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Who's part of team klossy and who's penni?

Jeez. Can’t believe I’m being your unpaid researcher.

Scooter Braun is her marketing/PR agency building her non-fashion brand.

Penni works for Scooter.

Klossy is an entity in itself, managed though SBP.

Annalora works for Klossy and does all the videos.

Ruby-sue is general PA/SM

There are also members in LA working on the TV stuff.

IMG manage her modelling. Josh Otten is her guy.

Then there’s Alice Chen at adidas and various others in Swarovski who she works with a lot.

Karlie never travels alone. Someone always goes with her. Sometimes they all go.

They are all work, but she’s in a position to chose to work with people she likes.

(There are also things Penni does for Kar like Tree does for Tay. Think about it)

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How would you describe Narry's chemistry on stage? :)))

AMAZING OBVIOUSLY! when you’re seeing them in person there’s so much going on but your eyes just keeps being drawn to them. because they’re giggly and cute and what if they do something ridiculous that only they can get away with???

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