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UK peeps…look at the newest Outlander fan!! Maybe she will get them on This Morning 😀😍

Non UK peeps, this is one of our popular Tv presenters and co-hosts the daytime programme ‘This Morning’. Outlander is not promoted here at all so this could be a good thing 😀

best zodiac careers

Mars in 1st - leadership roles that require energy. Politics, sales, TV presenter, rescue worker, military.

Mars in 8th - self employment and leadership roles that require compassion. Entrepreneurship, archaeology.

Venus in 2nd - high-end markets and uses stubbornness as an advantage. Sales, management, receptionist, engineer, programmer.

Venus in 7th - socially interactive and aesthetic. Dance, host, design, landscaper, negotiator.

Mercury in 3rd - communication. Writer, journalist, technical support, media, advertising.

Mercury in 6th - planning and analytical roles. Event planner, teacher, architecture, statistician, editor.

Moon in 4th - relaxed and gentle. Gardening, small shop owner, social worker, childcare, CEO, real estate.

Sun in 5th - energy, creativity, where personality benefits role. Childcare, film producer, creative arts teachers, performer, entertainment.

Pluto in 8th - in-depth seeking. Psychology, investigator, law, researcher.

Jupiter in 9th - come-and-go, flexible. Philosophy, coaching, tour guide, translator, air plane host/hostess, pilot.

Jupiter in 12th - flexible and creative. Arts teacher, after-school teaching, animal training.

Saturn in 10th - authoritative roles. Management, IT work, admin, doctor, financial adviser.

Saturn 11th - authoritative and satiates curiosity. Science, inventor, aviation, robotics.

Uranus in 11th - compassionate and unusual. Astronomy, social worker, pilot, historian.

Neptune in 12th - creative and empathetic roles. Youth worker, veterinarian, design, nursing.

10th house ruled by:

Aires - anything that requires variety, creativity, and energy. 

Taurus - anything well paid and requires detailed planning and leadership. 

Gemini - anything with change, multitasking, fast paced, mentally stimulating. 

Cancer - anything that uses compassion and sensitivity, where they can work on their own. 

Leo - anything that allows you to feed your ego and be seen by the world.

Virgo - anything that requires a lot of detail, remaining in the crowd. 

Libra - anything that requires convincing words and acquiring and maintaining partnerships. 

Scorpio - anything that requires exposing the truth, and is challenging. 

Sagittarius - anything that allows travel, flexibility, and fun. 

Capricorn - authoritative positions, long term and allows stability.

Aquarius - anything in charity organisations and has public association.

Pisces - anything that requires creativity, aesthetic items, and empathy. 

Aspects: Trine or Sextile

Midheaven / Ascendant - people and crowds, where your outer personality is important and used to your advantage. A great placement for large industries where you’ll be well known. Musicians, actors, authors, news reporters and TV hosts. Look above at your rising sign.

Midheaven / Jupiter - look above Jupiter in 9th and 12th, and which sign your Jupiter is in.

Midheaven / Sun - look above at Sun in 5th

Midheaven / Mars - indicates passion. Look above at Mars in 1st and 8th.

Midheaven / Saturn - career related. Look above at Saturn in 10th and 11th. 

Midheaven / North Node - karmic or life path. Look above at the sign your Node falls in.

Sun / Jupiter - fortune comes to you through the sun. Look above at Sun in 5th.

Sun / Saturn - talents in career are indicated in the sun. Look above at Sun in 5th.

Saturn / Jupiter - career and fortune work together look above at the signs that rule the houses containing your Saturn and Jupiter.

(note: sextiles indicate more of a passion and drive, whereas trines indicate a more natural and unaware talent - I also suggest looking between your MC and AC because I would consider aspects between MC and either your AC or Jupiter to be the most important)