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Imagine Your OTP #26

Imagine your OTP the first time they held hands(at least, romantically).

A and B walking together, side-by-side. B already tried to initiate hand-holding, but tripped. Luckily, A just laughed.

They unconsciously start gravitating towards each other, giggling about some old joke. A stares at B’s face, trying to memorize every plane and line. B just enjoys the other’s company and hopes for a future, even if it only lasts a week.

They don’t know it, but their hands slowly become entangled. Pinkies entwine, knuckles press against each other, an unconscious thumb war begins. B’s hand is eternally frozen, whilst A’s practically a furnace.

Finally, they realize they’re holding hands. They smile at each other and walk on.

  • Friend: Hey why do you like that character so much?
  • Me: Are you sure you're ready for this kind of conversation
Signs as skam characters
  • Aries: Jonas Vasquez
  • Taurus: Chris Berg
  • Gemini: Even Næsheim
  • Cancer: Isak Valtersen
  • Leo: Christoffer Schistad
  • Virgo: Mahdi Disi
  • Libra: Ingrid Gaupseth
  • Scorpio: Sana Bakkoush
  • Sagittarius: Eva Mohn
  • Capricorn: William Magnusson
  • Aquarius: Noora Sætre
  • Pisces: Vilde Lien

[nick+schmidt]“ever since i’ve known you you’ve been there. you’re always there even when i don’t want you there you’re there. that’s what a husband does. you fight for me, that’s what a husband does. you care about what i eat, that’s what a husband does. you cook for me even when i don’t ask, that’s what a husband does. when i pass out you comb my hair so there’s no knots in it, that’s what a husband does.”

What if your life was a TV show. And you had a whole fandom. What if people shipped you with your friends or your crushes. There was merch of things you say and head cannons. People loved your little quirks and ticks. “Omg or like when they bite their lip when they’re nervous” “what about the way they smile when *insert name* talks to them? They are so in love.” Imagine Tumblr accounts dedicated to you, people loved the way you said things or did things. That would be awesome

One time my brother was reading a book and instead of asking him how many pages did he read I accidentally asked him: “what episode are you on?” and that’s how I knew I was in way too deep