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list of love interests grace hanson has had:

  • robert
  • an ex-con taking a painting class who gets real presumptuous during earthquakes
  • a dude who has committed literal cannibalism
  • the guy who plays the hot folksy old guy in literally every film or tv show that requires a hot folksy old guy, doing his best mr. rochester impression this time around
  • a middle-aged christian grey who really needs to go back to parenting his neglected son winston schmidt instead of suing grace so she will hang out with him

list of love interests grace hanson deserves:

  • someone who usually likes to be with her all the time, sometimes too much
  • but she likes that, sometimes too much

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Hi!Do you think they'll keep Carol in the kingdom in season8 to keep the viewers interested in that community?Also, do you think Carol and Zeke need to be romantic for the story to move forward?(I mean, he and comic Michonne were a couple in the comics. Was it necessary for the storyline?).I know he dies eventually. Is that supposed to affect Carol deeply?Can they afford Carol and Daryl being a couple and still have a very strong reaction from her when he dies?Sorry I got carried away!Thank you!

Hi, Nonny, season 8 has not even started filming yet, so whether or not Carol stays in the Kingdom after the war is known only to Scott Gimple at this point. 

For all we know right now, Daryl and Carol could end up taking over The Kingdom after Ezekiel meets his fate.

No, Carz3kiel does not “need to happen to keep viewers interested”- although it sounds as though you want that to be the truth. Sorry to disappoint you there. 

You should read TWD Comic Wikia content for A Prelude to War and also AOW Parts I & 2 to understand what we are likely to see on the show. 

Carol has not taken on most of comic Michonne’s stories, so I urge you to keep that in mind- I doubt she ever will, and no, I do not see Carz3kiel ever happening on the show.

Carol did not meet Oceanside, Tara did.  Comic Michonne had romantic & physical relationships with Tyreese, Morgan and Ezekiel , yet, none of these arcs have happened to Carol. Or will of course. 

Viewers seem to like the Kingdom already with Shiva, Jerry, cobbler, Richard and King Ezekiel plus Carol and Morgan there, so I think it will continue being more popular than some of the other communities we have seen in season 8. So, no, now it is established anyone can be there or not be there and it will be fine.

Carol cares about many people so I am sure she will be sad when Ezekiel dies n the show, whenever that might be. Carol feeling sad about Ezekiel has absolutely nothing to do with Caryl and could never prevent Caryl.   

You seem very eager to “find some reason “ why Caryl will not be together and instead to pair Carol off with Ezekiel.  You’ll most likely be disappointed IMO.

Take care 

Black history month day 22: Renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson.

Benjamin Solomon “Ben” Carson Sr. was born in Detroit, Michigan on September 18, 1951. When he was eight, his parents separated and he moved with his mother and brother to his mother’s sister’s home. Carson’s mother struggled with severe depression, resulting in several psychiatric hospitalizations and an attempted suicide. She was however very involved with her sons’ education, limiting their time watching television and requiring them to read and write book reports on two library books per week.

Carson had dreams of being a doctor since he was eight. He did well in school and scored very highly on the SAT for the Detroit school district. When it came time to choose a college, he narrowed the choice between Harvard or Yale, but could only for the $10 application fee for one school. He chose Yale after seeing them win a televised G.E. college bowl against Harvard. He received a full scholarship. Later he attended medical school at the university of Michigan and was excepted into the neurosurgery program at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Carson was the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Maryland from 1984 until his retirement in 2013. He was indisputably a pioneer in neurosurgery, his achievements including performing the only successful separation of conjoined twins joined at the back of the head, the first successful neurosurgical procedure on a fetus inside the womb, and the first completely successful separation of type-2 vertical craniopagus twins. He also developed new methods to treat brain-stem tumors and improved techniques for controlling seizures. At age 33 he became the youngest head of pediatric neurosurgery in the country. He has written over 100 neurosurgical publications and received numerous accolades, including over 60 honorary doctorate degrees, dozens of national merit citations, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award in the United States.

they’re pretending to be in a national geographic special

Ship (Jason Todd x Reader)

Requested by: anon
“Can you please do something where reader is a musician (probably famous or popular) and although she’s Jason’s girlfriend people are suspecting she might have a thing for Red Hood to since he’s saved her more than once” » she’s very famous

Summary: You are at Good Morning Gotham, talking about your album, but soon the topic is the two main ships in your fandom.

Warnings: non

Note: I would really like to know what your and Jason’s shipname would be, so comment them if you like.
Also, I have an idea for a part 2? Anyone interested?

“Good morning, Gotham!” The two hosts, Jean and Patrick enthusiastically said in the camera both wearing the brightest smile they could pull.

You were sitting beside them, smiling professional and waiting for them to introduce you.

“Today we have a special guest with us. Her debut album is number one and the first single from it is played everywhere! Currently she’s with three songs in the Top 10. It’s (Y/N)! Yayy.” Patrick squealed almost a little too fake.

“Hey.” You waved at the camera, keeping your smile genuine and your body language open. “I’m really glad to be here. Thank you.”

“So, your album is called "Gotham”. Why?“ Jean was more subtle than her colleague.

"Well, I grew up here. My parents and I lived in Crime Allay.
We all know Gotham is a special city and it shaped me. The album is not about the negative things, though, it tells the story of losing hope, but finding it within the darkness again.”

“I’ve had chills while listening to it. I think this album is capable of bringing Gotham closer to people who only hear about us in the news.” Jean nodded with a smile.

“Thank you.” That was what you wanted to hear. Gotham was more than Batman and Joker.

The interview went on. Some commercial breaks and other topics later it started to take a turn. The main focus wasn’t on the music anymore but your life.

“You are dating one of the Wayne sons.” Patrick stated.

You nodded. Why couldn’t they just say Jason’s name? “Yeah, Jason.” You didn’t mind talking about him.

“How is the Wayne Family working? I mean, it’s quite a big one.”

“Oh, when everyone is at the Manor it’s a mess.” You laughed, remember Christmas. “Without Alfred the house would have burned down already.”

