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You know who I love? Gina Linetti, from Brooklyn 99. She loves herself unashamedly, she is her number 1. And it would be so easy to turn her into an asshole for that, but she isn't. She's just Gina, confident if sometimes narcissistic.

I want to watch this show so much but it’s not on Netflix!!! Is there anywhere I can binge-watch it for free…? 

Also, narcissism is an actual personality disorder (NPD) so unless she has NPD in cannon let’s maybe use another word. 

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Valentines Day AU. Will Solace is a crew member for a popular speed dating reality show on tv. Currently, they’re doing a Special Valentines Day episode, having managed to ask a few celebrities to try and date civilians and give them a really good time.

Meanwhile, Nico di Angelo had no idea how he got roped up into doing the speed dating. Sure, as a celebrity, it’ll mean more airtime for him and possibly, tons of new fans but it’s not as if he’s desperate to gain more, being pretty content where he currently stands. Normaly though, he wouldn’t mind the whole set up. It’s just that, one of the reality show’s crew members had caught his interest and he would rather try and date the guy than someone else.