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What I would like to know, is...

Is the recent pop-culture trend in episodic series depicting blatant female borderlines (i.e. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Girlboss) a positive or negative spotlight be be in.

No, I am in no way insinuating borderlines haven’t been the focus of influential or highly publicized media prior to the past few years. I, for one, absolutely remember being told by certain boys that they had watched 500 Days Of Summer and I reminded them of “her.” (No negativity, just a curiously missed red flag.)

But thank goodness for that, because this mental illness is hard to pinpoint. You can’t see the story of just one person; we vary too broadly to pinpoint the illness in just one show/book/film.

I don’t want to drag this on too much because I have food waiting for me, but yeah. Point is, these more recent shows are campy and fun, yet sharply/pointedly hitting symptom after symptom. Yet, all the while, the don’t say it. Not once. Is this good, or are we taking a step onto the apron, into the spotlight, and straight down to the pit? (I’m a darling ex-thespian, sue me.)

When you’re new into a fandom with at least 10 seasons you haven’t watched yet but you can’t help but immediately search for posts, gifs, photos, videos, things and you stumble upon spoilers

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I don't think you guys understand my obsession with Arrow/Olicity

I spend 75% of my day talking about Arrow/Olicity

I spend the other 25% wanting to talk about Arrow/Olicity

and 100% of my day thinking about Arrow/Olicity