“I can imagine that.” Jean smiled.

“There has been something around for a while now and your fan base is very, very passionate about it. I am pretty sure you have heard about it. They call it Red (Y/N).”

“Oh, god.” You covered your face, blushing.

This was so ridiculous. You totally understood. You were shipping, too, but suddenly being the center of it was a totally different thing. There were the Red (Y/N) shipper and the (Your and Jason’s shipname) shipper, and they were at war. If they would only know Red Hood and Jay were the same persons.

Jason, or to them Red Hood, had to save you more than once. It weren’t big incidents, but Red Hood chimed in before they could become big and since the public eye was watching you it had been everywhere.

“As your album dropped the internet was going crazy because of a lyric.” Jean started and Patrick began to read it out.

It was indeed about Jason, well, Red Hood. “I do trust the color red more than black.” You used to grow up with Black Mask in charge of the underworld. Your own father worked for him, so did you for a while and then Red Hood took over and everything changed for the better. Sure there was still crime, but it wasn’t as brutal anymore.

“Is it about the infamous Red Hood? And if, what does it mean? Do you have a crush on him?”

“Well.” You thought for a second. “Yes, it is about him. He is obviously red and black stands for Black Mask. My father worked for Black Mask and I mean, we all have heard stories. Red Hood then took over and back then I was a street musician and basically homeless, so, I noticed how Red Hood had changed things for the better. I really appreciate what he did.” You explained being careful to not say Jason instead of Red Hood. “As you see it’s not about red being Red Hood and black being Jay because of his hair.
I love shipping myself and I don’t mind Red (Y/N), neither does Jason by the way, and, yeah, maybe I do have a little crush on Red Hood. I mean, have you seen his thigh?” You chuckled. It was the most diplomatic answer you could give. You didn’t want to hurt the Red (Y/N) shipper, but obviously you were officially with Jason.

The interview ended after you finally sang your song.
You took the heavy make-up off that was required on TV and walked to the exit where Jason was waiting, sitting in his armchair on his phone.

You smiled happy to see him. He was looking extra fine today. Black skinny jeans and a white t-shirt and his leather jacket. His hair was shiny as always.
He looked up and immediately smiled back, getting up.

You ran to him and he caught you swinging you around. You shared a lazy kiss.

“Red (Y/N) is trending on Twitter and Tumblr.” He chuckled, holding the door open for you like the gentleman he was.

Outside a few fans had made it to the back exit and security was desperately trying to make them leave. They screamed as you stepped into sight.

You waved at them. “I go over.” It were only around 15 or 20 girls and boys. You nodded at the security, telling them it was okay.

“Have you been waiting here for the entire time?” You asked. Jason stood beside you a little lost. You were the professional, for him a Wayne Gala was too much.

You began to share hugs and signed things, have a little small talk.

“I’m so glad you finally told them what the lyric is actually about. I thought it was rude to assume it was about Red Hood and Jason.” A girl smiled, mentioned to him.

“Nah, it’s fine. I trust him more than me as well.” Jason joked.

You turned your head and looked up at him. “What?”

He shrugged and the group laughed.

“It was nice to talk to you. Be safe.” You waved and Jason and you got into his car driving home.

“You know they will say now you ship Red (Y/N).” You told him.

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Since I`m a kid,I wake up in the middle of the night every day. I told my parents but they said it`s nothing. What`s wrong with me?

Hi there lovely anon :)

I can understand where you’re coming from. As a child, I would have major issues sleeping (I still do). I’ve got some tips for you on sleep in general and some different ways you can help yourself fall and stay asleep plus some links :)

How to improve sleep:

  1. Listen to calming music- Having music in the background is helpful because it allows your mind to flow into the music while you drift off to sleep.
  2. Sleep medication- Talk to your doctor about prescribing you a natural sleep medication if you are having severe instability to sleep.
  3. Calming scents- Having calming scents in your room such as lavender or vanilla are helpful because those scents ease the mind and are very nice to smell.
  4. Comfortable temperature- If your room is too hot or cold, it can be hard to sleep and find that just right stop. I suggest having a fan in the summer time that can blow cool breeze at you, and in the winter have a heater or have a plan to wear more blankets.
  5. Limit distractions- When you’re trying to fall asleep, having things around you that can be distracting, its best to move those things out of the room or turn them off. You could put your cell phone on the counter instead of your nightstand so you are not woken up each time you get a text.
  6. Comfort items- Having stuffed animals or blankets can help improve your sleep because when you have those items, you feel comfortable and in a safe place which is a must for a good nights sleep.

Helpful Links:

Sleep issues;

Dealing with insomnia/sleep deprivation

I have some general advice on how you can cope with having nightmares and some more links for you:

  • Create a playlist of music that relaxes you.  Keep your music player on your night stand so that it is available when you wake up.
  • Keep a journal by your bed.  When you wake up, write down everything you remember about the nightmare.  This will help to focus you on a task and distract you, plus you may start to notice trends.  Writing things down can be highly therapeutic.
  • As with most sleep disorders, try to keep a regular sleep-wake cycle. Get up at the same time every day, go to sleep at the same time every night.  Having a routine before bed is important as well, as it prepares your brain for sleep.  
  • Reserve your bed for sleep only: no watching TV, texting, or using your laptop.Regular exercise reduces stress and releases endorphins, and can reduce your night terrors.

Helpful Links:

Why do we need to sleep well?

How to do it?

How about an actual good morning?

