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Keep It Simple - A Series Of Malec One-Shots - AO3

When You Say It Like That (Got Me Falling Right Back) [1/1 | 1,362 | English]

Basically a short extension of the scene where Alec is on Magnus’ fire escape because it’s the only place he wants to be when he’s hurting.

I’m Not On Drugs, I’m Just In Love (You’re High Enough For Me) [1/1 | 1,633 | English]

Basically set after Jocelyn’s funeral when Alec is hurting and all he wants is to be with Magnus.

Maybe There’s Hunger In My Blood (Screaming Out Loud For What I Want) [1/1 |  1,786 | English]

Basically an extension of the scene where Alec kisses Magnus after their date, that doesn’t result in Jace walking in on them and ‘killing the mood’.

All I See Is You And I (But We Ain’t Gonna Live Forever) [1/1 | 2,522 | English]

Basically an extension of the scene where Alec wants to have sex with Magnus and they disappear around the corner and no one got to see what happened next.

You Were The Only One Who Was On My Side (The Only One Who Kept Me Alive) [1/1 | 1,619 | English]

Basically an alternate version of the scene where Alec is about to jump off the building but instead of Clary being there, it’s just Magnus, and it’s Magnus that continues to save him.

And I Love You (Despite All) [1/1 | 1,504 | English]

Basically an extended version of the scene where Magnus and Alec are kissing on Magnus’ balcony in 2x07.

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Alex and Maggie || 2x08

Here’s the thing, I almost died[…] It got me thinking that I was so stupid. I thought that- I guess I was kind of right- that you came out for me. And that scared me. But um, life is too short. And we should be who we are, and we should kiss the girls that we want to kiss. And I really just…I want to kiss you.

  • Yuri: *sees Victor kissing Yuuri's skate*
  • Yuri: If my life gets any worse, I’m phoning Hell to ask about their exchange program.