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My god Steven Universe made science so much cooler I just finished a unit on electricity and now I'm trying to develop a theory about how a gem and the light it develops relates to electrons and protons? And we're starting space so that'll DEFINITELY be fun.

And they said TV would rot your brain. Psshhh.

Just check out this mystery gem being all smart and junk!

@squarecutorpearshape the thing is the movie and musical are both enjoyable but like

ok this is petty

whenever i witness conversation around matilda (both on tumblr and in real life) it seems to go back to the movie, as if the book didn’t exist, which is super duper weird to me because i LOOOVED the book, grew up on it, and then watched the movie and was like “that was cute,” and saw the musical years later and thought “that was cute,” but it ALWAYS goes back to the book for me

especially those weird posts that are like “we need more stories like this!” like yah true, but the story was taken from….the book thoooo

(also on a slightly different note i really didn’t think the movie was that good, the book was so much more witty and smart and earnest, and also i thought there was a lot of irony in “television rots your brain” when its presented as a movie lol (same with charlie and the chocolate factory tbh), like one of the great lessons of the book is “use your imagination,” which just doesn’t make sense when the whole story is visualized in front of you, ANYWAY)

book matilda is best matilda and like, the ultimate matilda, just my onion

4973. Beast Boy often sercretly wakes up in the morning to watch Raven make her tea and watch tv (she claims she doesn’t like tv and that it rots your brain but she watches it early in the morning when no ones awake). It is usually dark outside and he loves the way the light from the tv illuminates her skin. One morning Raven was watching Jimmy Kimmel Live and one of the sketches was so funny he couldn’t help but laugh. Raven always knew Beast Boy was watching or in the room with her telekinesis but never called him out on it thinking it was sweet. She caught him and didn’t speak just shook her head and went to her room and didn’t come out that day. Thinking he messed up he went to go apologize but when he knocked she wouldn’t open the door. He morphed into a fly and found her asleep with a photo of him and her he took and gave to her for her birthday. They started dating that Friday.

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Share a bed trope? Only not romantic--FOES (or like...just had a fight and I could slice you up in a meat grinder kind of way but there's only one bed in this stupid motel so MOVE OVER)

…I’m thinking basically everyone in the batfam rn for characters, but especially Bruce and Jason or Damian and Tim.
Like, if it were Bruce and Jason Bruce would probably be the one injured and Jason would just drag him to this old motel and Bruce is like ’???’ and Jason’s like ‘I saved the owner from a gang rape once so I can hang out here whenever I want’ and then Jason proceeds to drag Bruce inside and like stitch up his injury and then drag him over and drop him in the bed and then Bruce is /almost/ asleep when Jason comes trotting over from showering and just flops down and goes ‘shove over.’ Bruce is like ’???’ again because let’s be real that’s his mood at all times anyway, it’s just exacerbated when he’s injured and Jason’s around. And Jason’s just like 'if you think I’m sleeping on the floor I’ll shoot you myself’ and Bruce is like 'aLRIgHtY,’ and tries not to show how much he’s comforted by Jason being nearby and how grateful he is to spend time with him despite the circumstances. (Actually I really *should* write this, hmmmm. 🤔)

Whereas if it were Tim and Damian they would be at the Manor and Tim would be the hurt party and Damian would be spying from up the stairs like '👀 he’s still not sleeping the imbecile 😡’ and then Damian just marches down there and is like 'come with me, Drake,’ all in a huff, and Tim is like 😳 and trails obediently along. Damian just marches him up the stairs (or over to the elevator bc those are a LOT of stairs and stitches and Drake has the constitution of an arthritic bird) and goes up to one of the guest rooms and just marches over and flops right down. And Tim just stands with his blanket around his shoulders and his stupid pale face and owlishly blinking eyes and Damian’s like 'i can’t sleep with you up rotting your brain with mindless television. Lay down and sleep.’ So Tim’s just like 'ok’ and trails over and flops down too and Damian goes to sleep with a satisfied scowl on his face like 'well tHAT’LL teach him.’

I really am an angst machine, aren’t I. I will never find love. Ely was right. (:P)

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kc + "We were sent back in time from a spell gone wrong and got stranded in the forest. It has only been a day, but I'm freaking out and... are you giving me bedroom eyes NOW OF ALL TIMES?!?!" AU

Bloody Thump

They’re trudging silently, and it’s not a comfy silence. No, it was a seething, awkward awful silence and Caroline’s skin crawled, every part of her dying to break it, as it dragged on and on and on.

She grits her teeth and resists the temptation, calling on her vast reserves of stubbornness.

Talking to Klaus had proved to be a very bad idea and she’s not about to try it again. She was stuck with him until Bonnie was safe and sound then she could go on with her preferred Klaus management plan – pretending like he didn’t even exist. For Bonnie she could endure the discomfort of the scornful glares Klaus kept tossing over his shoulder as he checked to make sure Caroline was keeping up.

They were kind of dumb and pointless, Caroline thought snidely. If she was going to leave she would have done it ages ago after they’d finished shouting at each other.

She pointedly ignores his eyes, scanning her surroundings. It hits her that she recognizes them from the days when she spent her summers tearing through them with whatever friends could be coaxed outside to lose at hide and seek. Caroline takes a sharp left, kicking branches out of her way to reveal an overgrown path. She doesn’t bother to inform Klaus about the detour she was taking. He’d figure it out soon enough.

She hears a sharp curse a few moments later, smiles grimly in satisfaction. The leaves rustle and Caroline walks faster once she can feel Klaus practically breathing down her neck. I thought,” he says, his anger evident in the extra crisp way he enunciates, “that we’d established that I do, in fact, know how to read a map.”

“We did,” she agrees, matching his overly polite tone with a frosty one of her own. “But since I grew up here I don’t need a map to tell me there’s a huge, gross bog like fifty feet ahead. Elena and I used to tell Jeremy it would eat him if he got too close. Feel free to plow on through but I just bought these boots and they weren’t cheap.”

“Here I thought you were desperate to save the Bennett witch.” Klaus mocks. And yet you can’t even sacrifice your shoes to the task? Such friendship.”

