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Hostage (Damian x Reader)

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Request: Can you do one where literally everyone on the Team and the Justice League knows that the reader and Damian like each other, except them. So everyone teams up to get them together?
Summary: When you’re kidnapped and in danger, Damian will do whatever it takes to make sure you’re safe, even if it’s just a set up…
Word Count: 1224

The Teen Titans’ tower was quiet as you searched for any of the other occupants. After almost an hour of looking, you resigned yourself to a day by yourself and relaxed on the large plush sofa. You were zoned out watching trash television when someone grabbed you from behind. They yanked you up over the back of the sofa and put a black bag over your head before you could even turn around. You struggled wildly, thrashing your arms and legs trying to connect them to your attacker at any point. The person who had a hold on you was good though. They evaded every hit with expertise and managed to get an arm around your neck. With all of your panic and struggling, the constricted windpipe quickly caused your brain to swirl and you passed out within a few seconds. The assailant carried your now limp body to the aircraft they had parked on the roof. You didn’t wake up until they were tightening the ropes around your wrists.

You were tied to a chair, from the coolness you felt through your clothing, you could tell it was a metal chair. The black bag over your head had been replaced with a black blindfold and a gag. You groaned and tugged against your restraints uselessly.

“The Titans won’t save you this time, (Y/h/n),” a deep sinister robotic voice spoke from somewhere to your left. You frowned and regretted not wearing your uniform. You had no communicator, no utility belt, and no hope of escaping this chair.

Meanwhile, back at the Tower, Damian, Jaime, Raven and Kori were returning from the grocery store. Garfield wasn’t far behind, shifted into a pack mule as he was loaded down with shopping bags. Together they were able to put everything away in a matter of minutes.

“I’m going to check on (Y/n),” Damian excused himself as he left the room. He ignored the chuckle he heard come from Starfire. He took the elevator to the floor that held the team’s rooms. The doors were unmarked, but he had long ago memorized which door led to your room. He knocked as he stood in front of it. When he received no answer, he knocked again before trying the door knob. As always, it was unlocked. He pushed the door open and was disappointed to see that your room was unoccupied.

He spent almost fifteen minutes searching your usual spots in the tower before he opened his tracking device. He frowned when he saw the dot designated to you glowing far outside of the Tower.

What’s going on, Damian? Where’s (Y/n)?” Raven asked calmly. Damian was too caught up in his own thoughts to notice the smile Garfield was trying his best to smooth out.

“(Y/n) is not here. Her tracking device says she’s about ten miles from here in the warehouse district,” he answered. “Something is not right,” he added.

“You don’t think she’s in trouble, do you?” Garfield asked and concealed a chuckled as a cough.

“Of course not!” He scoffed. “(Y/n) is completely capable to take care of herself,” he explained. He looked back at the dot and worry crossed his features.

“It wouldn’t hurt to see what she’s up to though, would it?” Raven asked. He considered her question for a moment before nodding.

“No it wouldn’t do any harm. This way we know for sure she’s not meeting with our enemies or anything,” he stated as he put the tracking device back in his pocket before heading to his room to change into his uniform.

“(Y/n) would never betray us,” Garfield said with sincerity.

“We’ll see,” Damian said coolly, but deep down he was worried that’s exactly what you were doing. He had seen you train and knew you were more than able to defend yourself, so what other explanation was there? He changed quickly, as did the rest of the team and they took off to her very stationary location. As they got closer, Damian began to worry about what they might be walking into.

They team gathered on the rooftop of the warehouse she was supposed to be inside. Starfire looked the most concerned about the situation.

“Blue, what does the security look like?” she asked. Jaime scanned the area.

“Several hostiles are guarding the area. They also have an alarm system. If anyone opens the doors or windows, they’re going to know about it,” he explained. He was actually impressed with the lengths they had gone to accomplish this.

