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❝ the point is we don’t know anything about these czekchoslovakians. are they good czekchoslovakians,  bad czekchoslovakians, we don’t know they are just random czekchoslovakians. for all we know they don’t have their passports   

@michaelguerins asked: roswell or degrassi


Photos from the OTGW screening part two: goodies!

They gave everyone these tote bags which feature:

  1. Page of stickers
  2. Wirt card signed by Elijah Wood
  3. Greg keyring
  4. Notebook - featuring either Wirt and Beatrice or Greg and Jason Funderburker on them (I have both because they had extra!)
  5. A book including a CD so that you can ‘read along’ with it
  6. A ticket holder
saying it louder for the people in the back !!!!

anyone who wants Piper killed of or taken out of the storylines in anyway, isn’t going to get that. Whether you dislike her or she’s pissing you off, she’s the front runner of the show and you need conflict and unlikable characters.

Y'all don’t remember the show is based off. a book written by PIPER Kerman, the MAIN character.

You killing her off would be a pretty big dick move, right?

Also, why the hell y'all want Piper gone while we have Pornstache and Coates?

That is all.