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  • Me, the year 2035: MpregCraig Jr., turn that tv off. Cartoons will rot your brain.
  • MpregCraig Jr.: But why, papá?
  • Me, having sudden visceral flashbacks to 3 years of continous Steven Universe discourse on tumblr: Don't talk back you little shit.

(via ‘The Big Bang Theory’ just did what no TV show has ever done before)

And people say TV will rot your brain: Yesterday, CBS’The Big Bang Theory made waves—and history—when showrunner Chuck Lorre (Mom, Two and a Half Men, Mike & Molly) revealed that he plans on taking the award-winning program’s scientific slant from fiction to reality. Starting this week,Big Bang Theory and The Chuck Lorre Family Foundation have established The Big Bang Theory Scholarship Endowment—valued at $4 million dollars.

The endowment will go directly to 20 low-income students entering the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields at UCLA this year and then benefit five new students each academic year in perpetuity. The inaugural class will be announced this fall at the show’s set in Burbank, CA with cast and crew in attendance.

“We have all been given a gift with The Big Bang Theory, a show that’s not only based in the scientific community, but also enthusiastically supported by that same community – this is our opportunity to give back,” Lorre said in a statement. “In that spirit, our Big Bang family has made a meaningful contribution, and together, we’ll share in the support of these future scholars, scientists and leaders.”

I just hope for equal gender and racial opportunity for these scholarships

Dear parents who don't let their kids watch TV,

If your reasons have anything to do with “TV rotting their brains” or it being “for their own good,” I’ve got some bad news for you.

First of all, making a generalized remark like “TV rots your brain” is lazy parenting. There are plenty of great shows out there for your kids to watch (Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, Adventure Time, Avatar: The Last Airbender and its successor, The Legend of Korra–although the last two went off the air awhile ago–and that’s just to name a few). It’s your responsibility to monitor what your children watch, because the unfortunate reality is that there are really awful things that shows intended for children can and do get away with. I know that in an ideal world, parents wouldn’t have to worry about that, but our world is far from ideal. The point being, your “all or nothing” (which in your case, equates to nothing) method of parental supervision in regards to television is reductionistic, and cutting TV out of your kids’ lives entirely can cause them problems you likely weren’t even aware of…

…which brings me to my next point. Children who don’t grow up watching television are at a HUGE disadvantage socially. Children relate to one another through expressing common interests and experiences, just as adults do! You shocked yet? Children who don’t have access to those shows are at disadvantages with being unable to relate to and experience the same things their peers do. I grew up not watching TV–my dad thought TV was an evil poison that had to be obliterated, so he destroyed the antennae on our roof for getting basic network to ensure that NOTHING could get through to the giant box we used to watch VHS tapes of the few movies we were allowed to see. Also, before you jump at my family for being ultra conservative or religious (since those types are typically associated with being overly restrictive toward what their children can watch), remember this–I grew up a progressive liberal vegetarian atheist. I am still two of the three, since I need red meat for the iron content, but that’s a story for another day. My dad had liberal views in a structurally conservative mind, in that he was incredibly close minded, self-righteous, and unable to think in terms that weren’t blatantly black and white (thanks, alcohol-induced depletion of the basil ganglia and cingulate gyrus). Part of that self-righteousness came in the form of not only priding himself in staying away from “the idiot box,” but attempting to teach me and my brother to pride ourselves over the same “accomplishment.” It worked up until we got to grade school, and realized that we had no common ground to talk about with our peers. It led to being ostracized, excluded, and overall unable to relate or form connections with other students.

In examples more extreme than mine, the social isolation led to much more serious and irreversible issues, particularly centered around mood disorders and suicidal tendencies later in life (though they were never a direct cause in any case). Our family’s issue was more reversible, since I started watching The Simpsons online when I was 12, just so I could have something to talk about with my peers. I ended up loving the show, and expanded out to more “adult animation” type shows, but my TV-watching didn’t really take off until we gained access to Netflix, since my mom was always resentful that she had agreed to sacrifice TV when there were so many great shows she wanted to see as well. Yeah, this problem doesn’t just affect kids. If one spouse forces the other into this situation, the spouse who reluctantly agreed to it often feels the same social isolation and inability to connect with their friends that the children do. It’s just more detrimental to children in the long run, because growing up in an age of technology makes technology-produced mediums the pinnacle of their social lives, whereas adults in book clubs can discuss other books they’ve read (though I’ve never sat in on one of my mom’s meetings without someone mentioning a TV show everyone had been keeping up with, and my mom sitting there with a pained look on her face).

No matter your age/place in life, the belief that television rots your brain is an invalid argument, because even if there’s a lot of crap out there, the shows that hit their mark really do hit their mark. In terms of socialization among children, the purpose of a shared experience is very different than it is for teens and adults, since children in single digits are unlikely to sit around critiquing and analyzing the quality of the show at hand. However, it creates a sense of common knowledge, which in turn makes everyone with that same common knowledge feel included. Nobody likes to be the only one left out, nobody likes to miss out on something great, and nobody likes to feel like they can’t connect with other people (even if it’s just one other person), so to all the parents who relentlessly refuse to let their children watch TV–whose interests are you really protecting? Your children’s, or your own?

My 9 year old son asked me if he could have a Doctor Who marathon after he has finished all his school work for the day.

Part of me wanted to say things like, “Go outside and play.” Or “TV rots your brain.” Or “Read a book.”

But honestly…he’s 9. If he doesn’t do it now when is he going to?

He watches about 10 minutes of TV a day. He plays outside, climbs trees, reads books, has hobbies, uses his imagination, does his chores and finishes his homework then goes to bed at a reasonable time…he even prays the Rosary nightly common guys…

What’s the reason to say no?

So, I said yes. I said watch until your eyes burn baby. Because if I could do it I would.

I blame it on Comcast

Damn you Comcast, and your free cable. The wife and I agreed to add on cable for free when we hooked up our home phone and internet. And now, a few months later, can I name the last book I read? How about articulating the world around me without using the limited vocabulary of “awesome” or “amazing”? And when did I last write a blog post or even in my journal?

Illiteracy via free cable! The front part of my brain is actually liquefying! And, even worse, I am starting to give a damn about Kim and Kanye’s relationship. Sweet Jesus.

