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I think that TV right now is so female-centric, and there’s so many amazing, amazing roles for women and so much talent. I honestly never thought I deserved to be nominated. There’re so many performances out there that are amazing and groundbreaking. I feel like it’s such a really lucky time to be a woman in television.
—  Tatiana Maslany talks about her first Emmy nomination (x)
We definitely hear the fans. … I would call it a symbiotic relationship with that. We hear it and if it feels organic to the story line we definitely try to incorporate it.

Wendy Mericle after being asked if Olicity fans’ passion influence story lines for “Arrow” (X)

They HEAR IT, folks. So never, ever be shy about telling the EPs what you want to see for Olicity. Share your broad vision for the couple, share the little moments you want to see. It’s all good. And most importantly, don’t listen to people who want to silence us! Be loud, be proud as an Olicity fan!

We’ve been good for quite a while work-wise. Whatever difficulties we may have had over the years [stemmed from] what I said earlier about wanting to get off the show… the fatigue and a hot-house feeling of being in the same room with the same people for nine years. We’re good now. We have a shorthand and I really enjoy working with her a lot. That was probably the easiest part of transitioning back into the show was our work together.
—  David Duchovny when asked “And how has your relationship with Gillian changed?” (TV Line)
NCIS: LA Sneak Peek: Did Kensi Calls Deeks a 'Sex Machine'? And Bite Him?

This Monday on NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS, 10/9c), Deeks and Kensi get into a friendly dispute in the midst of working out – and then realize they have a perhaps not-so-friendly visitor. In this week’…

Marty Deeks:  Lean, mean sex-machine.  And that woman taking photos is LAPD (Alexandra Barreto as LAPD Detective Jacqueline Rivera).