and holding you in his arms
Same As It Always Is

Pairing: Dean x Reader (ish)

Word Count: 2300ish

Warnings: Possibly some cursing. Grumpy Dean.

Read Part 2 by @melonshino here! (Coming June 14th)

Read Part 3 by @like-a-bag-of-potatoes here! (Coming June 15th)

A/N: Written for @spnbuddywriters Annoying Characters Writing Challenge! Our prompt was to use “Someone’s taking up two seats on public transit, so she has to stand” somewhere in our story. Tierra and Ida’s parts will be posted in the next couple of days, so stay tuned for more annoying fun!!


The mood in the bunker was as light as it had ever been before. After your last hunt, Sam had insisted that you all take a few days to regroup and just relax for once in your lives.

Of course, the way the boys relaxed wasn’t exactly… relaxing. They were relaxing the only way they knew how.

Sam spent his time taking notes and reading books of lore. You honestly weren’t sure if he was sleeping or not - when you woke up in the morning he was reading, and by the time you went to bed he was still reading.

Dean spent his time off working on his Baby. It baffled you that someone could do so much work on one car, but Dean insisted that she was always a work in progress.

Your way to relax was to actually relax. Television shows and junk food consumed your life for the first two days of your break, but by day three, you were getting a little stir crazy. To entertain yourself, you decided to explore around the bunker.

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First Kiss With NCT U

A/N: I thought this would be the best in a blurby format and it’s my first time writing for NCT so bear with me :)


Ten is the cutest bun around, and I actually think he would be confident going for this step in a relationship, especially if he’s really comfortable with you. He would make sure you were having a good time, bringing you out on a date maybe, before getting the courage to grab your waist and pull you closer. He would first talk to you like this, giving you sweet little smiles and listen carefully to everything you say and when the tiniest moment of silence appears, he would just go for it. He wouldn’t lean in so quick that you didn’t get a chance to react, but it would still catch you but surprise. It would be one of those really sweet and caring kisses where you can feel him smiling after a few seconds.


I can actually see this happen in a social setting, maybe at a friend’s party or something. You had maybe gone on a few dates before and both knew that you liked the other a lot, so you spent time together the whole night, Doyoung gently wrapping his arms around your waist while you were talking to people because he wanted you to know what he liked having you close. The actual kiss would happen towards the end of the night, around midnight maybe. You and Doyoung would be standing in a dark corner, him leaning his head against the wall, watching you with such an adoring expression on his face. You would probably ask him if he fell asleep or something and he would be really cheesy, calling you beautiful before putting one of his hands behind your back to pull you in and kiss you for sooooo long. He would definitely make sure that you remembered that exact kiss.


Okay wow your first kiss with Taeyong would actually be kind of strange but also so exhilarating. I feel like Taeyong would work himself up so much over your first kiss because he would overthink it. ‘What do we talk about first?’ ‘How do I hold her?’ ‘What time at day do I do it?’ ‘What if she doesn’t want to kiss me yet?’ ‘What if she’s just waiting for me to kiss her?’ All these thoughts would go through his head while he is hanging out with you one day. Just as you have said goodbye and he exits the door, he regrets it and immediately turns around, opening your door again (which scares the crap out of you btw). Then he sprints over to you and grabs your face, planting the most intense kiss you could ever imagine on your lips, taking your breath away. As he pulls away he just stares at you, completely out of breath as you utter a single ‘wow’.


I imagine this being a very classic first kiss. Maybe you are walking by the beach at night, hand in hand, just enjoying each others company. Jaehyun being a typical gentleman, would offer you his jacket and the two of you would stop, looking at the sunset. He would put his arm around you and you would lean his head against you. It would be very very romantic and let me tell you, your stomach would be full of butterflies. After standing there a few minutes, he would notice you shivering and change positions, standing towards you and wrapping his arms around you instead. You would look up at him, smile – and that would be his queue to lean in and place a gentle kiss on your lips.


This lil’ bun. He would probably be so nervous, it’s of his nature. I actually think you might be the one to take the initiative to kiss him. I can see the two of you being done with a date, and he followed you home, but it ended up with him coming inside because you weren’t really ready to let him go quite yet. He’d probably radiate from being around you and smile so much and giggle and aw, you would just want to kiss him so bad. When he checks the time and realises that he as to head home because of schedule the next day, he would quickly lean in and kiss your cheek, but you would grab his cheek before he has a chance to pull away and place your lips on his. He would blush as you pull away but then regain confidence and go in for one more.