Ok, I am taking the boob tube by the horns and instituting a new rule: daily journal writing in the morning, which I think will help inspire other writing. And at least 15 minutes of reading before I go to bed. Baby steps out of the intellectual desert of cable. (But I still claim the right to watch The Voice, The Simpsons, and the upcoming season of The Killing on AMC.)

Ok, so since I disappeared into the grey mist of free Cable land, the following has happened:

1.) I am starting my 18th week of pregnancy!! Boom boom!

 (this was from about 3 weeks ago. all the photos since then are me without enough clothes on. I will spare you from seeing my cellulite expand during pregnancy.)

2.) The babies passed all their genetic screenings like champs (we did the nuchal translucency and the Materni21 blood test of fetal DNA)!!

3.) It’s a 90% chance that the babies are girls. The Materni21 tests fetal DNA, including the sex chromosomes. And it was ALL xx in there.

4.) They are really cute.

“Biggie Smalls” at 16 weeks. 

Half Pint at 16 weeks

I love them more than can be expressed in the letters of a word. A fierce momma protectiveness has already arisen in me. I would fall on any sword to clear the way for these girls.

5. The fear that plagued me in the first trimester continues to decrease. I have to get past the anatomy ultrasound at 21 weeks, which is a nail biter even with 99% confirmation that there are no chormosomal abnormalities. All of the pregnancy milestones elicit a bit of fear in me. How could they not? It’s life and death stuff. Once I hit 24 weeks (viability) I think the fear will be under my heel.

6. I want to be awake for every second of this pregnancy. Coming out of this Comcast and first trimester fear haze, I want to pick up every second of this pregnancy, of my time with these two girls, and hold it, smell it, savor it, feel it between my fingers and on my skin. I have no guarantee of another day with them and I want to treasure every moment. Before I fall asleep at night I thank God for giving me the last 24 hours with them and ask for another. I don’t want to take any of this for granted. Hence shutting off Comcast, picking up a pen and sitting in meditation.

7. I pulled a muscle in my rib while puking a few weeks ago and it hurts like a bitch. And is taking forever to heal. Luxury problems.

Those are the main points that I wanted to recap. Until next time….

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Hi I was wondering whether you have any destiel fics that portray John Winchester in a slightly positive light? Especially AUs? Please

Similar ask from  destiel-is-love-cockles-is-life

Hey! I really tried searching the tags and the search engine and i did find ‘John finds out’ but often John is portrayed as either a homophobe or not accepting of Dean’s sexuality. It’s also highschool-AU often, which i’m not a fan of. I really want to find a fic wherein John does accept it, so far i only found one called back from the dead, which i liked a lot! I was hoping you (or your followers?) knew some fics! Thanks in advance :)

Here we have collected some fics where John is not physically abusive and he isn’t homophobic. YMMV on emotional abuse, though we generally tried to focus on those where he may be rough around the edges, but is generally a positive figure.


ONE-SHOT: Can you do a one shot when you’re visiting your dad Owen at Jurassic World and Zach ends up falling in love with you
ONE-SHOT: Imagine your Owen’s daughter and Zach falls in love with you
ONE-SHOT: Would you please do a one shot where you’re Owen’s daughter and a super badass and at one point you save Zach’s life by fighting a dinosaur and he totally falls in love with you
ANNOUNCEMENTS: I paired these three requests up because they were all pretty similar so I hope you all like it!
WARNINGS: Maybe a little violence but thats it really

Your face crunched up as the ocean spray splashed up and over the side of the boat. Blinking the salty water out of your eyes you were finally able to see the up and coming Isla Nublar, the famous Jurassic World. You smiled nervously, you were coming here to begin living with your father, Owen Grady, the Velociraptor trainer. It had taken this long because he didn’t really know if he would be staying or not, but he did, and at first he changed from coming to the island and back home but eventually he just stayed on the island and left you with your neighbor, the most boring person on Earth. At first you didn’t like the thought of him working at a place who messed this up the first time 22 years ago, but you soon realized that he could handle himself just like he had taught you to do.

Once you got off of the boat you looked around the docks through the churning sea of people and finally saw your father surveying the crowed. His eyes locked with yours and brightened up. Making your way over to him the two of you instantly embraced in a warm hug.

“Hey there!” He took you by the shoulders and looked at you, “My gosh, it has been too long. I’m really sorry that it has taken this long for me to get you to the island but I’ve just been so busy and-”

You laughed, cutting him off, “It’s fine, really. What you should be sorry about is leaving me with Ms. Wyatt for an entire year. You do realize that the only thing she has for fun is a television and that somehow only get the crocheting channels.”

He winced, “Yeah… but hey! People say those things will rot your brain y'know! Besides, I don’t have a tv at all.”

“Yeah, but you live on an island full of dinosaurs.”

“True. Now lets get going, I still have a few more hours of work but I’ll introduce you to the Raptors and then I’ll have someone drop you off at the bungalow and then you can explore the park.”

You through your fist in the air in celebration, “Yes!”

Instead of getting on the monorail to the park the two of you took a jeep with the parks logo on it and headed down a dirt road. The two of you had a little catching up to do but not much, I mean, he only called you basically every day so there wasn’t much you hadn’t covered in those calls. Eventually the bumpy road came to an end next to a large concrete structure. To be honest it wasn’t that impressive but you could still barely contain your excitement, I mean, actual Velociraptors! Not skeletons or pictures in a textbook but real, living, breathing animals! The two of you hopped out of the car and into humid jungle weather and made your way over to the bottom of some metal stairs.

“Ok,” he said, “I don’t usually let random people up here so if anyone asks you’re with me,”

“Got it.”

The metal clanked under your boots as the two of you made your way up the stairs and onto a cat-walk that overlooked a jungle filled enclosure.

“Oh, and by the way,” Owen started, “Don’t fall over please, in fact, hold onto the railing, please.”

“I’m not gonna fall over, chill,” you said taking a hold of the railing anyway.

That seemed to satisfy him as he started what ever he was doing. A pig squealed through followed by 4 other things that you couldn’t quite see until they came to a stop right beneath you. The breath caught in your chest and you smiled brightly, there they were, 4 Velociraptors, all big and powerful and deadly. Your father called out some commands and they actually listened, go this way, that way, and finally he gave them all treats, the one named Blue getting a little white rat.

