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The originals would be foolish not to bring Daniel back as Kol. Look at a few of those reviews and fan reactions:

Entertainment weekly - But before you get insanely mad at the show for killing off Kol—oh, was that just me?—Bekah informs him that, as a witch, they will consecrate his body and he will join their ancestors, which means that his spirit can be brought back. Rebekah then vows that she will not leave her body until she can find a way to bring him back home. And with one last moment in which Kol says he’s not scared, he dies. My only question: But will he come back with the same accent in the same body?! Because really, Daniel Sharman has been excellent with a capital “E.” - Daniel Sharman, guys. I mean, that death scene alone. Full of gurgled pathos and giggled regret, it was a wonderfully dynamic and surprising tragedy, just as the character deserved. I can’t even imagine what The Originals (or Kol) will be like without Daniel Sharman. Could the characters maybe figure out a way to resurrect Kol in a facsimile of Kaleb’s body? Is that possible?

TV source magazin - I hate that this happened, but the scenes were so moving and all of the actors involved brought their A-games. Thank you, Daniel Sharman for sharing your version of Kol with us (let’s resume crying now).

Tv overmind - Sadly, though, we have lost one sibling already. Kol’s hex was killing him, and Rebekah or Davina couldn’t do anything to help. I know with vampire magic that when a vampire dies, any compulsion they’ve done is undone. I was hopeful that was applicable to witches, too, since Finn technically died in the house explosion, thanks to Elijah. (Naturally, he couldn’t stay dead for long because where would be the fun in that.) I’m so heartbroken over Kol’s death though. Kol/Kaleb’s chemistry with Davina was so adorable. Yeah, Rebekah swore she would consecrate his remains and not stop trying to bring him back since he died a witch, but would he be in the same body? I cannot imagine recasting this character a third time after striking gold this time around. Quit playing games with our hearts and bring Sharman back ASAP!

Sound on sight - This begs the question: what, exactly, is the point of Kol’s apparent death? The scene is emotional, for sure, and Daniel Sharman is absolutely incredible as he nails all of Kol’s regret and despair and desperation about dying, but, by the end, the whole thing feels like a cheap ploy to wrench some emotion out of the audience. Quite honestly, Kol’s death feels very hollow and unnecessary.

Den of geek - But as one Mikaelson enters, another departs. Kol has succumbed to Finn’s hex after Davina and Rebekah failed to save him with their respective magical knowledge, and so we’ve sadly said goodbye to Daniel Sharman’s wonderful presence on the show. It’s highly unlikely that this will be the last we see of Kol the character, even in the current season, but his current face is no more, and that’s a shame.

Fan reactions - My first reaction - NOOOOOO! I loved the idea of all the family members being around. And while I liked the first Kol, Daniel Sharman (already a fan from Teen Wolf) really made this role his own in a very short time. The original Kol was all manipulation and mischief and evil, while Daniel brought a vulnerability mixed in with the original qualities. And his scenes with Klaus were excellent. So why, after quite successfully recasting a role would they kill him off?? They found gold in this actor, this combo of actors, and it seems a waste. Keep the original actor for flashbacks but Daniel IS Kol now and deserves to be a regular cast member

Daniel Sherman’s accent is everything and I need to hear it on a weekly basis.

I’m so happy that they kept Yusuf Gatewood, now I really want them to keep Daniel Sharman.

Daniel Sharman IS Kol now to me. Both He and Yusuf Gatewood have made the second season must see in a way the first never was.

Caleb got killed.Just when daniel was making the character more believable and likable.Great job on this one!

Honestly the DS version of Kol is brilliant, and meshed with the rest of the family. He needs to come back. I don’t understand why they kill off quality characters in the TO/TVD universe, especially considering the amount of terrible characters we have had to suffer.

I was really disappointed about Kol. I loved Daniel Sharman and I hope they find some way to bring him back.

