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[ Tom extended imagine ] Interview.

Original imagine: Imagine: Getting the role of Sigyn in Thor: Ragnarok. Tom and you spend a lot of time working together; he ends up falling in love with you.

Written by: A.Wölf.

{ Anon request }


-Are you all as excited as i am for the premiere of Thor: Ragnarok?-Asked the tv hostess looking at the cameras. -I have 2 very special guests with me today, who will tell us what Marvel is bringing to the table with this new film. They are Tom Hiddleston and Y/N!

You and Tom smile at her. You’re both sitting next to each other, in front of her; There are 2 cameras pointing at you, and a small crew behind them.

-Hello, how are you, guys?

-Good, thank you.-You both say.

-Loki and Sigyn!-Exclaims the presenter.

-Yeah- says Tom nodding and smiling.

-I would like to start with you Y/N, since you’re the newest addition to the Marvel world, if that’s okay with you, Tom.

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The Difference Between Television And Reality:

The hostess tells the Doctor and Sky to go back to their seats

This is how the Doctor and Sky sit back down in the next shot…

… And this is how David Tennant ACTUALLY sat down…

Norma Sabrina Salerno (born 15 March 1968), also known in her singing career as Sabrina and Sabrina Salerno, is an Italian poppy eurodisco-singer, songwriter, record producer, photo model, actress, and TV-hostess.