“And, go!” he said finally and the Raptors went sprinting back into hiding.

“That,” you said with wide eyes, “Was, awesome!”

He laughed and the two of you made your way back down the stairs. He introduced you to one of the other workers and said that they would be taking you to the park for some exploring. Once you were at the park you felt kind of lost. You had never been alone in a place as big as this before, but that was ok, you would be able to handle yourself. And besides, what could really go wrong?


You jinxed it, you thought to yourself as you ran through a crowed of screaming people as they tried to keep from being Pterodactyl food. You just had to open your big fat mouth at say something as stupid as, ‘what could possibly go wrong?’ so, so stupid. You could barely make out one person from another as you tried to find a safe spot. And all you could really do for your father is hope that he wasn’t dead.

Suddenly, a few of the beasts started falling to the ground, one landed near you and you saw something sticking out of its side, a dart. Looking up you saw a few people scattered throughout the crowed with dart guns, aiming at anything flying. One of the men was taken from behind, screaming as he went up and dropping his gun, and without a second thought, you grabbed it and started aiming at the beasts too. All of a sudden, two boys ran in front of you, one about your age and one a few years younger than you. They went to the large fence that kept people from falling in with the Mosasaur, looking at something that you couldn’t quite make out. In doing this they were in plain view of everything that thought to try and look for food, and soon, a few of the Pterodactyls were swooping for them.

You ran to get a better shot and started taking out those things left and right, all the while the two boys just looked at you in awe. You couldn’t blame them though, you were being pretty freaking awesome right now.

When the air was clear for the moment, you looked at them, “C'mon, don’t just stand there, lets go!”

They got up and start running with you while you tried to look for anyone who familiar, all the while shooting anything that flew. All of a sudden the boy about your age tugged on your shirt and pointed to a redheaded lady standing on a car. You nodded and followed him towards the direction of the lady, and almost shouted with joy. Right next to her was Owen, keeping an eye on the lady and making sure she wasn’t carried off. Suddenly though, he was tackled by one of the flying beasts, barely fighting it off from biting his face off, you raised your gun, ready to shoot, but was beaten to the point by the redheaded lady.

The three of you kids jogged over to them, they hugged the lady and you went and about tackled Owen. It was a quick moment though, as the panic was not yet over. Your father led the way to a company jeep and all of you watched as people broke through the gate and flooded past the car. For now at least, you were all safe and could take a breath.

“Can we stay with you?” said the younger brother.

“Trust me guys, I am never leaving you again,” replied the redhead

They both started at once, “No, no, we meant them.”


The rest of the day pretty much sucked also, the raptors temporarily found a new Alpha which sucked for a lot of people, then this big fight between the I-Rex, T-Rex, Raptors, and Mosasaur, but then, you saw your dad’s heart break when his last remaining Raptor, Blue went back into the wild of the jungle. But, even with a few cuts and bruises, everyone made it out alive. Currently you were walking around an ‘infirmary’, helping people find their families and things like that. You saw the boys and the redheaded lady you found out was named Claire, and signaled Owen you were going over there. Claire stood up and went over to your father and you took her spot right next to the boys.

“Hey,” the one named Zach said.

“Hi,” you replied.

Gray looked at the two of you and sighed, “I’ll just be over there then.”

“So,” he started, “Thanks, for, y'know, keeping us alive back there.”

“Ah,” you said sarcastically, “It’s was nothing, really.”

The two of you chuckled at that one, “Hey. So, I was just, I was gonna ask that, um, if you wanted, to, like-”

You cut him off by taking his hand and grabbing a pen, “I would love to, here’s my number, call me sometime maybe.” And with that, you got up and started helping your father again who had just apparently had a similar moment with Claire.

Maybe you should jinx things more often.

Arcade Fire interview: ‘The major record labels are completely clueless’

It’s late in the evening after the premiere of The Reflektor Tapes at the Toronto International Film Festival, and Arcade Fire are throwing a party at Rhum Corner, a local Haitian bar. Win Butler, unmissable at 6ft 5in in a widebrimmed hat, works the room, thanking those who worked on the film and hugging friends. Beside him, his wife and co-bandleader Régine Chassagne dances to the insistent rhythm coming over the soundsystem. “This is rara music,” she shouts over the beat. “You hear it all the time in Haiti.”

The Reflektor Tapes is an oblique, impressionistic documentary about the making of Arcade Fire’s fourth album and, like this bar, it’s full of visions of Haiti. Fittingly for a film about a record Butler called a “mash up of Studio 54 and Haitian voodoo,” director Khalil Joseph eschews a straightforward making-of narrative, and instead offers glimpses of what the band saw when visiting the island shortly after winning the Grammy for Album of the Year for The Suburbs in 2011. Butler and Chassange had first travelled to Haiti in 2008 and had been involved in charity work there since long before the devastating earthquake of January 2010.

The visits were something of a homecoming for Chassagne, whose parents fled the country in the 1960s when President François “Papa Doc” Duvalier’s Tonton Macoute death squads were murdering his political enemies. Understandably, they were never keen to return themselves.

“I never knew my [paternal] grandfather, because he was taken away, and my mother’s extended family were massacred as well,” says Chassagne. “My mother had a very traumatic experience, so for her it was never an option to go back. After she passed away, I decided to go in 2008 because I wanted to see it for myself. It was only when I got there that I began to understand my own tics. Everything made so much sense.”

Chassagne and Butler, the couple at the heart of Arcade Fire, met while studying at Montreal’s McGill University in 2001. They wrote a song on the first night they spent together (“Headlights Look Like Diamonds”), married in 2003, and released the first Arcade Fire album Funeral the following year. It included a song called “Haïti”, which Butler encouraged his wife to write after becoming fascinated with the stories he’d hear around her uncle and aunt’s dinner table while celebrating Haitian Christmas. “It was always something that she was sort of scared to talk about,” says Butler. “I remember writing that song with Regine and really pushing her to talk about this stuff.”

