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Betty Cooper’s Day Off

[Jughead] took off his shoes, like always. He trudged up the stairs, and when he reached Betty’s bedroom doorway, the door was wide open.

And what had he seen first? Betty’s ass.

Not her entire, bare ass, mind you. It was partly covered.

Her head was pointed away from the door, towards her TV, propped up in her hand. She was staring fixatedly on whatever was on the screen. And the volume was up loud.

Her tiny tshirt - was it a tshirt? - was riding up her stomach and her legs were bare. Her underwear was showing just the edges of her butt, but it was facing him, greeting him in the doorway.

He had to stop looking at it, because it was giving him ideas.

So he cleared his throat.

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  • Ash Ketchum (34) , gym leader, former champion.
  • Serena Zay (35), actress, TV hostess, designer.
  • Lara Ketchum (12), pokemon trainer, stager.
  • Ivan Ketchum (7), Oak’s Elementary School student.


By popular request through asks and to celebrate the end of my finals period, I introduce the Ketchum family to you ♥

Further questions about them are welcome!

[ Tom extended imagine ] Interview.

Original imagine: Imagine: Getting the role of Sigyn in Thor: Ragnarok. Tom and you spend a lot of time working together; he ends up falling in love with you.

Written by: A.Wölf.

{ Anon request }


-Are you all as excited as i am for the premiere of Thor: Ragnarok?-Asked the tv hostess looking at the cameras. -I have 2 very special guests with me today, who will tell us what Marvel is bringing to the table with this new film. They are Tom Hiddleston and Y/N!

You and Tom smile at her. You’re both sitting next to each other, in front of her; There are 2 cameras pointing at you, and a small crew behind them.

-Hello, how are you, guys?

-Good, thank you.-You both say.

-Loki and Sigyn!-Exclaims the presenter.

-Yeah- says Tom nodding and smiling.

-I would like to start with you Y/N, since you’re the newest addition to the Marvel world, if that’s okay with you, Tom.

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The Difference Between Television And Reality:

The hostess tells the Doctor and Sky to go back to their seats

This is how the Doctor and Sky sit back down in the next shot…

… And this is how David Tennant ACTUALLY sat down…

Make-Up Marichat May Day 2: In Denial 

Short fic below: 

“In Denial”

Marinette yawned as she poured cereal into her bowl. She tilted the milk over while trying to blink away the tiredness. The contrast of yellow-brown on white went so well against the pale ceramic pink—she’d have to see if she could come up with a way to use that color combination somehow in an outfit. She’d let that sit in her head for a while though.

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anonymous asked:

did vampira and elvira ever become on good terms?

Unfortunately Vampira (Maila Nurmi) and Elvira (Cassandra Peterson) never truly resolved their differences in regards to the development of the show and the subsequent lawsuit.  Much of the animosity was on Nurmi’s part but given her circumstances her anger was justified if not slightly misguided.  

In 1981, More than twenty years since appearing on television screens as Horror Hostess Vampira, Nurmi resurfaced from decades of obscurity to become a consultant on developing a  remake of the “Vampira Show” entitled “Fright Night”. The collaboration with KHJ and the development of “Fright Night” was fraught with problems which ultimately came down to Nurmi’s protectiveness of the Vampira Character and ownership of the character. Nurmi had fought similar battles with ABC during Vampira’s initial run and it had ultimately resulted in a premature end to Nurmi’s career.  For Nurmi, Vampira was a creation that she had nurtured and loved: for Vampira took the place of the children she would never have. And because of this she would protect her “child” at all cost. After three months of discussions, Nurmi left the production due to not being consulted on the casting of Cassandra Peterson whom she thought was completely inappropriate as Vampira.

Cassandra Peterson was a buxom red-head who beat 200 other hopefuls for the job as a campy horror host. Peterson had similar background to Nurmi as both had modelled, been dancers and both had spent time with Elvis in Las Vegas. However they came from completely different generations and temperaments which made their ambitions and ideas about the character completely incompatible. Elvira’s ‘rough and ready’ bimbo personality was a stark and inelegant contrast to Vampira’s aloof and witty persona. Both would share a dark sense of humour but Elvira was decidedly much more crass and rude than Vampira ever was. Nurmi was livid about Peterson’s take on the characterisation:

“ … Initially they [KHJ] wanted me. I wouldn’t do it because I didn’t want Vampira to be anything but perfect. I certainly didn’t want her to be portrayed as a slut.”

After Peterson was casted, Nurmi removed herself and all traces of Vampira from the production. KHJ were undeterred by this setback and decided to continue to develop a female hosted “Fright Night”. They began by encouraging Peterson to develop the look of the horror host herself;  

“… I had really long red hair and I loved that [Roman Polanski] movie Fearless Vampire Killers. I loved Sharon Tate. I wanted a really pale, ghostly look: big, dark eyes and white lips — like a dead girl. And they didn’t like that at all. They said, ‘No, it has to be black hair, you have to have a black dress.”

Despite not having permission to use the Vampira character, Vampira’s influence was still clearly evident in the look and development of the show. This was a fact not lost on Nurmi, as Peterson recalls:

“ It was a bummer because later, Vampira gets all geared about it. Like, excuse me, that’s not even a costume I wanted to do.”

