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no offense but do you ever think of that night when jess got almost famous and they ordered indian food and he had just told her that he looked up the exact mileage – 22.8 – to get to yale and like what happened that night? like they’re at her house and lorelai’s gone out with alex all night and they’ve got the video playing and the windows open cause he kept complaining about needing to air out the smell from the food and they’re just so content.

he’s lying on his back with one leg propped up against the back of the couch and the other draped off the edge and she’s lying between his legs, her face resting in his neck as she leaves kisses and her hips press into his. she plucks her fingers against the buttons of his shirt and he gets torn away from watching kate hudson again and sits up against the arm of the couch and lifts her up by the waist with one hand brings her legs around his hips and they just sit there. his nose rubbing against hers as he goes in for a kiss and she’s smiles all contentedly and she looks at him in awe once again and whispers “i can’t believe you looked that up” while he just rolls his eyes and buries his face in her neck, placing open mouthed kisses along her jaw and she thinks she’s this close to saying she’s a little bit in love with him.