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“I feel that there’s a certain stigma regarding the Disney “Dark Age”. Oliver and Company and The Great Mouse Detective are two of my favorite Disney films, but because they belong to this time period, they are rarely ever acknowledged in the parks, or on TV, or in merchandise. It really irks me that since these movies aren’t considered “masterpieces”, they’re totally left out.”

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After the war, Scout ends up making his own comic book line on the the gang of mercs and their adventures together. It becomes a huge hit spanning TV shows,movies,merchandise, and even a few video games. No one has any idea that these events actually happened and scout likes to keep it that way.

That’s where tf2 comes from



I’ve been extremely excited about these ever since I seen prototypes on the server a couple years back! A new Mickey Mouse Shorts promotion just hit the Disney Parks! Pirates of the Caribbean edition! If you go to the gift shop after the ride at Land or World you can find this stuff! I’m guessing these are exclusive to the parks. They made pins, magnets, youth and adult t-shirts, plush and figures! It’s amazing to see actual sculpted products of our version of Mickey. Everything came out really well and Paul gave notes and did most of the design work during the process which is super cool of them to do. Our Mickey is slowly hitting the parks, theres so much stuff to look forward to!

I need to go back and buy the rest…..


I’m back in business on etsy! Check out my shop for the same items you’ve loved with new (cheaper) shipping rates, as well as new items and some limited ones as well!

From this point forward I will be looking to expand my shop so keep your eyes open for more products and even more fandoms!

Naruto Cafe

Yeah I was just as surprised as you are. So apparently, until the end of June, in Akihabara there is a Naruto themed cafe. It is related to Naruto in like, the loosest of senses (some themed items, you can cosplay for free, and TVs showing off Naruto merchandise), so it’s a bit disappointing. 

However, what wasn’t disappointing was being able to get my OTP in food form, as seen here:

Also being able to say I ate a Mangekyou Sharingan pancake isn’t disappointing in the least.

Totally forgot to post this! My variant cover for IDW The Mickey Mouse shorts comic book is out! Be sure to pick it up! Also, check out these awesome magnets. You can find them at the Disney parks.


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Do you ever see a sight so beautiful it brings tears to your eyes?

I’m not ashamed to say that I may have wept a little when I saw this

We finally made it guys. I feel like there should be a fandom group hug :)


We’ll need to keep this under control to prevent non-fans from getting discouraged of how we are concern of Wander’s popularity (Frank Angones said to make sure we still support and keep doing what we’re doing rather than complain too much). 

We may have the right to get a bit angry when things don’t go the way we wanted to request, but in the end, we’ll have to carry on and still request firmly and politely on getting WOY merchandise/Funko ones, as well as convincing others to check out the show.

And remember, we’re only halfway in Season 2, and there are still interesting things to keep an eye out for, and what would lead to in the Musical Episode/Third Chunk. The show’s status is in Post-Production mode (of course the artists that worked on the show aren’t in the Disney TVA building anymore or moved on to other productions).

Even if the show didn’t get merchandise as of now, that doesn’t mean it could affect the shows’ renewable decision by the executives. Even though it’s rumored for Season 2 to end as stated by Steve Hulett, that’s unconfirmed/unknown since WOY and Penn Zero aren’t in the merch. list the same time as the wrapped up list. 

There might be a chance for a Season 3, and one of the ways is to keep spreading the word and much love for those who never seen/heard the show, and make more fanart, reviews, and requests for merchandises.