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Ginger x Melody Pt.1

•Melody grew up in Riverdale but there wasn’t many people like her.

•She had a passion for music, a bit shy of being in the spotlight as Josie & Valerie fought for the attention she picked up the drums.

•Soon they figure things out and start a band.

•It felt amazing having her friends, but she grew annoyed of their relentless bickering over solos.

•Sure she loved her girls, but she hated being in between them having to choose a side.

•Her family wasn’t rich so she had to work at Pops as a waitress.

•She never really paid attention to much of her surroundings, all she focused was the band, school, her job exactly in that order.

•One day Cheryl and her minions come in Pops Diner to order their usual milkshakes.

•Melody doesn’t really know anyone outside of the band, although she knows Cheryl and Josie do get along.

•It was a bad for Melody, the girls were bickering and she had been late for her shift at Pops.

•She accidentally messed up the orders of Riverdales infamous Cherry red haired princess.

•Cheryl makes a big deal about it, because how dare anyone ruin something so simple.

•Melody becomes flustered at the angry bombshell as the clients stare at the scene.

•Ginger always a sweet girl who never spoke up against Cheryl because no matter what Cheryl had always been there for her.

•Ginger was no one when she came to Riverdale when she was 14, Cheryl befriended her and the rest is history. She became a River Vixen right hand side to Cheryl.

•Ginger knew Melody because of the respect Cheryl had for Josie.

•Ginger could never speak up when Cheryl was on fire, but there was something about Melody; she had to help her.

•For the sake of Josie and Cheryl of course…

•"Cheryl c'mon, she’s a Pussycats.
Everyone makes mistakes once in a while.“

•"I don’t” the bombshell shot back, a bit more angry that her friend was protecting the waitress.

•"Only because of Josie" was the last thing Cheryl said before stepping out taking her minions with them.

•Ginger took one glance back at Melody and gave her a small smile mouthing the words “I’m sorry.”

•There was something about Gingers sweetness that made Melody melt.

•Melody finished her shift now a bit better after Ginger came to her rescue.

  • Friend: Hey why do you like that character so much?
  • Me: Are you sure you're ready for this kind of conversation

[nick+schmidt]“ever since i’ve known you you’ve been there. you’re always there even when i don’t want you there you’re there. that’s what a husband does. you fight for me, that’s what a husband does. you care about what i eat, that’s what a husband does. you cook for me even when i don’t ask, that’s what a husband does. when i pass out you comb my hair so there’s no knots in it, that’s what a husband does.”

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