Once you’ve looked over those links (I know there are tons, but I like to go above and beyond)

Anyways, below are some general tips on how you can fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer:

  • Get the number of hours of sleep each night you need to function optimally. Although it varies, most individuals need between seven and eight hours of sleep every night.  When sleep-deprived, you are less efficient and focused during the day, and may be leaving yourself open for health risks as well. Research has shown sleep deprivation can affect appetite, weight gain, diabetes risk, the strength of your immune system and even your chance of developing depression. If you have been trying to get by on less sleep, try backing up bedtime by 15 minutes each week, until you are getting the amount of sleep that leaves you feeling refreshed in the morning.
  • Create a calming atmosphere in your bedroom. If your room is cluttered with work, books that have not been read, papers to attend to, and dirty laundry, it will be a constant reminder of all you need to do.  Take 15 minutes each day and begin clearing the clutter and making your room one you will look forward to relaxing in at the end of each day.
  • Make your bed in the morning. A straightened bed is so much more appealing to go to at night then one that is a jumble of sheets and blankets.
  • Reserve your bed for sleep and sex only. This will allow your mind to associate your bed with rest and relaxation only. Watch TV, use your computer, talk on the phone, and eat somewhere else.
  • Create a calming nighttime ritual.Turn off your computer, shut the TV, and do not answer your phone for an hour before you want to go to sleep. Choose activities you find calming.  Take a warm bath, read a magazine or novel, have some decaffeinated tea or cookies and milk.  
  • Keep your bedroom cool at night. For most individuals, 65 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit will allow the dip in core body temperature you need to induce sleep.
  • Avoid caffeine in the later afternoon and evening. Caffeinated coffee, tea, soft drinks, chocolate and sugar-laden snacks can all keep you too wired to fall asleep at bedtime.
  • Avoid late night workouts.  Exercise is a great sleep aid, but a vigorous workout too late in the day may keep you up at night. However, a leisurely walk after dinner could be just the thing to calm your body and mind.
  • Avoid alcohol and spicy foods in the late evenings. Although a nightcap may help you fall asleep, you will probably experience fragmented sleep, and find yourself wide-awake within a few hours. Steer clear of spicy foods or anything you know causes you heartburn or gastric distress.
  • If an evening party or celebration finds you consuming wine or cocktails, drink plenty of water throughout the evening, and keep a water bottle by your bedside. This way, if you do wake up dehydrated, you will not need to get out of bed.
  • Spend a few minutes creating your “to do list” and preparing for the next day.  This will allow your mind to know everything is ready and your morning will be calmer as well.
  • Keep a pad and pen by your bedside. If you wake in the middle of the night, and your mind is racing with thoughts of things you neglected to do, or need to get done, writing them down will release your mind from worrying about forgetting in the morning, allowing you to drift back to sleep.
  • If you have not fallen asleep after 20 minutes, get out of bed and find a relaxing spot to read. Do not use your technology or watch TV, do anything that requires brain work, or look at a clock.  Any of these will stimulate you and increase your anxiety.  As soon as you feel sleepy, return to bed.
  • Eliminate or reduce afternoon naps to a maximum of 30 minutes, regardless of how little you slept the night before. Napping too late in the day or for too long can set you up for another sleepless night and a vicious cycle.
  • Go to bed and get up at the same time every day no matter how much sleep you had the night before. The closer you can keep to a routine, the more your body will recognize and respond appropriately to your bedtime and wake up hours.  Don’t attempt to make up for lost sleep during the week by sleeping in all weekend.


Hope this helps! Keep me updated? I’d love to hear back from you and see if my advice has helped :) Take care and don’t forget to smile :) xx

Raven, Wick, Intimacy, & Communication in The 100

@chatnoirslady​ has been asking me to talk about Raven/Wick in The 100 for a while now, but I put it off because I hadn’t seen 2x14 since it aired. I rewatched it last night, so here we are. I apologize for it being so long–I have a LOT of feelings about sex education, relationship communication, consent, and safe sexual practices. It comes from a political science background and three years working in a women’s clinic.  If you don’t read this, because it is long, I totally get it. I’m mostly posting this for a few particular people anyway.

For the last six months or so, there’s been a growing and persistent fanon concept circling in The 100 fandom that Wick’s portrayal after his love scene with Raven constitutes him ‘pressuring’ her.  While a few anti-Wick shippers were angry about the love scene from the moment it aired (hey, totally, it’s their notp) it seemed to take a couple months after the season ended for this distorted reading of the 2x14 scene to become ultimately popular within the fandom. Now it’s accepted by many people as a given–despite it having, IMO, no basis in the show canon itself.

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Well hello, hello! Today I am sharing my very first upload with you guys! It also happens to be my 200 followers gift :) So thank you to every single of you, you’re all amazing and awesome and I am so grateful for y’all!

I made you guys a bar, as suggested by @shysimblr (go follow her if you aren’t already she’s perfect) but I put my own lil spin on the idea. I love the 1920′s, roaring 20′s whatever you wanna call ‘em. And where I live, I’ve been to a 1920′s themed bar and I loved the atmosphere, so that’s what I built.

Moretti’s Books & More – a bookstore facade hiding a rowdy bar behind a hidden door.

It fits on a 20x15 lot. I have it in old town in Windenburg.

It is CC free! I however do have all EPs, all game packs, and most of the stuff packs. I primarily used Vintage Glamour & Vampires for the interiors. The TV for the lot requirements is hidden in a basement, for period accuracy. 

However, feel free to modernize the lot a bit and make it just a contemporary 20′s themed bar, instead of historical!

I also made a lil 20′s themed short story to show off this lot, which I will be posting shortly, and will update this post with links when I do!

EDIT: Here’s the links to my short story if you’d like to see how I used this lot! :)

Part I

Part II

Click HERE to download the tray files! :)

Hope you guys like it!


I understand that different people ship different things, see fiction in their own ways, support and like stuff someone else might  dislike, but what I do not understand and will never be able to accept is people who feel the need to bring others down for the sake of lifting something they think is right and true up???

I have been in the Darvey fandom for a long time yet I had never ever seen someone say shit about Scottie to make Darvey sound better. I had never seen people hating on Mike because of “Marvey” (I don’t like Mike’s character, I have expressed that a million times but it has less than 0 to do with any sort of fictional ship he is a part of. I dislike him because I find his personality unattractive and I don’t appreciate people who aren’t prepared to work fair and square to reach their goals or think they are saints whenever they do the right thing ETC ETC. Again, 0 to do with any ship in any way shape or form. I had disliked him looong before I knew what “marvey” is.) and the reason I don’t do that (besides wanting to not be a disgusting human being and not wanting to waste my breath on pointless stuff) is because I don’t have to and would never like or support anything on TV that requires of me to bring a character down for the sake of making my ship look better.

