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Allow me to rant about Maggie and Sanvers

When we first meet Maggie, we learned three basic things about the character: she’s an out and proud lesbian, she’s a cocky little shit, she cares a lot about people. For a while, this is all we had to hold on to. Maggie’s layers were added painstakingly slowly, and you had to pay attention to see what they were. Looking back, the traits that made Maggie Sawyer the woman we love, were always there, we just didn’t know it.

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She literally didn’t let her friends take off the necklace, so that she wouldn’t become Killer Frost and kill them all. She stayed awake her whole operation, without any sedatives. Kept talking to Julian about what he was supposed to do, IN HER STATE OF PAIN AND MISERY because like Iris said “None of us are doctors”, yes none of them are DOCTORS. SHE WAS THE DOCTOR OF THE TEAM WHEN EVERYONE CLAIMED SHE WAS DOING NOTHING AND CONTRIBUTING NOTHING TO THE TEAM. Nobody on that show, apart from Barry, suffered as much as she did.

I stand by Caitlin Snow at all costs, I am so glad this selfless, gracious woman who always helped her friends and did no harm is still alive and well. EVEN THOUGH SHE IS LITERALLY KILLER FROST RIGHT NOW AND THANK GOD FOR THAT. THANK GOD. She always deserved better and when everyone was chilling at home, talking about how to save Iris, only HR Cisco and Julian truly cared about her and stayed with her. I will not forget it and I don’t think she will either. 

Killer Frost finally at large and I couldn’t be happier. 

the most unrealistic things in 13 reasons why:

-teenagers covered in tattoos
-clay not binge listening to those cassettes

I’ll never understand people who talk shit about everything… if you don’t like a tv show don’t watch it, if you don’t like a band DONT LISTEN TO THEM it’s really that simple
Opinion | ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ is one of the funniest, most important shows on TV. Fox should renew it.
A series that takes for granted that both the police and the public have an interest in improving the profession is a rare thing.

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” can do something that political discourse seems to find incredibly difficult. The series is confident and optimistic about the necessity of good policing, without ever being remotely defensive about the prospect that this essential job could and should be done better. Its characters are meant to be the best of the NYPD, and they still struggle with bureaucracy and their own impulses. The series doesn’t need them to be perfect — if they were, their excellence would be as deadly to the show’s comedy as incompetence.

That’s an essential perspective. Equally essential: the way Goor and his team have unlocked Andre Braugher’s comedic genius; the way the series managed to revitalize the sitcom holiday episode; the show’s love for and critique of decades of police pop culture; any series that gives us the sight of Samberg pretending he has the mumps. It would be sad to lose “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” if it were only the funniest or one of the most politically fascinating shows anywhere on television. Given that it’s both, seeing it go off the air would be an absolute tragedy.

One thing in Buffy the Vampire Slayer that has always stood out to me as exceptionally well done is season six. There’s no real bad guy for the plot to focus on, or at least not one that the main characters can really devote their time to and in many other shows, this would have come across as boring and poorly written but instead the season uses the fact that the characters don’t have a big bad to distract them to force them to deal with their personal lives on a new level. In every other season their personal problems take a back seat to the current evil but season six’s lack of a real enemy for the majority of the season gives the characters time to deal with and really the inability to escape dealing with their problems. I think it was probably a gamble to write because I’ve never really seen a supernatural show that has done this before and not having a season long story arc and villain to fall back on could have gone very badly but instead it became and exceptionally good season. I don’t think I’ve seen this attempted in any other show before or after.

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I loved this last episode of Shadowhunters obviously cause of MALEC but more importantly because of Rizzy, or more specifically, cause of Raphael. So here it goes my two cents about it.

Firstly I never read the books (but my sister has and it’s practically the same, since she told me all about it, over and over again) and I love the show is managing successfully to stray from them without ruin it; actually for me it made it more interesting and fun. One of the surprises I loved was Rizzy, and I know y’all go on about the drug addicted theory but I don’t agree, sorry I just don’t agree (respect my opinion as I respect yours).

I thought the only thing that could be better about Rizzy was a more intimate relationship but boy was I wrong. I loved Raphael’s asexuality. For starters he himself admited he is asexual and choose to share that information with Izzy (yeah cause you know it’s something personal and you don’t go around screaming your sexuality at people???). And not only did he said he has always been like that (he could have lied, cause you know ‘my manly pride is very important’ blah) but he also wanted to have a relationship with her nonetheless. 

An asexual with a romantic orientation. You have any ideia of the importance of this character for everyone, and I mean f***ing EVERYONE: for all the aces out there regardless if they have or not a romantic orientation; for our current society and their knowledge (or should I say lack of knowledge about asexuality); for representation on tv shows; I could go on all day.

So all I have to say is I hope Rizzy is not over cause they have yet a lot to show and teach us.

Different opinions, a.k.a. why (some) SC fans are out of line

Obviously, there are different fans in every fandom. We prefer different ships/charachters/storylines. In most of the tv shows, fandoms are pretty chill. There are different point of views, but we tell our opinion calmly, and the others listen or not and then continue to post about their ships (I’m gonna use ships as examples of different opinions to make it easier.)

But than, there are some tv shows, with fans, who have clearly chosen teams, and don’t try to be nice to the other team.

Our prime example is Supergirl. It has two bigger fandoms, Karamel and Supercorp shippers (and those who don’t care about either, obviously). Since I’m part of the Karamel fandom, I can see many tweets from both sides. One of the. praising Karamel and one of them praising Supercorp, and that’s fine. However, there’s a huge difference.

Many people will say what I write here is crap, cause I’m to close to the case. But what I’m about to say should be pretty clear to anyone: Karamel fandom (a.k.a. the club soda family, if I’m correct) is a much kinder fandom. While as I can see they (we) mostly post about them, or about the actors playing them, the SC fandom has something else they like to do: trashing Karamel, their fans and the actors.

I don’t like when they say bad thing about Karamel of course. As I see it, many of there reasons are forced and they also spread way more hate about are ship, than love about theirs. But anyway, I can deal with that. One thing way worse is when they attack the actors. Not being able to tell the difference between charachters and real people is something a 3 year old would do. I honestly can’t see how can someone possibly send hate to Chris because he plays someone they don’t like. I’m pretty sure they never see us trashing Lena or send hate to Katie. Mostly because we love Lena, and even if we wouldn’t we’d stay nice about it, but more importantly, because we know Katie is a real person with real feeling.

But there are one thing, that I think is the worst. When one fan personly attack an other because they have different opinion. In the past few days I have been told a monster, a homophobic, the devil himself. I get messages saying they hope I’m miserable, they despise me and they hate every single Karamel shippers. All I can say is seriously? Just because I have different thoughts I’m a monster? Would you say to rot in hell to a classmate of yours who ships Karamel? Can’t you realize you’re talking to a real person, who has feeling you’re deeply hurting because of a fictional tv show? How do you think I feel when you send me dead threats because I say they were cute in the last episode? Does is make you feel better? Powerful? Important? Does it actually worth it to hurt real people to prove your ship is better?

Of course, I know not every SC fans are like that, I’m sorry for generalizing. Also, I know there are people who hate Karamel but aren’t SC shippers. And what I said doesn’t apply to everybody.

I guess what I want to say is to chill for a second, a minute, an hours, a day and think about it: does it worth it?

1046. After t.v. came to the wizarding world, Arthur was given is his own show were he went and explored the muggle world and found out what the use of everything was. He is coming up on his third season and is still trying to find out the function of a rubber duck.