tv show day 16


20 Day Gravity Falls Challenge

Day 16: Favorite TV Program


Ductective is a show about a duck detective. It’s a parody of Sherlock Holmes as an uptight duck. The show is full of terrible duck puns and it embraces the cliches of old detective shows. There is absolutely nothing more that I could ask for in a television show. If Ductective was a real TV program, you know I would watch it.

Honourable Mention(s): Tiger Fist

Themes for James Spader Appreciation Week (July 10-16)

First, a special fedoras-off to @sweetcat1968 for organizing the amazing 3-hour #GiveSpaderAnEmmy event on Twitter today that generated 8,000 tweets and had a top-15 trending tag during that period!  The love for James from all corners of The Blacklist fandom was evident, and it was great to see Daniel Knauf, Brandon Margolis and Brandon Sonnier give their support to the event.

As you know, @imyourplusone and I are organizing James Spader Appreciation Week here on Tumblr as a way for the entire fandom to celebrate the actor who truly makes The Blacklist what it is.  While we hope James will get the Emmy nod on July 14, the goal is to celebrate what we love about him and his performances, regardless of the awards!  

The themes for the week will be as follows:

Day 1 (Sunday, July 10):  The Film or TV Show that first made me a James Spader Fan

Day 2 (Monday, July 11):  Favorite James Spader Character  (From a film or TV Show and why)

Day 3 (Tuesday, July 12):  Favorite Scene (From a James Spader film or TV show and why)

Day 4 (Wednesday, July 13) Favorite James Spader Moment from The Blacklist

Day 5 (Thursday, July 14) Favorite James Spader Monologue (from a film or TV show)

Day 6 (Friday, July 15) Favorite “Spaderism” (from a film or TV show)

Day 7 (Saturday, July 16) Favorite James Spader moment I would LIKE to see on The Blacklist.

Please tag all of your content with the tag #Spader Appreciation Week.  We look forward to seeing what you create!

GleekOver 2014 Master Schedule

Here’s the Master Schedule for Gleekover2014. Remeber everything is welcome: old works, recs, fic, art, vids, graphics, meta, discussion, gifsets and anything else you can think of. You can even do stuff for certain weeks after they’re over. If you don’t see a fandom listed but thinks it works with a certain weeks theme, go ahead and post it Just remember to tag it with #gleekover2014 

Thanks and crossover all the things =(^.^)=

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