tv hangover events

As always, a huge thanks to everyone who came out to our ‘90s Nickelodeon Party last Friday! We had a great time — and I have officially fulfilled my dream of getting a room full of boozy people to sing the All That theme song with me. We’ll announce our next event very soon but until then: here are the drinking game rules we made up so you can print them out and host your own mini TV Hangover event!

The rules are for some specific episodes: “No TV” for Clarissa, “The Tainting of the Screw” for Kenan & Kel, and “Time Tunnel” for Pete & Pete. The All That rules work for just about every episode.

If you want the full TV Hangover experience, we also watched the Ryan Gosling episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark (“The Tale of Station 109.1”). And squealed every time he was on screen, obviously.