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Working with Katie Cassidy is always a joy. I think the two of us have a great connection. But it’s also just – I find so much pride in knowing that they’re two strong female characters, on television, having strong scenes together out of friendship, where they’re not talking about a man or a love interest or trying to fall in love and they’re not yelling at each other or calling each other names. This scene is so important because we have strong female characters that are actually friends and men always get to have that. It’s a great scene and I loved working with Katie and I think the Lauryssa fan base will be very happy with it.
—  Katrina Law (x

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lol. Teen Wolf is like the only show that actually shows a teacher teaching and not just have the students walk into a classroom and 5 minutes later ring the bell. Did you see that chalk board in the latest episode someone really put in work drawing all that shit.

HA true. We all only wish class could happen in time-lapse jump scenes like TV. (*≧▽≦)  'Tis fun when shows put some thought and effort into background stuff. Tho it can also be very amusing when they don’t lmao!


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