And this brings me to Donna. I have seen a few people lately saying that she is pathetic, attention seeking, egoistic, narcissistic ETC ETC and sad enough, all of these “labels” come without any other justification (I mean actual stuff, not just taking shit out of context.) than wanting to portray her in a bad way to prove their cases that Harvey should be with Mike / Scottie. She has literally supported Harvey (AND MIKE FOR THAT MATTER. MEANWHILE SCOTTIE HATES HIS GUTS. Another random fact Marveys who are now supporting Scarvey just because half of the ship isn’t Donna are ignoring but not surprised, they seem to ignore every actual storyline anyway.) since day one selflessly and with faith for him and his actions and called him out on his bullshit yet THAT seems to make her pathetic?

And she is attention seeking, egoistic and narcissistic because she isn’t afraid to show confidence and self-love? We literally live in a world where EVERY SINGLE DAY people hate on each other and try to make u feel less worthy than you actually are YET when a strong, female character that inspires so many people to be more confident is portraying how to be self-loving and believe in yourself, people like that try to give it bad connotation for the sake of making her less appealing in some lame attempt to make her unworthy character of Harvey’s heart and time? Not to mention the fact that Harvey himself has been called narcissistic by a psychiatrist and is, by far, a lot more vocal about his love for himself than Donna ever was (nothing wrong with that, just saying), yet he is amazing and worthy more than her?

Every time Harvey does anything nice for Mike he is suddenly in love with him (while he literally voiced a million times in s6 that he “owes him” or that he “feels guilty”, but whatever) and I strongly disagree with the idea that being someone’s support system, fighting for them, being a good friend always implies romantic feelings, YET when Harvey does stuff for Donna, when he fights for her while having 0 to do with her mess, dreams about her, tells her he loves her, its never about love? Hilarious.

Marveys talk about being examples of supporting gay community and call anyone who stands in your way homophobic for disliking a ship of two characters you are forcing to be something they aren’t and accusing the writers of being homophobic for not putting them together PLUS trying to bring down a woman because half of your ship happens to be in love with her and try to reduce her whole personality to NOTHING. And then YOU CALL US awful people and then say you think Donna was only good in s1 where she was her own person YET NOW THAT SHE IS TRYING TO FIND HERSELF AND THE SHOW IS SHOWING HER FOR HER, NOT JUST SOMEONE’S SECRETARY OR A SHOULDER TO CRY ON AND IS TRYING TO FIND WHAT SHE WANTS OUT OF LIFE FOR REAL U ANALYSE A SCENE PORTRAYING THAT AS A LAME ATTEMP TO MAKE HARVEY INTO HER?

I have 0 trouble at admitting that I am far from perfect and have a lot yet to learn to improve my personality and generally views on life but, man, I really wonder how bad your personality must be to do all that? She literally went to Harvey to give her LEGAL ADVICE on whether she should take the deal that would determine HER OWN FUTURE and then she OPENED UP TO HIM ABOUT HER LIFE AND WHAT SHE HAS BEEN THINKING ABOUT (literally what Harvey has been doing to her for half of the show, yet then it’s never pathetic or lame…) and when she said “I want something more” the actual translation of that wasn’t her wanting to get some sort of love confession out of him???????? AND HE WAS THE ONE WHO ASKED HER WHAT SHE MEANS BY MORE AND SHE SAID SHE DOESN’T KNOW. You can say that maybe a part of her was talking about Harvey but that scene was about her life in general and she wasn’t freaking trying to have him say something or beg her to stay. It isn’t about that (NOT TO MENTION that she broke up with a guy she described as perfect because she realized he wasn’t the one for her despite the fact that he was smart, funny, asked her to move in with him and all that, BUT NEVER WENT TO HARVEY WITH THE INFO. She never asked anything from him. SHE is doing the things she does for herself. Not anyone else.) They are best friends since always. They trust each other. They lean on each other. She went to him for advice. That’s what people do.

And to say that his face in that moment was disgusted or YIKES about the idea of her wanting more with him?? LOL, seriously? He literally had a dream about her not working for him anymore because of them having more in 6x11 (while kissing her in bed, he must really be disgusted and soo not into her right?) and this scene was her saying she might want to do something else and he was so freaking shook about it + what is he supposed to say other than be supportive and understand where she is coming from? I honestly love that scene with all my heart. I don’t think it was important for him to say something in that moment. I don’t think it was important to Donna to hear him say something. That scene was about her. About her life and future. It wasn’t about Harvey and his feelings. NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT HARVEY.

And I would also like to say another thing- even if you don’t see Darvey as romantic for whatever reason, you can’t deny they have been a team for over 12 years and have a strong bond and partnership and she admitted to him that at this point in her life having this job isn’t enough to her. IT’S HUGE. Even if you choose to look at in that way. HOW IS HE SUPPOSED TO RESPOND TO THAT? HOW DOES ONE (EVEN IF THEY DON’T HAVE ALL THE ISSUES HARVEY HAS AND HIS LOW EQ) FIND THE RIGHT WORDS TO THAT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WHOLE MESS THAT WAS HAPPENING TO HIM IN THAT MOMENT? I would have HATED it if he said something like “Please don’t leave me” or “Please stay here” or “Don’t” OR WHATEVER CERTAIN PEOPLE THINK THE MAJORITY OF DARVEY FANS WANTED HIM TO SAY? He has no right and she has supported him through everything in his life and it’s time for him to give her the same and I would bet my life that he will do that in season 7, you will see.

