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If you’re not passionate about the job you’re doing you should quit. Easier said than done especially when you need a weekly pay check but the sooner you become freelance and meet the people you need to meet the better off you’ll be. Even if that means a few months of Raman Noodles! I have no hesitation in giving that advice - so many people come out here and just get the first full time job they can get because they’re justifiably panicked about money. But by doing so they potentially harm their long term goals. I know, as I did the same thing. I came out and worked for Dick Clark for $40/day in the mail room. It was a great place to learn “event TV” but I was nervous about money ….. I left to do 2 series for 2 years that were eventually cancelled, was unemployed for 6 months, came back to variety TV be a PA on a Bob Hope special and then stared from scratch again doing what I wanted to do all along….. If you don’t leave now, in 10 years you’ll be the VP of post scheduling but still doing the same job you don’t love.
—  A mentor of mine told me this last year when I was freaking out about quitting my job at 2G. I kept the email and re-read it when I panic about job things. I’ve sent it to a bunch of people who are having similar freak outs and everyone has found it calming and encouraging. It’s nice to hear someone successful tell you that it will all be okay. Substitute whatever current career freaking out you’re having and enjoy, tumblr.
Remember that time...

…when Eli showed me the twitter of someone who works on MERLIN? And he posted his words with friends username? And I started a game? And then he talked to me? AND THEN THE ASSISTANT DIRECTOR OF MERLIN STARTED FOLLOWING ME ON TWITTER?!?!

I don’t know about ya’ll, but having one of the ADs follow me is probably more exciting than one of the stars. When you watch a movie and they show someone on a film set and the director is all up in the shit about calling action and making sure everything is happening, that is INACCURATE. That is the AD. THEY RUN THAT SHIT. 

A Note on Glee and the Emmys

I’ve seen a number of posts on the show and its cast and crew essentially asking who may or may not be nominated.  There is one thing, though, I’ve seen no one take into account:

The category.

Yes, it’s stupid that Glee is nominated as a comedy simply because it’s musical.  But that’s where it’s placed.  And while in theory a person could be nominated for outstanding musical moments, by and large the person winning both lead and supporting actor/actress in comedy categories will do so based on being funny.
Glee is not now, nor has it ever been, funny - and never less-so than this year.  The episodes submitted include a bevy of deep, emotionally-wrenching scenes played (often very well) by the person who is “for your consideration."  But there’s a reason Chris doesn’t win Emmys, and that reason is…his episodes are great, in a way that usually involves huddling under a blanket and sobbing. 

Here are some topics that aren’t funny:

  • domestic violence
  • attempted suicide
  • being outed
  • not getting into your dream school after nailing the audition

That’s not to say there was a problem with the acting in any of them.  But they are the antithesis of what will get you a nomination (let alone an award) in a comedy category.  Sympathetic favourites might occasionally get a nomination, as will other recent personal awards (see Chris s1 and s2, respectively), but usually not forever.  There’s a reason Sue being outrageous is the only thing that’s won Emmy gold so far.

There is exactly one place where that doesn’t matter - the Golden Globes’ supporting categories because they combine drama and comedy for film and television.  There’s a reason that’s the award Chris won.  The downside is also that the combination means there are only 5-6 slots for all actors in all supporting roles in all types of film and television, as opposed to the 35-40 slots available for supporting actors in the Emmys/Oscars, and some years competition is going to be too stiff among films to get much from tv.   But on any show that specifically recognizes Glee as a comedy and judges the actors accordingly, we’re not going to get much recognition no matter how flawless Chris looks when he cries.