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How did you make your tv head? Im really interested in making one, but i have no idea how to do it

Oh anon..
I messed up so much making my tv head. It was a bitch to make.
There was a lot of improvising, too.
I won’t go into much detail but I guess I can explain a bit.

DO NOT. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. DO NOT get a tv with a round-like screen. Get something flat, or as flat as you can find.
That way when you put your screen (which will be plexiglass), you won’t go through hell to glue it properly.

-I used spray paint to color the whole tv. It dries fast and works like a charm.

-I opened the tv and removed the screen and anything else it had inside. The tv (like most old ones) was divided in two parts secured by some screws. (I glued the tv back together tho, since the screws weren’t enough; but I’ll get to that later.)

-I took some plexiglass- cheap and thin, you don’t need “good” plexiglass for this- and cut it down to shape by heating up a knife and slowly cutting into the piece of plexiglass I bought.
I don’t recommend anyone doing that. It barely works, takes forever, and I know there have to be better ways.

-After I had the shape of my ‘screen’, I put window tint on it.
Window tint works perfectly. Use the darkest shade you can find. And don’t worry, you’ll be able to see through the screen just fine. And nobody will be able to see your face at all~!

-I used this glue. You’d think it would work great, but don’t use it.
Instead, use this beauty right here.  It actually held the tv together which was actually quite impressive, since my tv was a bit large and kinda heavy.

-I used foam to line the hole under the tv and my horrible heated knife method to cut said hole. (Again, I don’t recommend anyone doing that.)

UH. I won’t even explain how I managed to bend the screen to fit the tv’s screen..hole
OR what I did on the inside because it was a horrible idea.
Which is why the first thing I say here is to use a tv with the flattest screen you can find.

+You might want to strongly consider using styrofoam cones (with the tip cut off) to keep your head in place inside of the tv.
I’ve seen other people do this with their tv heads and it seemed to work fine.

This is a bad tutorial thing, I’m really sorry, anon.

Tv Head Tutorial!!

Okay guys, today I’m gonna teach you how I made this.vvv

My main reason for teaching you this is I never found a tutorial that shows you the cheapest, easiest, and safest way to make one. so here we go…

First you will need: 

  • an old box tv
  • an acrylic sheet (keep in mind this HAS to be at least a half inch bigger than your screen space in the end)
  • some window tint (preferably the darkest you can find)
  • spray paint in your preferred color
  • finisher (if paint does not bond with plastic)
  • bonding glue/ air conditioner mounting tape ( i used tape because we were on a budget, and we already had it)
  • a powersaw/sander
  • screwdriver
  • hot glue/gun
  • pocket knife
  • rubber-handled wire cutters
  • a hard hat/blankets for support

How to do it:

