tv pairing: you're so lame!

Danny and Mindy … if we just commit to the fact that they kind of love each other, but are so different, like … I believe that there is good drama and great romantic stuff that can happen with married couples and a lot of times we don’t allow married couples to be romantic and funny … They have such a far road ahead of them and Mindy has so much trouble to get Danny into for so many years that I’m not worried about it.
—  Mindy Kaling (x)

do you ever go back to some mindy project episodes and think like “wow……..this stuff actually happened…..” like, danny ACTUALLY danced for mindy, they ACTUALLY made out multiple times, morgan and tamra were ACTUALLY hooking up in a supply closet, danny ACTUALLY ACTUALLY ACTUALLY told mindy he loved her ……….. season 2 was such a tremendous gift - so funny and romantic and skillful - and i can’t always process the fact that it wasn’t all 1 elaborate fanfic