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Set The Thames On Fire

Full set of make up Dickie’s death. 

Oh my God! It looks creepy! Creepier than film! 

I liked the actors and characters, but this… Sorry, not for me. But, anyway, even this moment doesn’t make Noel worse, he’s still wonderful! x


drasnianfrank replied to your post:79 notes later I have SO MANY WORRIED QUESTIONS…

That is actually an amazing span of knowledge. And I grew up in a liberal (Lutheran ish) household and I never had to learn latin. (Probably something about Lutheran)

i think a lot of had to do with my mom’s weird relationship with her Catholic upbringing, and also I failed at learning any practical amount of Latin whatsoever but anyway while there was an underlining theme of CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN THOUGHT the fact of the matter is mom was so suspicious of the worldly / satanic things we would learn from The Media that we just spent our time outside watching bugs or making shit or inside reading anything she didn’t hide from us instead of watching TV.

We lived so far out and we were so poor that we didn’t have a good TV set anyway, so it was kind of boring, and because she was a divorced woman in rural Oregon we were kind of thrown on our own devices for doing shit anyway, like, we didn’t have a lot of playmates besides the other two sisters, so I spent a lot of time in my own head.


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     Lady luck tied two lovers together.
           But bad luck set them apart at odds and ends.