Bottom line is- you ship whatever you want to ship, love whatever you want to love, you don’t need reasons to. BUT when you are trying to criticise something / someone, show real arguments and don’t take things out of context and maybe try to think about what kind of world you want to live in. I most certainly don’t want to be a part of something that requires me to shit on an amazing, strong, ambitious and supporting character that is trying to find her place in the world. Whether you think Harvey is in love with her or not, or you know he is and don’t want him to, I DO NOT CARE, I COULDN’T GIVE LESS SHIT about it. It just makes me absolutely sick to my stomach to have to live in a world where I have to see a girl bring another girl down for the sake of her ship.

I have 0 doubts Harvey will be supportive and loving, continue to be her rock, just like she is his and I WILL ENJOY WATCHING THAT whether you choose to see that or not, it’s only making your experience worse, not mine. But what I will not shut up about is saying shit about Donna and making her into something she is not, so you can feel better about a concept of a ship that is long dead, or never existed in the first place for that matter.

That’s all.


(I understand and I am aware that there are perfectly nice and awesome Scarvey and Marvey shippers somewhere out there too, I am not trying to generalize you all to the same thing. Just addressing those who fit the descriptions I just gave.)

raimykeller  asked:

Domestic & arguing over the remote #prompt :D

Also available on ao3.

Thank you so much for your patience!

Monday Nights are for The Bachelor

Stiles knew from experience that Derek could be stubborn. He knew that mostly because Stiles held himself to a pretty high standard of stubbornness that was, on occasion, met with an even higher amount of stubbornness in the six feet that built up Derek Hale. In every instance, Stiles always found himself surprised and, if he was being honest with himself, impressed.

This was not one of those occasions.

Monday nights were dedicated to The Bachelor. Derek thought it was a fair request since it was only two hours, one night, each week, for six weeks out of the year, that he required the television in his own loft. The pack had other thoughts on the matter – the use of Derek’s television, not on The Bachelor – the pack had no clue about Derek’s secret love affair with the reality show. Derek did decide to turn four teenagers into his betas, but he was not an idiot. Okay, ignore that last example.

The point still stood that Derek had every right to lock himself in his apartment on Monday nights with a box of red wine and bowl of movie theater butter popcorn to watch a reality show that may or may not contain the use of tears, wildly concocted fights, and artfully chiseled men. The pack was settled and there hadn’t been any supernatural issues in months. Well, unless you counted the time Scott contracted a were-flu and all the werewolves in the pack were reduced to sniffling blanket piles. Stiles had shouldered the brunt of mothering everyone as they regained their strength and while he complained profusely, Derek had suspected the whole ordeal had been an ego boost for the kid.

A ding sounded from the kitchen and Derek took the popcorn out of the microwave, taking care not to burn his fingertips as he grasped it by the corners and tried in vain not to rip the bag in half. The effort was futile, as it always was, and Derek inevitably had a steaming cloud of popcorn explode in his face before falling to the floor. You would think that growing up with werewolf strength would give Derek the time and opportunity to figure out how to do something as mundane as opening a bag of popcorn without it staging a coup, but this was one skill he could not grasp. He stood there, dumbfounded, when he heard a key turn the tumblers in the apartment’s lock and Stiles walked in. He looked at Derek and blinked.

“I have so many questions,” started Stiles.

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INTP and Feelers
  • INTP: *reflects on their previous post about TV series*
  • INFP: *has seen many INFPs actually relate to it*
  • INFP: Gonna explain to you.
  • INFP: *makes a long speech about INFPs having continuous trains of thought about everything because everything sparks an emotion or a memory in them to over think about*
  • INTP: I have trains of thought, too. But I can naturally focus on the episode.
  • INFP: And we can't. Our thoughts always skip and jump to the one another. If an episode catches us, it must be VERY GRIPPING.
  • INTP: *is speechless*
  • INTP: You Feelers are simply insane.
I Read It So You Don't Have To: Star Trek DS9 "Inquisition"
DS9 was politically prescient. Did you know that DS9 invented both the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act (UK)-cum-Patriot Act (USA) and the rendition of Arab men to black-site prisons? It's true. I'm talking about, of course, the excellent episode 'Inquisition'. 'Inquisition' is one of the best of DS9's episodes, reaching almost unsurpassed heights of tension, character development, narrative twists, and sheer Aristotlean prowess of conflict creation.
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Came across this excellent short essay I’d bookmarked on the episode “Inquisition” as well as Alexander Siddig’s role as Julian Bashir and the several ways DS9 was ahead of its time. It’s over on AO3, as part of a long series of reviews, and I’m linking to it, but in the interest of having it shared and discussed here on Tumblr, I’m posting it in its entirety below.

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I Read It So You Don’t Have To: Book Reviews, Television and Film Ratings, and Short Media Essays
by tb_ll57

Chapter 9: Star Trek: Deep Space 9 (Series 6, Episode 18)

You know, I once spent money on DVD sets. It’s sort of annoying that it’s all on the internet now. I mean I bought it for the Extras, and joining all the dots it’s a good thing I had the DVDs as those VHS tapes really didn’t last too long, but still.

Anyway, it’s incredibly refreshing to watch a show like DS9 and realise how amazing and thoroughly good television can be. DS9 has a lot of the usual Star Trek faults in its early series, but something happened to it around Series 4. It transformed into a heavily serialised, character-orientated storytelling and cinematic art form. Each episode became a mini-movie; the production values are fantastic, down to the carefully plotted camera shots, the rhetorical flourish of the snappy dialogue, the narrative that built larger and larger arcs and yet was never afraid of a call-back. There’s very few shows on today that match the quality of those 1990s types of shows; the sheer dedication long-form narrative is probably unparalleled in today’s mainstream television format. It requires and expects a commitment from the audience that producers seem to fear these days. The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and other American cable series are reaching for the same thing, but it’s almost quintessentially anti-British. I imagine it has a lot to do with budget, but it also seems to be a cultural artefact. British television lends itself well to shorter series, episodic plotting, and set-pieces rather than long-form character development. When we try to go American, we end up with Downton Abbey, and I’m sure I speak for many at this point in time when I say we quite wish we wouldn’t.