“Then we’ll have to go in ready,” Damian concluded. “We can assume that whoever has the ability to take (Y/n) hostage is armed and dangerous,” he continued.

“Should we call in the Justice League?” Starfire asked with concern.

Not yet,” Damian shook his head. “We should be able to handle this and get her out safely,” he added. He clenched his jaw at the idea that they had hurt her. If they had caused her any pain, he would make them pay. The team went over Damian’s strategy a few times before they set the plan into action.

Blue Beetle blasted the front door off its hinges. The team entered and almost immediately Starfire was taken down. She hit the floor, but Damian couldn’t stop as he saw you tied to a chair in the center of the room. He blatantly ignored the fighting around him as he cut his way through to you.

When he made it to your side, the entire team was on the floor. He pulled the blindfold from your eyes and the gag from your mouth moments after cutting the ropes around your wrist. You were so overjoyed to see him after the hours of darkness. You through your arms around him tightly. He pulled back slightly and looked down at your face. Without a second thought, he pressed his lips to yours. You melted into the kiss.

The kiss would’ve lasted much longer had applause not erupted from around the warehouse. Damian pulled back and looked around threateningly, but relaxed when he saw only the team smiling and clapping.

What is going on?” he demanded angrily.

Damian, this was the only way we could figure out to get you two together,” Kori explained as she walked forward. “We all knew that you cared for each other,” she admitted. Your cheeks turned bright pink as you recalled the conversation when you admitted to Kori and Raven that you liked Damian.

“You went through all this trouble to set us up?” Damian frowned. His arms were still tightly around you, almost as if he refused to let you go now that he had you.

“It worked, didn’t it?” Dick Grayson spoke up from where he had been hiding only a few moments earlier. Damian’s frown deepened.

“Grayson, you were in on this?” he asked.

“I knew it!” you called out. “No one else could’ve gotten the drop on me like that,” you admitted.

“Exactly,” he chuckled. He held up a small circular device to his mouth. “No harm, no one was hurt,” he spoke in the robotic voice. Damian just shook his head.

Would you like to go to dinner with me?” he asked you. You couldn’t help the smile that broke out across your lips.

“I would love to,” you answered. 

A/N: I hope you like it! I had some fun trying to think up the plot!

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Can you pretty please do some Clizzy brotp headcannons?!?!

sorry, these are probably more otp than brotp but anyway:

- clary and izzy always have sleepovers where they’re both dressed in cute pyjamas that clary bought them watching trash tv and eating take out all night.
- listen…they love going to watch live shows whether it’s a broadway show or watching the ballet. they find it so fun and they like dressing up when they go somewhere fancy like the opera.
- clary paints a sunset onto one of the walls in izzy’s room because she knows how much izzy loves how the soft orange, red and yellow colours look over the new york skyline and izzy always smiles so brightly when she sees a sunset that clary thinks izzy deserves to smile like that everyday. izzy tears up when clary shows her the finished wall.
- izzy knows and loves literally everything about stars and constellations and therefore teaches clary all about them and they always sit outside with a soft blanket wrapped around them and share a giant mug of hot chocolate between them while gazing up at the night sky.
- clary is really good at nail art and always does izzy’s nails for her, incorporating little hearts and roses into the pattern and izzy always softly smiles when she sees it because roses are izzy’s favourite flower.
- izzy knows clary gets cold really easily so she’s always holding clary’s hands together between her hands gently rubbing and blowing on them to warm them up. she also always makes sure clary is wearing a hat and scarf but izzy still finds it adorable when clary’s cheeks and nose go red from the cold.
- they’re always hugging, always. like clary will just walk up to izzy and wrap her arms around her waist and snuggle into her while izzy just continues her conversation with whoever she’s talking to. or izzy will sneak up behind clary and wrapped her arms around her. like they’re so soft, honestly.

Before the Line (Prequel) Part 1

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: When Clint enlists the help of a former SHIELD agent to help during Civil War, will a new friendship blossom or will it become something more?