Despite Chassagne’s family background, Reflektor was accused in publications, including The Atlantic, of cultural appropriation. In The Reflektor Tapes, Chassagne discusses the fact that her immediate family are all darker skinned than she is, suggesting that these same criticisms wouldn’t have been levelled if she didn’t appear to be “white”. In Toronto, she argues, this shouldn’t matter anyway. “It’s interesting because I see this criticism more from people who are not Haitian, or who couldn’t even pinpoint which part of the songs have a Haitian influence,” she says. “I think it’s silly to put barriers between musical genres. Every kind of music is a combination of different influences. Music is a language that everybody talks. It brings people together, and that’s the point.”

Even if The Reflektor Tapes marks a full stop to the band’s work around their last album, they say it won’t be the last time they’re influenced by Haitian musicians. “You can’t unhear the Beatles,” reasons Butler. “It’s not like we ever had any interest in making this our ‘Haitian’ record. If I didn’t talk about it, I don’t know that people would have necessarily picked up on it, except there’s congas on there.”

As well as capturing the band’s travels in Haiti, and recording sessions in Jamaica and Montreal, The Reflektor Tapes teases out the band’s intellectual journey since 2011, notably Butler’s fascination with Søren Kierkegaard’s essay “The Present Age”. The film offers the quotation: “The present age is one of understanding, of reflection, devoid of passion, an age which flies into enthusiasm for a moment only to decline back into indolence.”

While that line sounds as if it could have been written while Kierkegaard was casting his eye down his Twitter feed, it dates from 1846. In the past Arcade Fire have been cast as anti-technology because of Facebook-baiting lyrics like “We’re so connected, but are we even friends?” on Reflektor’s title track. However, Butler says that idea is false and agrees that our click-short attention spans can’t be blamed on the internet or smart phones. “I don’t give a shit about iPhones,” he says. “When I was a kid it was: ‘TV is going to rot your brain’. Every era has something to take its place.”

Butler and Chassagne laid their technology-friendly credentials bare in March when they became two of the few rock musicians involved in the launch of Jay Z’s Tidal streaming service. The event ended up being roundly mocked for presenting millionaire artists as charity cases asking for the public’s support, and with double the monthly subscription price of main competitor Spotify, the app has so far failed to take off.

Butler says he doesn’t regret their involvement, but he accepts the launch gave an unfortunate impression. “None of the artists knew anything about the PR,” he says. “It was a poorly managed launch, but conceptually the thing that we liked about Tidal was that it’s HD streaming quality.”

He lays the blame for Tidal’s struggle squarely at the door of major labels. “They dictated that Tidal has to cost $20,” he says. “The major label music industry has completely ruined every aspect of their business. At every step of the way they’ve had the tools offered to them to create an industry that works, and they’ve completely blown it. That’s why we never had any interest in signing a contract with one of these companies because they’re clearly completely clueless.”

Having kept the band resolutely independent, tied only to tiny indie label Merge, Butler defends their involvement with Tidal as a way of seeking solutions that the music industry have missed. “It seems silly, for fear of being embarrassed, to not at least sit at the table with Jay Z, Kanye and Daft Punk and talk about art and music and how it’s going to be distributed,” he says.

In a little over a decade, Arcade Fire have grown from indie eccentrics into one of the biggest bands in the world – and Butler shows no false modesty in his belief that they’ve earned their place, literally, at music’s top table. “I think that we’ve ended up there because we work really hard and our records are really great,” he says, matter-of-factly. “All I care about is the work. I don’t care if people recognise me when I leave this building. I’d really prefer if they didn’t, but I really do care about the work. David Bowie came to our first show in New York, which blew my mind, but now I see him as … not a contemporary, but like a professor. I see our band as trying to carry on that same spirit of what Bowie was doing, or Bruce Springsteen, or Radiohead, or any of these bands that were bold enough that I heard them in suburban Houston.”

At one point in The Reflektor Tapes, Butler’s brother and bandmate Will says the band would be happy for their music to be remembered anonymously. Butler agrees with the sentiment. More important than any personal recognition, he says, is the idea that their own songs can become part of that chain of musical influence.

It was, fittingly, in Haiti that Butler and Chassagne saw that in action when, several years after that first 2008 trip, a group of teenagers dragged them to watch their band practice in Jacmel, southern Haiti. “Their apartment looked like mine when I was 19,” remembers Butler. “There was a drum kit in the corner and a bass. These kids from rural Haiti were playing, and it was Arcade Fire inspired. I mean, the name of the band is Fire Flame. It was the craziest thing. One of the kids got into Neil Young because he got on some bad internet connection in Haiti and found Arcade Fire and followed a link and then learned Neil Young songs on an acoustic guitar.”

A grin as wide as the brim of his hat breaks across his face. “That is cool,” he says. “To me, that’s the point of the whole thing.”

‘The Reflektor Tapes’ is out on 25 Sept

Effy’s E4 Profile

Series 1 and 2

Effy’s Profile (Translated from Morse Code)


Like as the waves make towards the pebbled shore,
So do our minutes hasten to their end;
Each changing place with that which goes before,
In sequent toil all forwards do contend.
Nativity, once in the main of light,
Crawls to maturity, wherewith being crown’d,
Crooked eclipses ‘gainst his glory fight,
And Time that gave doth now his gift confound.
Time doth transfix the flourish set on youth
And delves the parallels in beauty’s brow,
Feeds on the rarities of nature’s truth,
And nothing stands but for his scythe to mow:
  And yet to times in hope, my verse shall stand
  Praising thy worth, despite his cruel hand.

(Shakespeare’s Sonet 60)



Effy’s Blog

They made me go and talk to this counsellor woman who kept saying ‘But why Elizabeth, why do you think you withheld speech?’. I used to just say ‘I dunno’ til it was time to go home.

But I did know. Sort of.

Okay. So. Paris Hilton isn’t an It Girl. Clara Bow was an It Girl. She was one of the biggest silent film stars ever. The Brooklyn Bonfire. I think we’re really similar. She’s a brunette. I’m a brunette. Her Dad was mentally impaired. My Dad is mentally impaired. She was really good at poker. I’m really good at poker. She married a cowboy. I don’t think I’m getting married but if I did it would probably be to a cowboy.

Anyway, basically she was the best film star, like, ever

But then the talkies started, and the films weren’t silent any more. And it would be fine, except when Clara actually had to speak, she just froze. She couldn’t stop looking at the microphones pushed at her face. She got mike fright. She retired at the age of 26 and never made another film ever again.

