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In the pilot episode of Gilmore Girls, the inside and outside of Richard and Emily Gilmore’s house was filmed at a real home on Binscarth Road in Toronto, Canada. Since then the interiors and exteriors have been recreated and filmed on a sound stage in Los Angeles.


Here’s my design for Shiro in the Voltron paranormal investigation team AU! Unlike the rest of the team, he can actually see ghosts. (He doesn’t tell Lance that some of them make faces at him while they’re filming episodes of their reality show bwahahahahaha)

You can find paranormal investigators Keith and Pidge here and here!

Hunk and Lance are here!

Allura and Coran are here!


Designing Women Houses by Larry Syverson
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The 1980’s and 1990’s TV series Designing Women was set in Atlanta, GA. The houses for the characters were actually in Little Rock, Arkansas. Julia’s home and the site of Sugarbakers & Associates was the Villa Marre house. It is a Second Empire house built in 1881. It is located in the MacArthur Park Historic District. The house is at 1321 Scott Street.

If this is helpful to any Supergirl writers, I mapped out Kara’s loft for my own purposes. Feel free to use to your heart’s content to assist with writing and/or squeeing.

A= These two sets of windows open like french doors.

B= These three sets of windows have sections that angle out for air circulation.

C= Front door is extra wide, estimated 4’. Opens inward.

D= Laundry area with a stacked washer/dryer to the right, and a portable screen to the left. There is a big air-conditioning duct that leads to a weird alcove/cutaway at ceiling level perhaps indicating a mechanicals space on the other side of the wall.

E= Kitchen and island.

F= The access hall outside has been seen from the interior, revealing a narrow table and another of the ubiquitous concrete support columns. A behind the scenes photo revealed another doorway, flanked by columns with an inward-opening door.

G= the small line here represents a fancy mesh screen that separates the dining area from the rest of the living space.

H= Café table. Just above this is Kara’s painting space.

I= Couch and two comfy chairs. Just above this is where the TV is located. There is also a low, square table on wheels.

J= Queen sized bed. Just above is the largest banks of windows, where the double rack of clothes are located, as well as a dresser between. (doesn’t Kara worry about her clothes fading from the sunlight?) There are  a pair of bed stands as well as a chair near to the window. At the foot of the bed is a deep seat that looks a lot like a miniature daybed.

K= There is a desk of art supplies here, as well as a vintage typewriter and rotary phone, as well as an old dresser.

L= This is a weird one. In a behind the scenes shot, there is clearly an alcove/hallway with a curtain and a closet rod with more clothes hanging from it.

M= Claw foot tub and a single sink.

N= the dashed lines are two wooden storage units. There’s a lamp in the corner too. I have NO idea where the toilet is in this room.

O= Bathroom door is the same large-paned window glass as the exterior windows, flanked by a single vertical row of panes.

P= The little rectangle below and above are bookshelves that also act as separation from living to bedroom space. There is also a curtain for privacy. I can only guess that it has a double on the other side, but who knows.

Q= A blue storage unit. There’s also a big potted plant in the corner nearby.

Grid scale is 1 square foot for each blue square. Yes, this loft really is that huge!

The ceilings are approximately 15’, though in the apartment itself, there are heavy support beams that make it seem slightly lower in places.

Walls inked are canon to photographs gleaned from the net, both from productions stills and a very helpful behind the scenes tour. Pencil lines of walls are best guesses from yours truly.


Candle Shop by FotoFling Scotland
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Set Dressing for Outlander Series 3 filmed off the Royal Mile, Edinburgh


Don Draper Mad Men childhood home by California to Chicago
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Victorian Homes Carroll Ave LA This is the house used in the last episode of one of the season. When Don Draper takes his kids to see his Childhood home that was the brothel he grew up in. They used a lot of CGI to make this look run down and surrounded by old industry buildings in the scene.


Nichelle Nichols (B. 1932)

Born in Robbins, Illinois, Nichols got her start on the stage in 1961 with Oscar Brown's Kicks and Co., a musical satire about Playboy magazine. Ironically, this drew the attention of Hugh Heffner who was so impressed with her, he booked her in his Chicago Playboy Club. While still in Chicago, she performed at the “Blue Angel”, and in New York, Nichols appeared at that city’s Blue Angel as a dancer and singer. She also toured with Duke Ellington and in addition to her acting and singing work, Nichols did some modelling. 

Out of all of her accomplishments, her biggest and arguably most important role was that of Lieutenant Uhura in Star Trek. Through this role, Nichols was the first black woman on a major television series who did not play a servant; the prominent supporting role as a bridge officer was unprecedented. Her groundbreaking work on Star Trek not only inspired such actresses as Whoopie Goldberg (and, in turn, Lupita Nyong'o) to pursue their careers, but also inspired astronaut Mae Jemison who became the first African American woman in space.

After the cancellation of Star Trek, Nichols volunteered her time in a special project with NASA to recruit minority and female personnel for the space agency, which proved to be a success.[16] She began this work by making an affiliation between NASA and a company which she helped to run, Women in Motion.[17][18][19][20][21][22]

Those recruited include Dr. Sally Ride, the first American female astronaut, and United States Air Force Colonel Guion Bluford, the first African-American astronaut, as well as Dr. Judith Resnik and Dr. Ronald McNair, who both flew successful missions during the Space Shuttle program before their deaths in the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster on January 28, 1986. Recruits also included Charles Bolden, the current NASA administrator, and Lori Garver, the current Deputy Administrator. (X)


Pie Shop by FotoFling Scotland
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Set Dressing for Outlander Series 3 filmed off the Royal Mile, Edinburgh

  • Lisa Lavender: We're coming at you live from the Schnee charity ball where the main performance, Weiss Schnee, will be singing shortly.
  • *Team RNJR, Blake and Sun, Yang and Taiyang watch at their separate locations on TV's.*
  • Ruby: I miss her so much.
  • Blake: She looks really unhappy.
  • Yang: We should all be together again.
  • *Meanwhile backstage Jacques walks up to Weiss.*
  • Jacques: Remember you're doing this for the good of the Schnee name. You better have picked the perfect song to sing too.
  • *Weiss nods her head before walking up onto the stage. She coughs lightly to get everyone's attention before starting to sing.*