Then, too, DS9 was politically prescient. Did you know that DS9 invented both the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act (UK)-cum-Patriot Act (USA) and the rendition of Arab men to black-site prisons? It’s true. I’m talking about, of course, the excellent episode ‘Inquisition’. 'Inquisition’ is one of the best of DS9’s episodes, reaching almost unsurpassed heights of tension, character development, narrative twists, and sheer Aristotlean prowess of conflict creation.

It builds on a character who’d been a little lost in previous series. Dr Bashir was hardly a cypher, but he was more archetype than fully-fleshed human being until about Series 5. 'The Wire’ explored Bashir’s humanity– his expansive compassion, with all its consequences and its personal costs– but we essentially hadn’t learnt anything new about Bashir since the pilot. He’s a good doctor, he’s a nice guy, he’s a little arrogant in his abilities and intellect, he’s both open-minded and naive in that way of liberal bleeding-heart Star Trek heroes, and… that’s about it, until the Series 5 revelation that he’s genetically enhanced. Suddenly he’s not just those things– he’s those things and a fraud. A liar. A man who’s hidden a dangerous and explosive secret for thirty years, perhaps so deeply that he himself didn’t even think about it most of the time. But the intimation that Bashir had any kind of depths to him created instantaneous layers. Suddenly the slightly contradictory facts of his childhood come into focus. Suddenly the blank slate of his life previous to his post on DS9 is deliberate, not careless, writing. His friendship with Garak, the consummate outsider, becomes a desperate search for personal truth looking into a mirror of a future of a exile, not a foil of Otherness.

And most importantly of all, Bashir’s history of questionable decisions must come into new light. He’s not just a naif with a youthful zeal for saving life in all its forms, even his enemies. When you wrangle with that amount of genetically enhanced intelligence, you have to anticipate that he weighed the consequences and chose his path knowing more than you did about how it might end. That’s where 'Inquisition’ is so brilliant. Julian Bashir is not an easy character– he was hard to love in the beginning, then hard to beat, and suddenly he’s hard to accept as part of the Star Trekparadigm. To confront him within the bounds of that very paradigm– that truth, that justice, that very rigid moral code that demands an odd kind of obedience to a uniform way of life– Bashir suddenly looks suspicious.

'Inquisition’ took everything we knew about Bashir and re-interrogated it. Why is he so dedicated a doctor? Is he really saving lives– or is he just trying to be better than all of us? Does he express such compassion for aliens and enemies because he views all life as equal, or because he’s secretly in sympathy for their Otherness? And for being different, Bashir is interrogated, stripped of his rights, treated like an outsider, vilified by his own command. His Captain, that father figure Sisko, doesn’t believe him when he says it’s a frame job.

And the show very deliberately puts the audience in the dark. Our sympathy is always with Bashir, but we’re allowed to doubt him along with his friends– to the point where Julian even doubts himself. And suddenly the colourless world of Star Trek has a dark-skinned man being accused by white police of complicity in a war with religious and imperial overtones; he’s a spy, he’s a liar, he’s taking advantage of our open society to bring us down from within. Julian Bashir becomes a literal darkness within Star Trek’s pristine lightness. The layers in 'Inquisition’ are amazing. Remember, too, that this was written in 1996. An Arab character gets accused of being a sleeper agent and, when the accusation builds to the right pitch of hysteria, the white policeman accusing him uses an executive order of unimaginable reach and power to remove Bashir from his right to counsel and protection to a secret prison to undergo enhanced interrogation techniques. Damn, Star Trek.

But that’s not the end. Bashir’s innocence is perhaps never truly in doubt. While we wonder and while we view him in a new light and while Bashir himself is pushed, eventually, to admit that he’s made decisions that he wouldn’t take back but which understandably place him outside the realm of Star Trek’s bright moral universe, we know in our hearts he’s not an evil man. So the revelation that he’s actually innocent is no real shock. What is– and here’s where 'Inquisition’ goes from good episode to great episode– is that the same qualities that cast Julian into shame and doubt are the qualities that make him a perfect spy for real. Julian gets an offer to join Star Trek’s equivalent of MI5, or the KGB, or the CIA– and being the wonderful Julian Bashir that he is, he of course refuses.

And then– when this goes from being a great episode to a fantastic episode– his captain orders him to join them anyway. To spy on them from within as a double agent.

It’s important to remember that the Original and Next Generation Star Treks would never have risked something so dark, something so grey-edged, and something that implied such serialisation. Picard would have thundered and clashed with his admirals and reamed them all out at episode’s end. Sisko admits that Section 31 exists and decides to go after it– but not on his own terms. He puts his crew in danger to do it. And Julian is a particularly vulnerable character, for all the reasons 'Inquisition’ has just explained. There’s very little protection for Julian if he does as he’s ordered, and his grim, confused expression at the end suggests he knows it. And knows that for all the reasons he’s vulnerable, he also has to do as he’s told. He’s too suspicious if he doesn’t provide his commanders reasons to trust him.

Alexander Siddig has gone on to play a range of Arab-ish baddies since he’s left Star Trek, in the post-terrorism age. It’s interesting to look back at Star Trek and recall that he was cast not as an Arab doctor, nor even as an English one; in the peculiarly American slant that Star Trek always had, Bashir was merely a little exotic, but almost blandly so, a little high-class but not identifiably so, a little foreign, but still totally familiar. And he was cast in foil to Elim Garak, the most obvious 'Outsider’ that ever was, so the image of a brown-skinned doctor born to lower-class parents who enhanced their physically and mentally retarded child is all too easily lost against the background of aliens and lost souls. But I think Bashir was one of Sid’s best creations: someone fully human, maybe even super-human– enhanced, yes, but also superlatively sensitive to the demands of humanity because he knew better than most how easy it is to be stripped of that humanity. In the most haunting line of 'Dr Bashir, I Presume?’, Bashir says to his father, 'You’re not my father. You’re my architect.’ 'Inquisition’ preys on every fear we have about our own foolish youth, our rash actions, our innermost doubts about our identity and our inclusiveness and our ability to be related to by our fellow humans. At the end of the day, we want to be believed in. It’s all too easy for that facade to crumble.