Lastly, Mark. I think this kiss would be very casual. I see you being sat on the couch a lazy Saturday night, binging tv shows and eating junk food. At one point, you end up entangled in each other, and your finaly position is to have your legs tossed over his lap, resting your head on his shoulder. Mark is commenting on the current episode playing on the screen while you are looking up at him, watching his expressions carefully. Suddenly, he looks down on you confused. “What are you looking at?” “You, you look cute.” He’d chuckle and put on a cocky grin. “Am I cute enough for you to maybe want to come a bit closer?” He’ll say. “How close?” You’ll ask and his answer would be to lean down and give you a slow and meaningful kiss.

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Some poly TFP Knockout and Breakdown romantic and fluffy imagines would be lovely, please.

Polyamorous Knockout and Breakdown (TFP):

  • Weekly gossip nights. It’s got all the sleepover necessities: make overs, reality tv shows, junk food/sweet energon, snuggles, ect. Knockout’s got all the juicy insider info on the superior officers and Breakdown brags about punching an Autobot through a wall.
  • They’re both acutely aware of how much smaller and weaker you are compared to them. Knockout will fret over any little bumps and bruises while Breakdown is a little gentler in handling you.
  • They get involved in street races and will compete against each other. They convince you to place bets on who you think will win. Winner gets to be treated like royalty by the other two for a cycle.
Meet the Parents

“You meet Harry’s parents for the first time”

“Hey, mum,” Harry lifted the phone to his ear. “What’s happening?” His fingers laced through your hair as you both lay on the couch, your back against his chest. The TV had been switched to mute as the phone started ringing, but you’d lost interest in the subtitles.

“Yeah, we’re in New York until Sunday. Yeah, flight’s at 8pm or something.” He paused and you heard his mum’s familiar voice muffling through the speaker. You’d spoken to her a few times on the phone and through text, but in the two months you and Harry had been a couple you were yet to meet his parents.

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Headcanon Idea: how do the kbtbb guys act when mc is on her period?

(Aww, this is so cute and fluffy. I absolutely love the idea. :3)

Eisuke: Eisuke rolled his eyes at her in disgust and annoyance as she lied on the couch, eating from a large tub of ice cream while watching what appeared to be an emotional Korean drama, with her face was covered in tears and ice cream. He said to her, “Are you really going to waste your entire day on a TV show and junk food? Pathetic.”

The next thing he knew, she snapped at him, “You have no idea what I’m going through, you jack ass! When you get cramps as bad as this and when you start bleeding from your vagina uncontrollably, then you can call me pathetic.”

Eisuke broke into a fit of laughter due to her response. “Are you talking back to me? You understand that when you recover, I’m going to punish you, right?” He picked up her head, took a seat down, and placed her head on his lap and began stroking and ruffling up her hair. He leaned down towards her ear and whispered, “You aren’t the only one suffering here, by the way. How do you think it feels to be sex deprived for a week?”

Soryu: Soryu took one look at her struggling with cramps earlier and felt miserable that she was in pain yet there was no way he could help her. He quickly fled the penthouse and headed to the local convenient store and came back with a pack of tampons and a big bag of chocolate.

“Are you feeling any better?” he asked her as she lied on the couch and watched TV, looking like she was about to pass out.

“Oh, Soryu, yeah, I’m doing better….” she lied, not wanting to worry him.

Soryu furrowed his brows at her obvious lie, then reached into the bag and handed her the tampons and chocolate carefully. “Here, _______. I know it isn’t much, but I want to help you get through this in any way I can.”

Her face lit up like a Christmas tree when she received the items. She reached out and pulled him onto the couch, throwing her arms around him as he stared at her with his eyes wide open and his cheeks tinted pink. “Thank you so much, Soryu, this means the world to me.”

Baba: “You’re such a pretty girl, ________, you know that?” Baba told her as she stepped out of the bathroom in a messy bun, old T-shirt, and baggy sweat pants.

“Ughhhh, Baba, stop it, I feel like I’m about to puke everywhere,” she sighed out.

“That doesn’t change the fact that you’re a gorgeous princess,” he said, smiling warmly at her.

“I feel like complete shit, and I’m sure I look like it too,” she replied, holding on to the dresser to keep from falling over due to her bad cramps.

In one swift motion, Baba picked her up and carried her to the bed where he tucked her in and stood over, reaching over only to kiss her face affectionately and to whisper more compliments to her. “You’re the most beautiful woman ever, no matter what. Nothing can change that.”

Ota: Ota lied in bed with her in his arms for the entire day, even missing an important art exhibition for his art pieces today.

“Ota, don’t worry about me,” she said through pained moans due to her cramps. “You can’t miss something as important as your art exhibition just because I’m on my period.”

