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I feel a little sorry for that LA Times photographer who took those pics of CP and GG. He probably posted the pics, went to do some work and when he came back to twitter a few hours later saw his mentions filled with thank yous. He’s probably sitting somewhere confused af thinking to himself “all I did was post a pic of the two leads of a TV show. What’s with all these replies??“ And the likes and RTs are the most on his acct. Little does he know…😂

It’s been awhile hasn’t it?

Diana Cavendish X Akko Kagari/Dianakko (or as people are now INCORECTLY are referring to it: Diakko; hey, I didn’t exactly coin it but I was one of the pioneers I’ll have you know!)
Little Witch Academia (TV) Yuri

It’s been awhile since I’ve done LWA stuff and I am happy to return!

Not drug-induced this time! COMPLETELY SOBER!

This relationship is totally mutual they just haven’t confessed yet. Only a matter of time…

Based off episode 3

Adobe Illustrator

Mamo Blog - 2017.03.23 (Eng. Translation)

フジテレビ 「バディーズ」 出演!!
Fuji TV「Buddies」Appearance!!

I, Miyano Mamoru,



On Fuji TV’s program,

「Buddies ~Me and My Precious Friends~」

In it, I will make an appearance!!!!!\(^o^)/

In this program,

I help, and support those irreplaceable friends,

It is「Buddy」’s, episode introduction, with that said,

That’s right,

This time,

I, Miyano Mamoru, have been interviewed☆

I’m thankful!!!(;_;)☆

Just what in the world…

What kind of talk will there be…

Stay tuned!!!!(*≧∀≦*)

「Buddies ~Me and My Precious Friends~」

Is, on Fuji TV,

本日、3月23日(木) 23:24~23:30
Today, March 23rd (Thursday) 23:24~23:30

Be on air♪

By all means, please watch it(o^^o)

I have taken a level in nerd. I have glasses now. Been wearing them a couple days and I now see some things that I couldn’t see before, such as:

- why it’s called high definition TV instead of slightly-less-blurry-regular-TV
- that CSP brush I thought had soft edges actually didn’t
- borderline uncomfortable amount of pores and skin imperfections when looking at mirror
- a detail in my own drawing that I thought disappeared amidst the shading but didn’t
- That weird vertical glow around a TV show’s subtitle text isn’t supposed to be there (no wonder I got splitting headaches after marathoning shows with subtitles)

I also haven’t quite gotten accustomed to having frames in my field of vision so it kinda feels like my mind has difficulty taking in anything it sees because it’s constantly aware of the frames and how they’re not supposed to be there. I don’t know if I actually need to wear these all the time like the optician recommended, but I like being able to distinguish tiny details so I’ll try my best to get used to wearing them regularly.

(This has been an unnecessary droplet from my stream on consciousness. Glasses just feel like kind of a big change to me so I felt the need to blabber. Carry on.)

My Grandma makes me sad. She’s so cynical about love and romance on TV & movies. She’s such a realist. She takes one look at a strong, stable, in love couple & thinks, “well that won’t last.”

*scoffs* On TV, it will!! Esp westallen. Lol.

neophyte-redglare  asked:

Is lion 4 not airing today ?

as far as i know no :(

EDIT: it looks like they ARE showing su at 7:30, but idk if it’s a rerun. i’ll check

EDIT X2 COMBOB: several sites say it’s today at 7:30 but i’m not 100% sure of that because my tv’s guide thing says otherwise? so does, which is saying su isn’t airing tonight at all.

my suggestion: turn on cn at 7:30 and see

anonymous asked:

Can you believe that a news outlet reported that the man who committed the London attack was Asian?

It was obvious from the first minute that it was a Muslim. Then the photo came out that he had brown skin and a Muslim beard so instead of calling him what he really is, they thought “oh shit he’s not white, okay well he’s Middle Eastern but we can’t say that on television so let’s just call him black, wait we can’t say that either, okay uh, hey what continent is the Middle East in? Asia? Jackpot! “Breaking news: Asian man commits terrorist attack on London.” It’s such a fucking farce lol what a sad state our media is in. 

new teevee in april

Doctor Who
American Gods
Master of None
The Get Down: Part 2
New Bill Nye series
Call the Midwife (which I need to catch up on)
iZombie (finally!!!)
Better Call Saul
The Handmaid’s Tale
And Class is airing for the first time on BBCA right after Who, please everyone watch it if you can and you actually get the channel, it is so good and at high risk of being cancelled right now and its performance in the US could save it!


I wish it was easy to tell people I’m in love with a 67 year old man on tv but it’s not that easy because he’s older than my dad but I think about kissing him all the time what the fuck is wrong with me why don’t I like little boys like all the other girls lol instead I love those daddy hands