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i wrote some angsty Back Home fic for eiffel and minkowski because i really like to think about them coping and figuring out how to be okay. sort of a continuation of these headcanons. as usual its on [Ao3] and below the cut

Summary: Finding it hard to be alone, but difficult to be around other people, Eiffel and Minkowski begin adjusting to life back on Earth. They move in together, but the gravity adjustment and the nightmares make it difficult for them both to sleep. Often they’ll find each other watching TV late at night just to stay awake. And it’s hard for them to remember that they’re safe now.

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  • Fans of content creators: Yo, could you like, just put a warning for sensitive content? And not use slurs? I don't feel comfortable being subscribed to you otherwise.
  • Youtube: Hmm, lot of people seem to be complaining about this.
  • Fans: We weren't talking to yo-
  • Youtube: I know! We'll make it so that nobody could even so much as swear or make a sexual reference or we'll remove their monitation!
  • Fans: That's going a little bit too far. If you really were concerned then all you would have to do is simply make content warnings more easily accessible, that's all we really wa-
  • Bunch of other people: Damn that safe space crowd is ruining youtube!
  • Fans: But, that isn't what we were asking for!

Title: Stay

Based off of “Over and Over Again” by Nathan Skyes and “Lights Down Low” by MAX. Especially based off the two music videos. Maybe a bit off of “100 years” by five for fighting

We hauled the mattress up to his new room in his new house.
“PIVOT!” I joked from bellow
“SHUT UP!” He yelled back laughing
“PIVOT!” I yelled again
I only heard his laugh and soon we were up in his room. We flopped the queen sized mattress onto his bed and flopped onto the bed.
“We still have more things to grab” I said and groaned, I turned to get up but Chandler grabbed my hand
“Stay” he groaned tired from having to move things in.
“C'mon, after we can do other things. Maybe try out your new mattress” I told him
“There’s two ways we can do that and both ways would be fantastic” he said and pulled himself up

Chandler and I laid on his bed.
“Get up” I kissed his cheek and sat up
“No” he groaned
“C'mon, I have to go. I’m out of clothes babe” I told him and got up
“Stay” he said
“Unless you want me to wear your clothes again I need to grab my own”
“Stay, stay here” he sat up “no more running back and forth. Move in here” he inched closer towards me
“I can’t do that” I said
“Why not? You practically live here. I don’t think it would be that big of a change, it would be more convenient anyways” he said and wrapped his arms around my waist I could feel his warmth, heartbeat and vibrations while he spoke “please?”
“Fine, fine. That means you have to get up though” I chuckled and turned around to get dressed.

I woke up with the light from the window seeping through the curtains. I turned over to Chandler who was fast asleep.
“Wakey” I kissed his cheek and shook him lightly.
“No” he groaned as always
“It’s Christmas now come on” I told him and kissed his cheek again, a smirk grew on his face and he sprung up.
“Stay” he told me and ran down stairs. I slumped down and went to check my phone, there notifications popped up from my family and friends wishing me merry Christmas. I texted back most of them before Chandler walked in.
“Merry Christmas” he and handed me a wrapped small box with a tiny box on top.
“Chandler” I said
“Y/N” he said with a smirk
I opened the small box and revealed what I thought it was, a ring. I looked at him who was now on one knee.
“Will you marry me?” He asked

Chandler kicked the door open and the door open.
“I can’t believe you carried me up those stairs” I laughed and kissed him before jumping down
“I wanted to, be all manly” he chuckled and kissed me again
We flopped on top of our bed. He started to unzip my beautiful white gown. And I threw off his tux jacket.
The next morning I opened my eyes to see him holding me tight. I tried to sneak out of bed until
“Stay” he groaned
“Okay” I told him and slumped back in bed
“I love you” he whispered into my ear
“I love you too” I whispered back and fell back asleep

I stared at my swollen stomach and watched as the baby moved.
“Are my girls ready for a movie?” Chandler asked walking in
“I am, baby is just going to have to deal” I joked and sat up
He placed the popcorn onto one of our end tables and laid on his stomach
“Hi baby, is it okay if mommy and daddy watch a really scary movie? If mommy gets scared it’ll be okay. I’ll calm her down. Anyways she always laughs after jump scares” he told my stomach
She kicked, she always did when she heard his voice. You already can tell she was going to be a daddy girl.
“Cmon get it started” I told him and grabbed the popcorn “or I’ll do it”
“No, stay I got it”
Crying screamed from the baby monitor. Chandler and I both looked at each other.
“Stay, I got her” he told me
“It’s probably feeding time” I said and pulled myself up
“Stay” he strictly said and walked off
He came back in with a bundle of cuteness. He rocked the child back and forth to soothe her.
“Here, its feeding time” I said and took her out of his arms and sat on the bed to feed her. Chandler stood there staring
“What?” I asked as she finished.
“Nothing, just that motherhood looks great on you” he said and sat next to me
We both stared at the small bundle of joy we had created.

The footsteps of 2 children running was heard as Chandler and I were getting ready for bed I was brushing my hair staring into the mirror as the door swung open revealing the 5 year old girl chasing the small 3 year old boy.
“Cmon kiddos it’s time to brush your teeth” Chandler said and grabbed both of the giggling children
“No!” The boy screamed and laughed
“If you don’t brush your teeth no story in mommy and daddy’s room” I told them “actually if you don’t no story at all”
“Fine” the girl pouted and walked to brush her teeth. The boy was a bit more reluctant but followed his sister in dismay.
“Do you think they have a problem sharing a room?” I asked
“I think they secretly enjoy it” Chandler told me and wrapped his arms around my waist and placed his head onto mine.
“What do you think of them sharing with another?” I asked
A smile grew on his face and he started kissing my face.
“Another?” He asked happily “when did you?”
“Today, should we tell the kids?” I asked
“Nah, maybe a bit later” he said and kissed me again. The kids ran in and sat on the bed patiently waiting for a story.