Warnings: Fluff, Language

Words: 709

A/N: This is a multi part prequel drabble series for To the End of the Line (Part 1). Hopefully it makes up for all the angst? :) and yes I’m going to be bitter about Nicole winning for a while

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Whoever said retirement was the best thing to happen obviously lived a boring life. It’s been two years since SHIELD fell. Two years of no missions, and I was losing my mind. The plus side of this situation was that had I saved enough money to live comfortably and the government provided me with a generous salary for doing absolutely nothing. My days have been filled with booze, trash tv, and occasionally going out with former coworkers. I get up off my couch and make my way into the kitchen, figuring I might as well make myself something to eat. I scour through my cabinets to see what there is, only to come up with  bananas, a half eaten jar of Nutella, and bread. I really needed to go grocery shopping. Maybe I’ll go later.

I make myself a Nutella banana sandwich and head back to the couch that probably had a permanent butt print to continue watching the season finale of Big Brother. The jury was finally voting on who would win, Nicole or Paul. I’m really rooting for Paul to win, and I think he might have a chance. I lift the sandwich to my mouth to only stop halfway when I heard a knock on my door. Not expecting anyone, I get up hesitantly and take out the combat knife I keep underneath my couch for situations like this. I get to the door and look through the peephole, only to see my good old friend, Clint Barton. I eagerly opened the door and threw myself at him, wrapping my arms around.

“Hey there, buddy. Missed me that much?” he asked.

I let go of him and tell “Boy am I glad to see you, Barton. I’m losing my damn mind,” while making my way back into my apartment, him right befhing me.

He walks into my apartment and notices how everything was in a different spot from when he was last here. When you have two years of no work, redecorating often seems like a great idea. Clint takes a seat on the couch and says “Nice redecorating. What else have you been up to?”

I take the seat next to him and I can tell Clint wasn’t here for just a personal visit just by his poor choice in casual conversation, there was a reason behind this visit. “Nothing at all. So what’s up, Clint? SHIELD falls and it’s radio silence from you and now you’re criticizing my decorations?” I joke.

“Have you seen the news recently?” he asked.

I didn’t have to ask what he was talking about. The news, social media, even the old lady down the hall was talking about it. The Accords meeting with the Avengers that went sour with the bombing of the UN.

“Yeah. I can’t believe someone would do that. Then again, it was the Winter Soldier so I shouldn’t really be surprised, right? Why do I get the feeling that’s why you’re here?” I questioned.

“Well you see, kid, Cap needs your help” Barton started. Just at the mere mention of Captain America, I was in.

“I’m in” I responded immediately.

“You don’t even know what I was going to say.”

“If Captain Star Spangled Ass is involved, I’m in.”

Growing up, I always admired the heroism of Steve Rogers and what he gave up for his country, including his best friend who was like a brother to him. When the news broke of his survival, I couldn’t have been more excited. The man who I admired, my role model, was still alive. I was put on assignment to watch over him and monitor any changes in him when he was asleep. The one day I had off was the day Captain Rogers woke up. Since then I have only met a handful of times, the last time being the day SHIELD fell and the Winter Soldier went missing.

“Alright then. Grab any essentials you need and I’ll meet you downstairs in the van. We need to make another stop,” with that he got up and left.

I got up to go get ready only to notice that Nicole won and Clint had swiped my sandwich. “Goddamnit” I muttered in frustration and went to get ready.

Part 2

NaPoWriMo, Day 23

Ripping out the cord

You told me over breakfast food
at Denny’s that you didn’t want
to end up like your sister, that
getting pregnant and basically
being homeless was not in your
plans. Now, I see you gushing in
social media posts, how you can’t
wait for your daughter to arrive,
in between whining about how no
one cares about you. I can tell now
that I have wasted my words on
you, that you will always find a way
to dig your hole deeper, that the
sand will give way to sea water and
cave in. You have always put your
trust in people who only want to
take from you-your trusting nature,
your naivete, the moments of desire
and decadence that you always end
up regretting. I cannot watch this
anymore. I am ripping out the cord
and setting my TV out with the trash.

the little bee tagged me to do this so here i go

Rules: Using only the song titles of one Artist/Band, cleverly answer the questions and then tag 20 people.