But even though Clara Bow couldn’t deal with talking in public, and Paris Hilton could probably talk for fucking hours about fucking anything, I reckon if Clara Bow met Paris Hilton, she’d punch her lights out.

But I don’t think the counsellor woman would have really understood that.

Series 3

AGE: 16

MOTTO: Everybody dances to their own boom boom.

ABOUT ME: I’m Effy. It’s a shit name but it’s short for Elizabeth which is even worse. I live with my Mum and Dad. My brother used to live here too but now he’s gone. On the day he left he gave me his duvet cover, half a bottle of Peach Schnapps, and his bedroom. Well, he doesn’t need it any more does he? So now it’s my kingdom. I drank the Schnapps and gave the duvet to Oxfam.

These are the four most interesting things about me:

1) I can pick stuff up with my toes. Like, not just socks and crap like that but big things. Ketchup bottles. Ashtrays. Ipods. It’s a less useful skill than you’d think.

2) My Dad was so angry when I got expelled from the shit school I used to go to that he literally started farting in rage. Gross.

3) I’m distantly related to a 17th century French aristocrat called Cecile DeLacroix. She was beheaded during the French Revolution. Her eyes carried on blinking for 14 seconds after her head was severed from her neck and her lover had her teeth sewn into his pillow.

4) My favourite smell is petrol.

If you want to know any more send a stamped addressed envelope and ten pounds to my address


T.V SHOWS: TV rots your brain and makes you infertile. True story.

FILM STARS: I don’t have favourite film stars. Everyone gets old and shit in the end. My favourite film character is the Elephant Man. He’s hot.

DREAM DATE: Refer to last question.

Series 4

“Sometimes it can be liberating to be lost”

Inside Out

Inside Out

Chapter One: Our World

As the sunlight pours in through the skylight centered in the middle of ceiling Aria groans, tugging on the stripped blanket over her head. Though the blanket offers a shield of protection, Aria can still see the rays peaking through the designs of the blanket so she turns on her side facing the wall. Like every morning, she lets herself have the first five minutes to forget.

One…she opens her eyes, no longer trying to fight the urge to go back to sleep. Two…she inhales a deep breath, the musty air always the same. Three…she pictures herself laying beside Ezra wishing that reality was a dream. Four…she lets her left arm stretch out beside her but the sheet is cold. As she listens closely, her head still under the blanket she smiles when she hears humming. Five…she lets her wishing fade away and snaps back to reality.

Removing the blanket as she rolls over onto her other side, she continues to let her head rest on the flattened pillow. From across the small space, Aria watches as her young son with long chocolate curls mirroring her own dressed in his ninja turtles t-shirt sits cross-legged on the metal yellow chair pouring cereal into a bowl. Without warning a cloud of dark smoke fills the background.

“Jamie, what are you doing?” Aria peels the blanket off in a panic. Her bare feet hit the cold cement as she races around the table, behind Jamie, and pulls the burnt bread from the toaster oven. “Ooo…Hot!” She drops the charred square, landing on the reddish brown zigzag rug under her feet.

“I’m sorry…” Jamie squeaks in a cloud of grey, waving his hand in front of his face. Jamie twists his body in the chair as he watches his ma drop their breakfast to the floor. “Making breakfast for bed, like on TV.” He explains, resuming his pervious task of pouring cereal into the second bowl.

Huffing, Aria flips the switch to the toaster off and bends over to pick up the burnt bread. “You know your not supposed to use the oven without my supervision.” She scolds, walking towards the closed door where the trash bin is located and drops the bread inside. “We could have gone up in smoke.” She details the seriousness of the issue, turning to look him in the eyes.

Jamie pauses his movements, setting the box of cheerios on the plastic card-table. “But I’m now five. Super Jamie!” He furrows his hazel eyes, crossing his arms.

“Yes, you are.” Aria bends down on her knees so she is eye level with him. “You’re five I know, but the oven is off limits.” She softly states, touching his round chin.

Realizing his mistake, Jamie bows his head and lets his lanky arms fall to his sides. “Sorry, it was a surprise.” He mumbles, the queasy feeling building up in his stomach.

“It’s okay…” Aria sighs, rubbing her hands over his arms. Feeling guilty for being so hard on Jamie when he was just trying to do something nice, Aria chews the inside of her lip. Remembering the surprise she has hidden behind the box of rice in the cabinet she knows how she can brighten his spirit. “Would you like to learn how to make pancakes?” She inquires, watching as Jamie lifts his head with a sparkle of interest in his eyes.

“Yeah!” He climbs off the chair and jumps up and down in anticipation as Aria goes to the mini fridge wedged between the counter and the wall.

“Grab the bowl.” Aria states with her head in the ice box, the carton of milk in one hand and eggs in the other. By the time she closes the fridge door with her foot, Jamie is already seated back on his chair with the silver bowl in front of him. “Crack two eggs.” Aria instructs, opening the brown lid. “I’ll measure out the milk.” She raises a plastic green cup to eye level.

“Oops!” Jamie bends his whole head into the bowl. “I think I got shell in the eggs.” His voice muffles.

“Pick it out.” Aria directs, watching as he sticks his fingers in and makes a goofy grin as he lifts a spec of white shell from the yellow yoke. Aria pours the milk into the bowl before turning back to the single cabinet where the bag of flour sits beside the box of rice and half loaf of bread. Using two hands Aria lifts the small bag onto the counter and unrolls the opening before reaching for the spoon across the table. “Scoop four spoonfuls of flour in there.” Aria hands Jamie the utensil.

“One…two…three…four…” Jamie counts in a sing-song voice.

Once the flour is added and the eggs, milk, and flour are put away Aria grabs the bowl with her left hand to keep it steady on the table top and takes the spoon in her right hand. At first stirring the contents it easy it being more liquidly than need, but as the flour thickens the mixture Aria’s hand begins to ache.

“Why don’t you use those Super Jamie muscles to finish stirring.” Aria hands the spoon over to Jamie, continuing to hold the bowl stead so it won’t go flying to the floor in a mess. “Get the edges too…there you go.” Aria laughs, enjoying this moment.

