tv pub

I literally love German, Norwegian and Dutch so much. I love them all so much in different ways.

I love being in Bavaria and how warm it is here and how I can see the mountains from wherever I am, and there are rivers everywhere. I love how I can eat pretzels and watch Die Mannschaft on TV outside pubs on the street, and listen to Rammstein. I love German’s complexities and how long I’ve been learning it. I love how German feels like home.

But I also love Norwegian, and how it jumps all over the place with child-like delight. I love the northern lights and reindeer and watching SKAM and Ylvis. I love when there’s a new trashy Norwegian pop song by Morgan Sulele that I can listen to, and how I always picture snow and the colour blue when I hear Norwegian.

And my newest love, Dutch, I also know is forever. I love how under appreciated this language is, I love all the phlegm. I love all the tall, kind Dutch people I meet, and how their blue eyes shine and a surprised smile spreads across their face when I tell them I love their language. I love listening to Douwe Bob and Nielson to try to escape to Amsterdam whenever I’m having a dreary day at uni.

I love these three languages, and the cultures of the people that speak them, to my absolute heart’s content. They enrich my life and make it so enjoyable, to such an extent that I don’t even know what to do with myself.

“Cheers!” fanart sketch of Agent Carter at the pub. This was inspired by the scene in Captain America. I thought it was a great to see a different side of her. Can’t wait for the show!! Going to be awesome!!!