Artist/Band: duran duran

What is your gender: girl panic

How do you feel: lonely in your nightmare

If you could go anywhere: tel aviv

Favorite mode of transportation: faster than light

Your best friend: dirty great monster

Favorite time of day: night boat

If your life was a TV show: pop trash movie

Relationship status: anyone out there

Your fear: falling down

I tag @leadmeoneternally @ged-gedward @blackcarpetmassacre @unaware-and-beautiful and everyone else who feels inclined to!

okay so i’m in love with every single one of y’all’s blue/ronan friendship hcs, but also, consider this: blue/adam friendship, here we go

  • basically once the awkwardness of almost-dating-then-sorta-breaking-up passes, they start to remember all the cool stuff they’d seen in each other beyond physical attraction
  • they like to hang out and sometimes watch trash tv and be super judgmental about everything (bc lbr they’re both super judgmental)
  • once adam has a better grip on his issues with money and pride, they actually start going shopping for clothes together at thrift stores??? 
  • (the whole thing started as a joke because adam, despite being as ~gangsta as a cup of yogurt, has a really good memory for words/lyrics, and blue challenged him to rap the entirety of macklemore’s “thrift shop”, which he successfully did)
  • SO ANYWAY they go shopping for clothes and blue convinces adam to spice up his clothing style a little, whereas adam convinces blue to actually get stuff because yes, you look good in it, even if blue protests she hates how she looks in everything ew mainstream clothing this needs more feathers
  • noah sometimes comes along too even though he’s one of the preppiest preps to ever prep. he just likes sequins a lot okay
  • speaking of noah: blue, adam and noah sometimes have secret dance parties. like whenever they wanna listen to something that isn’t ronan’s obnoxious electronica or gansey’s playlist of timeless classics
  • they’re super silly and terrible at dancing but they love to karaoke a lot. LOOK I DON’T KNOW WHAT MY ISSUE IS I JUST LIKE THE IDEA OF THESE KIDS SINGING OKAY. this probably has to do with the fact that:
  • when they’re alone together without any posh boys around, both adam and blue unwittingly stop trying to control their pronunciation and in fact, in fact, they feed off each other’s henrietta accent in a self-reinforcing loop of southern inflection goodness
  • did i mention how sassy they are. like. all the goddamn time
  • blue’s the first person that adam actually comes out as bi to, because she’s noticed his ~thing~ with ronan and is confused about what happened between them?? so she lowkey asks and he lowkey tells her that yeah, he still likes girls, he meant everything he said to her, but he just. is really into guys too. and blue is really cool and accepting about it nice nice
  • also: adam was the one blue went to when her first scholarship application was rejected, and she was in tears of rage about how she was never gonna leave henrietta, never gonna see the world. adam of course being the practical lil nugget he is, instead of outright comforting her, gives her a pep talk and works with her on her next applications (she eventually gets a rly good scholarship)
  • remember when blue thought “this was a boy she could have a conversation with”? yep, basically that. they talk. so. much.
  • also, no matter how many arguments they have between the two of them (and they have plenty, see the point above about conversation) they will inevitably back each other up when they get incensed over gansey or ronan doing sth too aglionby-esque. like that time with the but designer clothes really are better argument. gansey’s kind of scared to ever bring it up again. ronan’s lowkey a little scared too
  • bike rides together in the summer henrietta sunset with cicadas singing all around them
  • “have you ever had a crush on gansey” “for the love of– stop that” “but have you though” “why, are you worried about competition?” “oh my gosh adam shut up”
  • blue and adam being really good friends that is all  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I cannot WAIT to find out what Jasper’s favorite television show is.