With the batter mixed, Aria motions for Jamie to get off his chair so she can move it closer to the counter top. As Jamie sits on his feet, his elbows resting on the counter he closely watches as Aria plugs in the small square hot plate and places the bowl in front of her.

“Do you know what would make these really special pancakes?” Aria emphasizes the words really special, nudging Jamie’s shoulder as she smirked at him.

“What?” The young boy asks.

“Chocolates.” Aria lowers to his ear and whispers.

“Like from Birthday?” Jamie’s voice goes up an octave.

“I saved a few from Saturday Treat.” Aria answers, standing up and reaching behind the rice box for the baggie of colorful M&Ms.

The pancakes aren’t perfectly round, but Jamie has fun watching the gooie batter make shapes and takes extra care when putting the M&Ms in them. As the pancakes are placed onto the plate Jamie hops down off the chair and bounces onto the single bed in the room.

“Can we watch TV and eat them in bed like TV people?” Jamie asks, although he already has removed the remote-control for the old TV across the room on the shelf.

“Why not…today is special.” Aria nods, pulling the plug of the hot plate from the wall. As Jamie finds Little Bear on the TV through the fuzzy picture Aria sits beside him on the bed offering him a pancake.

Time Break

A half an hour later as the credits for Little Bear rolls across the fuzzy TV screen Aria swipes the remote off the bed and aims the off button towards the TV.

“Okay, grab the book you want to read.” Aria sets the remote on the nightstand next to the empty plate.

“But Franklin was coming on…” Jamie whines.

“Too much TV will rot your brain.” Aria turns towards Jamie and ruffles the hair on top of his head. Annoyed, Jamie shakes away and moves a few strands of hair from his face. “Besides, its time for school.” Aria pulls her hair back into a ponytail leaving a few strands on the sides curled around her face. “Don’t you want to have an adventure today?” Aria asks, hoping he wouldn’t put up too much of a fight.

“Reading ain’t no adventure?” Jamie disputes her question, walking to the TV where the five books were stacked on the bottom shelf beside his stuffed animal dog.

“Isn’t” Aria corrects. “And sure it is.” Aria takes the plate into the kitchen portion of the room and sets it in the sink. “Do you learn about different worlds and people?” Aria tries again, wanting desperately for him to grasp the knowledge that books have meaning. Filled with people and places that are beyond these four walls. A world she wants for him to live in, but only when he understands. After all, he is five now.

“I learn about worlds and people from TV too.” Jamie gestures towards the black screen above him as he sits on his feet with the five books spread out before him. “There’s adventure in TV.” Jamie states.

“Just pick a book, Jamie.” Aria sighs, growing irritated with his stalling.

“Fine…” Jamie grumbles, finally choosing the book with the grey cover of monkeys sitting on a kitchen counter the title in read letters. “I choose Juamnji.” Jamie runs and tosses his body on the bed as Aria walks over and sits beside him.

“See,” Aria takes the book from his hands and cracks open the first page. “this book has a ton of adventure; lions, jungles, a boy even gets turned into a monkey.” Aria flips through the pages, though Jamie and Aria have both read this book several times.

“Ooo Ooo Aaaa Aaa!” Jamie climbs off the bed, mimicking the noises and scratching motions of a monkey.

“Are you my funny monkey?” Aria laughs, poking Jamie lightly in the stomach making him squirm.

“Silly Ma,” Jamie giggles. “only in the story.” He clarifies.

Well maybe we can act out the story today.” Aria waits to see if he gets the connection that the people on TV are just acting and that the stories they tell for the most part are real.

“You mean pretend to be the monkey-boy?” Jamie tilts his head in thought.

“Yes,” Aria nods, patting the bed for Jamie to come sit beside her. “You be Peter and I will be Judy.” She states, as Jamie takes the book from her. “Start with sentence one.” Aria points to the first line.

“Very im-impor-impotant.” Jamie licks his lips as he furrows his eyes in concentration.

“Good job,” Aria squeezes his middle. “You remembered to sound it out.” Jamie smiles, a light pink painting his cheeks. “Start again.” Aria directs.

“Very important: Once a game of Jumanji is st-star-ted started it will not be over un-te-til until one player reaches the Golden City.” Jamie finishes.

Time Break

As the evening winds down, just before dinner Aria stands in front the white porcelain sink located between the bathtub against the corkboard wall and the toilet washing their clothes from last week. Shaking her right wrist in circles to elevate the pain from twisting the cotton t-shirts and sweat pants, she tries to forget about it. Mind over matter. If you don’t mind it, it won’t matter.

“Did you wash behind your ears?” Aria glances towards Jamie who is busy splashing the water in the bathtub.

“Squeaky clean.” Jamie replies, laughing when a wave of water sends his sailboat made of tinfoil floating away.

“Did you wash under your nose?” Aria tries to hide her grimace as she rings out Jamie’s ninja turtle t-shirt from the morning. She drapes the lime green shirt over the clothesline made of yarn that she has connected from the top corner of the wardrobe closet to the cabinet of the kitchen across the eleven-by-eleven square room.

“And in between my toes!” Jamie rhymes, lifting his foot out of the water wiggling his toes in the air.

“Good, you ready to get out?” Aria rubs her wet hands over her sweat pants before scratching her itchy nose with her hand.

“Can I play a little longer?” Jamie pleads.

“For a few minutes.” Aria answers, figuring it would bide her a few extra minutes of hanging up the laundry before getting started on dinner.

From the corner of her eye, she catches sight of Jamie dunking his head under the water, his mane of dark curls plastering to his face when he emerges. She watches him do this a couple more times before tossing a wet dishrag into the tub to get Jamie’s attention.

“What are you doing dunking your head under the water like that?” Aria asks bewildered.

“Buried treasure.” Jamie states matter-of-factly, grabbing the dishrag and squeezing the water out of it before plopping it back down into the water, laughing as the water splashes him in the face. “Like in Sea. The Sea in TV always has treasure.” Jamie explains.

“Oh…” Aria plays along. “Are you a pirate?” She smirks.

“Arg!!” Jamie stands up, closing his left eye and swinging his arm like pirates do in the movies.