“PIVOT!!” The 2 kids yelled jokingly at Chandler and I as we got the 4th and last mattress up the stairs.
“What have you done?” Chandler joked
“What? It’s funny” I laughed and pulled the mattress into the room. It was bigger than the old one but only by a little bit. Chandler and I flopped onto the mattress and soon the kids followed all flopping on top of us. Even the youngest, a little girl. Chandler and I groaned and hugged all of them. We were all laughing and giggling. I grabbed two of them and started tickling them and chandler grabbed the 3rd and attacked them as well. We had louder giggles filling the room. Life couldn’t get any better.
“Okay, kids we need to get the rest up.” Chandler said
“I’ll come too” I said
“Stay, we got this” he smiled and kissed my cheek before walking down with the 2 oldest

I woke up to kids screaming at each other and Chandler barking commands. I chuckled and continued to pretend to be asleep.
“I WANNA HOLD IT!” A small voice screamed
“NO ME!” Another yelled
“Just one of you hold it!” A voice yelled
The door swung open revealing 3 kids, my wonderful husband and a small tray of burnt bacon, slightly charred pancakes and spilled orange juice. Then as decoration a nice flower in a small vase on the tray as well.
“Happy Mother’s Day!” The kids cheered and ran towards me.
“Aww, this is all from you?” I asked
The youngest nodded in excitement.
“It’s wonderful” I smirked and took a bite of the burnt bacon…it wasn’t too bad. “Ohh crunchy. Just the way i like it” I lied
“Kids your Mother’s Day presents” Chandler told them and took the tray away. They all gave me cards and hugs and kisses. We then all sat on the bed watching tv until the day required to get started.

“Where can she be!?” Chandler yelled looking out at our window.
“Chandler calm down maybe take a few breathes” I told him
“Y/N ITS MIDNIGHT! Her curfew is at ten!” He yelled
“I KNOW! BUT YOUR YELLING IS NOT MAKING THIS ANY BETTER! I’m panicking too!” I yelled back
“What’s going on?” The youngest walked in rubbing his eyes
“Nothing baby, mommy and daddy are just arguing but it’s fine. We’re just worried about sissy” I told her
She nodded and chandler took her back to bed. I looked out the window to see her walk out of a car
“Chandler” I said
“I got it, she’s coming straight up here” he said and stomped downstairs
I sat on chandler and I’s bed waiting for them. I looked out the window to see him screaming at our daughter then grabbing her and practically dragging her upstairs.
“Mom, dads being unfair” She walked in grumpily saying
“It’s midnight…I have to side with your father” I told her
“I didn’t see the time! Come on!” She yelled and ran out
I sighed and was about to get up when chandler took my hand and led me to bed
“Stay, she’ll be calm by morning” he said and we both went to bed.

All the kids are gone now, the sound of children feet have ended and the sound of silence have entered our lives. Chandler and I weren’t young and able to do things we used to. The fiery love we once had had gone out and what stayed was a bigger deeper love.
Grandkids entered our lives and we loved them all. We showered the kids with gifts and they visited every so often. I loved seeing their smiles. The kids all found their own ways in life and no longer needed us.
Our favorite spot to be together was on our old porch, rocking back and forth on our bench swing. We would watch the grandkids there like we used to watch the kids.
Before we traveled right after we both retired but soon after health problems became risks and we spent our time in our little house.
One night we laid on our old bed. Held in each other’s arms as before. I loved the bed, there my legs weren’t as week and his back wasn’t as bad. We were both sleeping when I felt his hand go limp from my body.
“Chandler?” I said and turned my body gently to face him. His warmth had gone. I turned on the light to see his face pale. “Chandler!”
I shook him gently to maybe wake him up. I took him in my arms and held him.
“Stay” I whispered into his shoulder “maybe just for a little longer”
Nothing. I knew he was gone. I held onto to him longer…I didn’t want to leave him there alone. And soon I was gone along with him, took one last breath I hoped to meet him in any sort of afterlife.

I’ll try to write imagines every week till Christmas, hopefully it works to help me write more :)


anonymous asked:

since you know a lot about this, you see the writters strike thing? i'm so worried for my tv shows, they can cancell shows already been renew? i'm so worried

Well the good news is it might not happen. The bad news is it might and if it does, it will all go into effect on May 1st. And I’ll give you a wild guess whose fault it would be if it happens:

Disney. Shocked, y'all.

The basis of this strike is 2 fold: The writers want better health care and they want better pay. There is a long history of networks neglecting their writing staffs, and that’s why there have been so many strikes over the years. As a writer, I completely support this, especially for TV writers who work consistently over full time jobs and barely have a health care plan that covers even their most basic of needs and are still struggling financially, even with being a major contributor to even some of TVs most popular programming.

On top of that, I don’t know if you have noticed but there has been a decline in episodes per season on MANY of today’s major shows (besides reality TV because those don’t require writers). Since writers get paid per episode, their drop in wage has been significant. We used to have 22-30 episodes per season and now sometimes we are seeing as little as 10-14. That’s a HUGE cut for a writer, trust me.

It’s very likely that streaming systems like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu would be quick to work out new contracts for writers, but Disney, with its major gravitas in both the film and TV world (Not just Disney Channel but ABC, Marvel, etc are all things they own) could showboat and refuse to budge on terms. Surprise, surprise.

We will see what moves are made. Films will probably not see any sort of damage until like the summer of 2018 since most movies coming out this summer/fall are already in post productions, and any shows this summer have pretty must completely finished production so those will go as scheduled. That’s the good news. Bad news is late night TV will shut down almost immediately and Fall programming would probably take a huge hit.

It’s not that networks could not find people to write if they needed someone to write. But almost always, those replacements produce extremely low quality work that doesn’t ebb and flow with the nature of normal programming (think what happened to Gilmore Girls S7) and because of that, successful shows can easily be swiped or cancelled.

Still, I’m iffy if this will actually happen. Last time it did, networks were buying tons of new reality TV programs and picking up pilot scripts left and right and they just aren’t this time. So let’s just keep our fingers crossed.