“Pfft, who gives a shit? I can easily have another art exhibition, hell, I already have two more planned for this month,” he whispered in her ear as he caressed her aching body gently yet playfully.

“Alright, but that doesn’t mean you have to lie in bed with me all day, I don’t want to be the reason that you had such a boring day,” she told him.

Ota smiled, rubbing her softly and lovingly. “I like it when you have to depend it on me, this is no pain whatsoever.”

Mamoru: “Owwww, why does being a girl have to be so painful?” she shouted out with tears running down her face. Her cramps were getting out of hand at this point.

Mamoru let out a deep sigh and took a seat on the sofa. He picked her up and sat her on his lap, then lifted her shirt up to her waist and started softly stroking and squeezing on her stomach. “You’re such a pain sometimes, you know that?” he grumbled under his breath.

She was now giggling while he massaged her stomach. “Your hands are magical, Mamoru, the cramps are going away!”

“You really are a little kid, I swear,” he mumbled, continuing to massage the region as warm and gently as possible. She cooed and purred as he did so.

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So I'm not creative enough because I consider Kristoff to be athletic, and I think Anna would be his biggest cheerleader? Wow, thanks.

Alright, this is gonna get wordy, because now it’s been brought up so I have a chance to address it. 

In short: No, that’s not what I’m saying at all.

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It’s kind of a well-known fact that many people in our generation has a low self-esteem. We just don’t feel good about the way we are sometimes; we don’t like the way we look, we get conscious about what people think of us, we envy those good-looking and talented people…the list goes on and on. Now to overcome a low self-esteem in just one day is definitely hard to accomplish. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t overcome your low self-esteem for the rest of your lives! Here are some steps that might help in overcoming your low self-esteem:

     1.    Start off your day with a smile: When you wake up and get ready for the day, be it for school or you’re just going to sit at home the whole day watching tv shows and eating junk food, look into the mirror and smile at yourself. Make funny faces, do funny impressions, just smile. Look into the mirror and focus on your positive qualities instead!

      2.    Listen to some of your favourite hits or some classic rock music: When you’re going to shower or you’re about to leave your house, play your favourite upbeat music! The classics usually helps. Listen to The Beatles, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin…just air guitar or air drum the songs and trust me, you’ll feel a whole lot better of yourself. It’s like those wear-leather-jackets-and-combat-boots kind of feeling. And it’s amazing.

      3.    Keep a journal: Whenever you feel bad or lowly about yourself, write it down in your journal. Write out your feelings and what made you feel that way. Then write down what you want to do instead. Open up the journal and write down to encourage yourself once again. Write good things about yourself!

      4.    Stop comparing yourself to other people: I cannot stress how important this point is. Yes, it’s kind of cliché, but it’s definitely the most important point! What matters is not whether you’re as good-looking or as talented as the most popular kid in school but whether you’re good at being you! Each of us is an individual of different likes and dislikes and we all have our successes and failures. Not everyone can be good at everything.

      5.    Respect yourself and love yourself like how you want someone to love you: This is also probably one of the most important points. Overcoming this low self-esteem starts with you. If you don’t respect and love yourself, how is everyone going to do the same to you? Take pride in who you are and unleash your beautiful and amazing qualities. All of us has something special and if you haven’t found yours, you’ll find it soon. Just be you because being you is something wonderful. You need to accept yourself.

That is some of the steps that you can do to overcome your low self-esteem. If you have any more tips or if you just feel like sharing your low moments, do drop them in the ask box or the comment box! We are definitely looking forward to it. Stay amazing, my friends.

Deanna ~

Stop. Stop whatever you're doing and watch a movie. Watch your favorite TV show. Eat junk food or eat healthy. Call or text someone. Get on Tumblr. Spend time with those whom love you. Draw or paint something...anything. Star gaze. Read a book. Listen to music. Stop whatever the hell you're doing and do something that makes you happy. Because, sweetheart. You deserve that much. You're beautiful. Now go smile till your cheeks hurt and laugh till you cry. You'll thank me later. I promise.

I know that always getting asked if you’re dating anyone or if you like someone etc constantly can get pretty annoying after a while, but I’ve kind of gotten to the point where I would actually like to say ‘yes I am actually seeing someone’ or whatever. Seriously it has been way too long! I honestly think that I have become a virgin once again, that is how long it has been. Everyone around me seems to be in a relationship or getting some and I’m just in watching reality TV shows and eating junk food. Is it something about me that just repels people or am I just way too picky, though I haven’t even found anyone to be picky to. It is starting to get to the point where I am just going to go out and pick the first person that I see. Hopefully it’ll never get to the point of going onto Tinder.