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1am thoughts

I was looking through my photos whilst watching American Dad. It was the episode where Hayley is still upset over Jeff’s abduction and she meets a millionaire who helps her move on. But then, Steve & Snot found that Jeff is alive and is trying to make it back to her. Anyway, Jeff returned but somehow Hayley ended up being old and so he saw everyone including Steve and Snott. Jeff said: “Hey, you two are still best friends”. So I continued scrolling and bam. Next photo - old best friend.

Hay. What are the odds 🤔

Anyway, I have a dentist appointment tomorrow and I am NOT looking forward to it. Cause you know.. I had an unpleasant experience the last time with my dentist.

Wish me luck.

Have a great week ahead guys!!

blm1997  asked:

13, 30, 55?

13. how do you feel right now?
A bit sappy, but good, thank you c:
30. favourite tv show(s)
I don’t really watch tv shows rip ;o; does Kill la Kill count? it was an anime for tv
55. tumblr friends
!!!! wellllllllll theres you, @corvus-von-wolff, @i-am-death-orb @techno-tyrant @sleepingwitch @juri–han @525c @bluetophat @floatingdorito @lucoas @eatmydragonblade :D IM SORRY IF I FORGOT ANYONE!!! would def recommend following them all, i love them so much


~~ Hi there! ~~

Like the most guys here I’m looking for a long lasting friendship. I hope to find a person who’s loyal, kind, sincere, open etc. For me friendship is when you feel comfortable telling the deepest secrets, sharing your joyful and bad moments, support each other, care about other person. I’m not looking for one day or one week friendship - I don’t text my friends only when I’m bored, they’re the people I want to know better and have good relations with.

Btw, my name’s Monika and I’m 18. I’m a grammar school student at the moment willing to study either languages or economics. I live reading, singing, traveling, hanging out with friends, watching TV and all the banal stuff. My dreams are to volunteer with EVS, travel all over the world and learn new languages.

I have some weight and confidence issues, so, I’d like to find a supportive and open minded friend. I don’t mind any sexuality or gender, but I’d like to chat with people around 15-23.

You can contact me:
or on Instagram @monikajeez


when your friend starts watching a show you love