  1. (This is very VERY VERY important!!!) make sure to wait at least 6 months after the last time in use to do this step and step 2, or you could get electrocuted!!! Use your screwdriver to unscrew the front of the TV from the back, pulling off the back of the TV; the TV should be laying on it’s front when you do this
  2. CAREFULLY snip any wires connecting to the TV from the huge mound of screen and circuit boards. You will also need to unscrew anything still connection to the TV, like the screws holding the screen in place.
  3. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT BREAK THE GLASS SCREEN!!! It holds hazardous chemicals that could be fatal to you if inhaled. Carefully lift all of the guts out of the TV, and put them in a trash bag. (I would rather you all take these materials straight to the dump, and put it where all of the TV’s and stuff go, so that no one else may breathe in these chemicals while lifting your bag. We don’t want anyone getting hurt!!)
  4. Now that you’re done with the scary part, you can get to the fun part!! Measure the circumference of your head. Plug that into this formula: C = πd. Your goal is to find the diameter. When you find this, measure it onto the center of the bottom of your shell. You can do this however many times you’d like (As in the diameter crossing itself over and over again.) Then cut along the circumference of it, adding half an inch to the whole circumference. If this is really confusing for you, or you’re not good with math, just put the tv on top of your head, and mark half an inch away from it. Cut along the marks you’ve made. After doing this, power sand it down so it doesn’t cut you. (If you’d like, use your hot glue to trace along the hole so you won’t hurt yourself!!)
  5. Take your tv shell out to a well ventilated area, and spray it away with your paint! Make sure to do three coats, giving time to dry within coats. After it’s all dry, spray it down with finisher if needed.
  6. (You can do this while you’re waiting for layers to dry) Measure the space where the screen is going, and add on half an inch to each side. Use a marker to mark where you are going to cut on your acrylic sheet. After this is done, lightly trace over the lines you’ve marked with your pocket knife (this will not cut it).
  7. After you’ve traced your line with a knife, take some wire cutters and snip away at the lines you’ve made (wearing gloves if you don’t want Plexiglas in your fingers). The reason why you need to snip, and why you would not just cut it with your power saw, ect ect, is because it would cause cracking, and we don’t want that. If you would like, carefully sand the sheet down with sandpaper, but this wouldn’t be needed if you’re using tape to mount it into the TV.
  8. After your shell has completely dried, measure up the sheet to the shell to make sure it fits. If it doesn’t, do step 5 and 6 over again until you’ve reached desired size. Do not attach screen yet
  9. Apply your tint to the acrylic with extreme care. There will be bubbles, and you will need to squeegee them out. 
  10. Put your sheet into your tv, and mount it with your tape/glue
  11. Find a hard hat/some old blankets and attach them to the inside for head support, and so it won’t tear up your shoulders (like it did mine :c)

And you are now done! Enjoy your TV head and have fun!!

Object Head/TV Head Tutorial

Okay so I’ve had a lot of people ask about how I made my TV Heads, so I’m just going to go ahead and make a tutorial for all you lovely dolls. This is going to be hella long because I’ve found tutorials on how to make these but they didn’t go into much detail and it was sort of a pain to figure it out myself, so I figured I’d make one with detailed descriptions for others who wanted to make one of these really fun props!

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TV HEAD TUTORIAL!!! (Here’s a random one cause why not)

After buying a tv around the size of my head, (thrift stores have plenty of these but I don’t think goodwill carries them anymore ) I removed the insides of ithe tv (like the screen and wires) after unscrewing the two halves (this part is super dangerous cause the screen could implode so I recommend having someone else do it with safety goggles on… Or take it out to a vacant area and shoot the screen with a gun from a distance?) I screwed it back together, cut a neck hole just large enough for my head and put a little bit of foam lining the neck hole so it won’t scratch the wearer, and then I put cushioning on the inside with foam so it’s comfy…I added enough foam so the tv doesn’t touch my shoulders and my chin kinda peeks out of the neck hole if I open my mouth, but that was really just personal preference and you can add as much or as little as you want (but leave enough room so the vents aren’t covered and you can get air)…then I spray painted it black after wiping it down to get rid of dust and dirt… Finally I put plexiglass with car window tint over where the screen used to be and secured it with tape from the inside (hot glue might’ve been a better choice but if you want to be able to remove the screen for some reason I recommend duct tape)… I’m pretty sure car window tint can be bought at places like Walmart and come in rolled up sheets…be careful to buy the darkest tint and read the labeling carefully, too….they can also cover like three windows so you should have enough! Just follow the directions on the packaging because this part was a little tricky! The plexiglass can be found at normal hardware stores and you just sheer it (cut it?) with a tool you buy that looks like an exacto knife… Cut a pattern out of cardboard first so you can trace it on the plexi and see if it fits! And that should be it! I added a little LED light inside where there used to be one to make it look cooler B) Ahh sorry If that was too long a description :/ and good luck making yours!

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Hey I was wondering if you knew of any tv head cosplay tutorials? I can't seem to find anything :/

Actual TV head:

Fake TV head:

Mascot heads (similar methods can be used to make a tv shape):