Is she Camp Pining Hearts trash with Peridot and Lapis? (The shipping wars would be epic.) Do the Quartz Sisters hole up in Amethyst’s room for a Li'l Butler marathon? (They emerge days later quoting one-liners, their fingers coated with that cheesy orange Chaaaps powder.) Maybe she’s the one and only Gem who understands Crying Breakfast Friends. (She learns to communicate her emotions by saying, “Today I’m Apathetic Apricot” or “She made me feel like Despondent Donut.”) Maybe she gets sucked into the torrid affairs of Connie’s primetime medical dramas. (“Can you BELIEVE he confessed his love for Doctor Jones? She was in the middle of SURGERY!”)

Or maybe she introduces us to something completely new, a show we haven’t heard of and couldn’t have imagined, something bizarre and yet so perfectly Jasper. Maybe there will be a day where we all look back and say, “Oh of COURSE Jasper would love gratuitous fighting anime” or “We should have known Jasper would be drawn to the antics of Tiger Tornado.”

Just… Let Jasper chill in front of the television. Please.

hello everyone,

i dont know if any of you remember but a while ago i posted a textpost basically saying that my 18th birthday was upcoming (now just passed april 5th) and that you could send me stuff if you wanted because my family are shitty with birthdays but now its much worse than that.

since turning 18 the money my mum was getting for me has stopped, and the person shes taking it out on is me. ive complained about my mum on here before and have posted pictures of the physical injuries ive had from her while she was drunk and in a rage. (since deleted but willing to post again).

basically she keeps threatening to kick me out, break my tv (which she already has once), trash my room, etc.

i am SCARED to stay here, but im also scared to move out.

i stopped getting money from the training provider i was going to because i had been on the program for more than a year, so i cant even give my mum the little money i could afford to give her.

im so scared of being chucked out my house and i cant get on another money plan straight away.

my anxiety and depression stops me from getting a job because im fearful of a breakdown or suicidal thoughts again, PLEASE help me.

i understand that not alot of people are willing to give strangers money because at the end of the day you dont know what im doing to do with it (i assure you my intentions are to live and survive with the money, but like i said no one knows that) so if you could visit my

  wishlist (personal things e.g makeup, games, books) (things i desperately need e.g clothes, bedding, pillows, kitchen appliances)

im not asking for much and if you are struggling with money yourself then please dont feel guilty! 

if you, by miracle, would like to give me money, which would go on electric, gas + food for the house) my paypal is

i feel terrible for asking this of people, but until im financially ready to move out i risk being homeless if i cant afford to help my mum 

i kinda feel like people who say they dont like rory/jess is because they dont like the “bad guy turns good bc of the love of a good woman” trope are missing the point? like that sounds bad but honestly that didn’t happen. if that trope had applied to them, then jess wouldn’t have failed out of school and he wouldn’t have left and he wouldn’t have had substantial emotional problems until we see him again in season 6. he doesn’t turn his life around for rory. yeah, obviously they show that her belief in him helped him get his life on track “i just wanted to show you that and tell you i couldnt have done it without you.” and don’t get me wrong, i do love the idea that he kept rory’s voice in the back of his head telling him “you could do more.” but i dont actually think she’s the reason he “got better” (so to speak). tbh, like, if that trope really applied to them then it wouldve happened on screen and it wouldve happened when they were still together. maybe im just reading into things or w/e but i would say that a lack of a “good woman” was what changed him. it wasnt the presence of rory in his life, it was the lack of it. and there were a lot of other things going for jess for him to really settle down and get over his teenage angst. i actually think that they make it pretty clear that luke was the main reason jess got his life together, especially when we have multiple scenes of jess explicitly thanking luke for caring about him and trying to pay him back. jess wanting the people he loves to be proud of him isn’t the same as him changing because of them.