“Okay, come on my pirate.” Aria laughs, removing the orange towel from the back of the yellow metal folding chair by the table. As she wraps the towel around Jamie and lifts him from the tub, she tries to ward off the shock when his feet hit the cement floor by holding him close. “You choose dinner tonight.” Aria reminds him, rubbing his body dry.

“Hmm…” Jamie ponders, his head tilting. “Chicken nuggets.” He smiles.

“Chicken nuggets with green beans it is.” Aria agrees, grabbing the blue spaceship PJ’s folded on the floor.

“How about just chicken nuggets?” Jamie debates as Aria helps pull the shirt over his wet hair.

“How about you choose chicken nuggets and I choose green beans?” Aria counters, helping Jamie step into the PJ bottoms.

“Okay.” Jamie sighs.

“Here…” Aria tosses the towel over his head, making Jamie giggle. “Finish drying your hair. I have to start dinner.” She stands to her feet and walks to the fridge.

Time Break

The minutes are ticking by quickly and the sky pictured in the window up above is already a dark navy blue with little twinkling stars. The room is almost completely dark, the only light glowing off the green numbers on the five-tone touchpad next to the door that is triple locked from the outside.

While Aria stretches out beside the wardrobe, tucking Jamie into the make-shift bed with his stuffed animal dog in one arm she whispers close to his head.

“Are you snug?” She moves a few strands of hair from his face. He plays with the silver ring hanging loose around her neck. Although it is too dark to read it, Jamie can feel the inscription B26 carved on the inside.

“As a bug in a rug.” He echoes back in a whisper. With the looming thought of nine o’clock approaching Jamie drops the ring and gently tugs on his Ma’s shirt. “Can I?“ He asks the silent question.

“It’s almost nine.” Aria shakes her head no.

There is a slight pause as Jamie tucks his arm back under the blanket and sighs.

“Can I have a song?” Jamie peers up with those soft hazel eyes.

She doesn’t want to deny him everything, but she is certain her watch will be beeping any moment and the code to the door will be broken. Chewing her bottom lip, Aria realizes it will help Jamie get to sleep faster and probably calm his anxiety.

“Just a quick one…” She agrees.

Happiness, it’s like the old man told me Look for it and you’ll never find it all But let it go, live your life and leave it Then one day you’ll wake up and she’ll be home

As the four lines of the song are sung, Aria flashes-back to the old bar Snooker’s where Happiness by The Fray became her love song. The last word Home nearly brings her to tears at the depth of the meaning.

Jamie’s eyes are closed and his breathing more quite as the song ends. Bending down, Aria kisses the crown of Jamie’s forehead.

“Goodnight, Jamie. I love you.” She whispers.

“Love you, Ma.” Jamie yawns, his eyes remaining closed.

Careful not to catch the blanket in the doors, Aria shuts the wardrobe and takes a seat in the metal chair as she waits.

Time Break

The fresh air hits her face, cool and earthy as the beeps to the code ring out and the triple locked door opens. Aria can practically smell the freshly mode grass and can tell the temperature is dropping lower meaning winter is well on the way.

The tall dark haired man slips inside, a single plastic grocery bag dangling down. As the door slams shut Aria stands and walks to the kitchen, waiting for Old Tim to set the bag down and take her pervious seat. It was their routine.

“Here’s the light bulbs you wanted.” He rubs his coal black beard setting the bag down. As he leans back in the metal chair, Aria can feel his gaze resting on her though its too dark to really tell for sure.

Opening the bag wider so she can quickly put the food away before it spoils she notices the amount is even less than the week before. “Grapes were too much so I got you canned oranges.” He mentions, as Aria hears him untying his boots and sets them next to the bed.

“Thank you.” Aria replies, her voice low trying not to wake Jamie.

“Did he like the stuffed dog?” Old Tim asks, removing a cigarette from this coat pocket and lighting the tip. He takes a long drag before adding, “I used to have a dog.” He smirks.

“Yeah.” Aria answers, not really sure which statement she was answering. The part about Jamie liking the toy or the part about him having a dog.

“I knew it.” He chuckles, lifting up the book Jumanji from the table though it was too dark for reading.” I just get kids, you know?” He glances up through his thick-rimmed glasses, starring at Aria as she bends over putting the milk in the mini fridge.

Keeping her eyes focused on placing the can of oranges and box of pasta in the cabinet beside the rice she swallows her anxiety. The last item in the bag is the box of light blubs.

“The vitamins?” She whispers, turning to face the man for the first time.

“Oh,” He remarks, taking a long puff before shifting his weight in the chair. “You don’t need those.” He waves his hand away, the glow of his cigarette the only real knowledge that he was even in the room.

“I don’t, but he should-“ Aria begins.

“Kids don’t take that crap and they are just fine.” He cuts her off.

“Winter is coming and with our lack of diet-“ She rambles.

“I give you what you need!” Old Tim bangs his fist on the table, making Aria jump. She quickly looks to the wardrobe, but its too dark to tell if Jamie awoke. “You have no idea…” Old Tim shakes his head with a cynical laugh. “You have no idea how hard it is…” He twists the cigarette into the plastic table and stands flicking the white roll onto the table.

“No, I do.” Aria nods. “Thank you.” She can sense him approaching before he even touches bare shoulder.

“Good girl.” He leans into her ear; she can smell the cigarette smoke on his breath. ”Good girl.” He repeats, giving her a slight shove towards the bed.

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the signs as iconic hanna one-liners
  • Aries: Sometimes you poke the bear, and other times the bear pokes you.
  • Taurus: Spencer, I'm too depressed to work a zipper.
  • Gemini: I am thinking! This is me thinking! And molting!
  • Cancer: I can't go around without a phone. That's like going around without a brain. Or shoes.
  • Leo: Hanna knows what Hanna means.
  • Virgo: Who cares how a cell divides? It just does.
  • Libra: Are you sure Shana's gay? She barely even looked at me.
  • Scorpio: God, I wish people would be more specific with their clues.
  • Sagittarius: Yo hablo sicko.
  • Capricorn: You should know that watching TV rots your brain. It's your choice if you wanna grow up and be stupid. Just saying.
  • Aquarius: Nothing works underwater. It's a scientific fact.
  • Pisces: Is this a gay thing?