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Tokyo Ghoul vs Literature: Red Dragon - A Metaphor for Hide and Kaneki’s Relationship

Sorry about the delay in this one, I actually lost the book Red Dragon fro awhile and I had to go find it. Anyway this time around we’re gong to look at a character I don’t talk about as often, Hide. During one of the flashes to Hide’s room we’re presented with a brief collection of his interests as mostly a background element. While the various manga volumes do show how his tastes clash with Kaneki, the one that stands out the most in a Red Dragon poster.

Let’s explore the connection between the two underneath the cut.

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Happy Birthday, Mickey and Minnie~! <3333 

I actually prefer to believe that Minnie has a different birthday from Mickey, like May 15th or something (the date “Plane Crazy” came out and thus putting Minnie on the opposite side of the zodiac), but canon has never confirmed my wishes. So Happy Birthday to both! 

lol there is a lot wrong with the inking here. I don’t have any fancy brushes or tools to properly ink stuff, I just always fake it and so it’s always a real mess up close. I could have sat there fixing it, but I really didn’t want to miss the proper date for posting this. So keep your distance!




Princess Jellyfish aired in Fall 2010.  Exactly five years ago.  In the years since then, we’ve had exactly SIX full josei* TV anime series: Chihayafuru (2011 & 2013), Bunny Drop (2011), Kids on the Slope (2012), Natsuyuki Rendezvous (2012), Uta Koi (2012), and Polar Bear Cafe (2012-2013).  NOTICE THAT NONE OF THOSE AIRED IN 2014 OR 2015.  It has been two years since a josei  anime last aired (unless someone can correct me).

But the drought has ended - WE HAVE A NEW ONE COMING THIS WINTER 2016: Shōwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjū.  Be sure to watch it!  Spread the word!  If you get an official stream, watch the heck out of it!  And on a side note, it looks like it could be really interesting; it’s historical and focuses on drama more than romance.  And the original manga won some awards - which is probably the only reason they’re willing to adapt it, tbh.  But the point is to support it, even if it’s not 100% perfect, because that raises the chance of more josei anime in future! 

UPDATE since people are still reblogging this: You can watch it all now legally on Crunchyroll (not sure what regions are served, but it has English, Spanish, and Portuguese subs).  There is also a season 2 coming in winter 2017!

UPDATE 2!!!! The manga will be published in English starting in May 2017!  Look for it under the title “Descending Stories” by Haruko Kumoto

*For those who don’t know what josei refers to: it’s non-yaoi manga/anime blatantly targeted to adult women.  Of course, anyone can enjoy anything, and there are many similar stories targeted to other demographics, etc., etc.  But it’s important to support josei anime - anime that sells itself as just for women.  It has a reputation of not being very popular and being harder to sell, and when certain demographics and genres don’t sell as well, they tend to make less of them in the future. 

And support josei manga in English too.  We don’t get much that isn’t primarily romance/smut.


“Orphan Black”

“Orphan Black: Season 3” Trailer

“Orphan Black: Season 4” Trailer

Director: John Fawcett, David Frazee, Ken Girotti, T.J. Scott, Grant Harvey
Cinematographer: Aaron Morton


BBC “Orphan Black” Tribute

Year: 2013-2014