After developing the look of the host, taking her from a wasp waisted vamp into a punky undead rock groupie, Peterson came up with the name “Elvira”. Peterson claimed to have wanted a clunky and unattractive sounding name and came up with Elvira. Nurmi claimed KHJ wanted an equally Vampyrotic sounding name. In any case, “Fright Night” was renamed “ Elvira’s Movie Macabre” and Peterson  went on to become the most successful horror movie host in history.

As Elvira’s success began to become apparent (Due in large part to Peterson’s considerable assets) Peterson and KHJ quickly turned Elvira into a brand name, licensing costumes, comic books, action figures, pinball machines, video games, perfume as well as releasing two modestly successful feature films.  For Nurmi, Elvira’s success both reopened old wounds and enraged her and prompted her to launch a lawsuit citing copyright infringement due to the likeness between Vampira and Elvira.

Since her short lived celebrity as Vampira, Maila Nurmi’s life had been tumultuous and she had often suffered for her creation. Vampira was initially entertained as a macabre curiosity in Hollywood but the fascination quickly changed to distain. America in the 1950 was still very much conservative and many balked and complained at Vampira’s ghoulish presence once the novelty wore off. After she was blackballed by the studios, due to wanting ownership of her creation, and was publically denounced in causing James Dean’s death by “cursing” him in a gossip column, Nurmi fell on hard times. She worked as a cleaner and linoleum fitter and demeaned herself in appearing in Ed Wood’s “Plan 9 for Outerspace”.  Although Hollywood had forgotten about Nurmi, She was often plagued by obsessive and abusive fans. They would harass her and leave disturbing and satanic messages and offerings. Most upsetting for Nurmi, who was an immense animal lover, was fanatics leaving killed animals on her doorstep. The worst incident involved a man breaking into her home, assaulting her and keeping her captive for hours. When she reported the attack, Newspapers treated it like a joke. She could not escape Vampira’s legacy and at times when she lived in abject poverty, she would feel regret about creating the character. Nurmi had suffered so much for a character that she felt such pride and love towards. She lived in relative poverty and obscurity compared to Peterson who had achieved fame and fortune off of a character that Nurmi felt was a cheap knock off of Vampira. Nurmi wanted to protect her creation from Peterson’s demeaning portrayal, shameless marketing and wanted financial compensation due to copyright infringement. She decided to launch a $10 million lawsuit against Peterson for stealing her act. She appealed to the press, gaining several sympathetic stories and also running an advertisement for help. Nurmi said in 1982:

“I submitted pleas for support in the free ads in newspapers thinking that the public would come to my defense in a barrage of silver bullets. No one came.

The lawsuit was dismissed on Decided March 31, 1989. The Times reported that Nurmi’s own lawyers had petitioned to withdraw from the appeal because Nurmi was no longer responding to attempts to contact her (Not uncommon as Nurmi often had no electricity or telephone). The judge on concluded that the characters were distinct enough to avoid any potential confusion and the case was dismissed.  It did not help matters that Nurmi had stated that Vampira was a campier and sexier take on Charles Addams’ Morticia and thus equally a knock off. Nurmi was also very guarded and mistrusting (due to previous treatment), which made it difficult to work with her. Nurmi took this decision badly and harbored a lasting resentment about Peterson and Elvira’s success, saying in 2005 to Bizarre Magazine: 

“Boy, has the devil got that bitch — it’s the devil in her blood,“ 

After the court case, Nurmi sunk deeper and deeper into poverty. At one point she lived in a garage with only cardboard as insulation and often had friends donate food. In the last years of her life, she saw a small resurgence of interest in Vampira which brought her a degree of happiness although it paled in comparison to Peterson’s success.  Living in such horrible conditions, she could never forgive the fact that Peterson was immensely successful profiteering from a knock-off Vampira while she languished unrecognized in abject poverty. Peterson, for her part, has never publically bad mouthed Nurmi.

 ” I’d like her (Nurmi) to be friendly with me. I don’t know why she has such hostility toward me”.

 For Peterson and many others, Elvira is too distinctive and developed as a character in her own right to be just a Vampira knock-off.  While there are similarities in the format of the show and the look of the host, those similarities aren’t attributable to Peterson whom Nurmi held responsible. Peterson was told to don a black dress and black wig by KHJ and yet made her own character from it. She embraced the character of Elvira and marketed it as a character not as her own creation like Nurmi did. Peterson could never get why Nurmi held such resentment towards her as Vampira was ripped off of Morticia. But for Nurmi, Vampira was a character she had devoted decades to and had suffered for and her connection with was deeply personal. For Peterson, Elvira was just a character that she enjoyed and would put on and make lots of money from.  She never took Nurmi’s slurs too personally whereas Nurmi took all of Peterson’s actions exceedingly personally. Nurmi went to her grave hating Elvira while Peterson was indifferent towards Nurmi. However when Peterson heard of Nurmi’s death, she made a generous donation towards one of Nurmi’s favourite animal shelters after hearing that Nurmi loved animals. Sorry for the long answer. I thought it best to try and explain why they didn’t resolve their differences based on the evidence I’ve seen. If you have anymore Vampira related questions, feel free to submit them to the ask box and I’ll do my best to reply!  

- Sam