I was really disappointed about Kol. I loved Daniel Sharman and I hope they find some way to bring him back.

Daniel Sherman did a great job as Kaleb/Kol and I hope they bring him back :( I will miss that accent of his. He also had great chemistry with Davina

I thought for sure there would be a last minute save of some kind. I just kept hoping for it to the point the actual death didn’t register for a minute. I loved Daniel Sharman as Kol. I was just happy to see him on my tv screen after teenwolf and then this??? Arghhhhhh!!!!😢

I think Daniel Sharman did a great job has Kol and will be badly missed. I think it was a terrible mistake to write him off the show and in such a devastating manner.

The more time passes the more upset I am about them killing off Kol 1) He was becoming a really good well rounded character, 1000 years of knowledge in a human body, very scared of death and having died knowing what that means. 2) As an actor Daniel Sharman really impressed me, didn’t realise how good he would be, hes up there with the other actors I admire, Daniel Gillies and Jensen Ackles, both made me fall in love with their characters with such ease I didnt see it happening, and when I watch them on other shows I dont think about other characters they have played, they are truely the characters I am watching. Which sadly isn’t the case for all actors a lot don’t have that impact on me. 3)Kol had so much more potential, but not being played by Daniel Sharman would be a massive risk as he made him so human and so likeable, but hard to trust at the same time, keeping Daniel S and having Nate for flash backs is the best of both worlds 4) I think Kol became my fav this season, and I feel pretty numb about the show without him, that will change once it starts again, but I always looked forward to the chaos he caused. While Finn is just evil and cant see how he can survive the season, Kol would have been a truly wonderful addition to team witch, with his knowledge and skills he could have supported them.

I really hope the writers read these comments and have Daniel and Kol back next season

Getting rid of Kol is a big mistake. I liked the actor that played him. I hope they bring him back in this body. Plus Davina finally had some one.

Kol seemed to be doing pretty well until Freya brought Finn back, thats when his nose started bleeding. And then he died right as Freya finished bringing Finn back to life, so I’m thinking Film’s hex is reliant on him being alive. Maybe if they kill him Kol can come back? I really just dont want Daniel Sharman to leave :(

Khol was brilliant with Daniel Sharman at the helm, he needs to come back, I don’t care how.

Kol’s death was devastating, and if they don’t bring back Daniel asap I’ll never forgive them

Also SO SO SAD about Daniel Sharman being gone!! He was SO good as Kol!

Daniel Sharman needs to return ASAP no idea why the writers wrote him off, hes so talented and made me fall for Kol, which I never expected, more as I cant stand him in flash backs and adored him. If they cant think of a way to bring him back in his body im pretty sure there are a lot of fans who could. How about still being trapped in that body when brought back, he has to be a regular season 3, when you have characters with plot armor and always survive when they shouldnt, Josh, Jackson, Hayley, then kill a character who has layers, and is the name of the show is crazy

Dunno what is more upsetting: losing Kol or losing Daniel Sharman :( I hope he comes back tho.

Not Kol, not again! Bring him back please! And not another actor, Daniel Sharman was excellent as Kol. We want him back!

They did great casting Daniel Sharman as Kol, I actually like him better than the original Kol who I also liked.

Daniel Sharman did an amazing job. He’s such a talented actor, I cried like a baby when Kol died. I hope he’s going to back somehow.

Kol’s speech to Davina, “There is someone else under these stars, with a girl, thinks he’s got all the time in the world, and he’s right, and I hate him.” was one of the most beautiful pieces of writing on the show so far. Daniel Sharman should be this character from now on, because, he has made him sympathetic, Nathaniel Buzolic never really did that. Back in the day, when Kol tried to kill Matt, you WANTED to see Damon kick his ass! Now, you actually like Kol! I still have to replay his dialog five times to understand what he is saying through his accent, but it is worth it!

NNNOOOOO Kol can’t die. Daniel Sharman better be back.