tv fangirl challenge

TV Fangirl Challenge: Relationships [01/10] → Peter Bishop x Olivia Dunham (Fringe)

“No, I don’t belong here. But I don’t belong there, either.”

“Yes, you do. I have thought of one hundred reasons… why you should come back. To – to fight the shape-shifters, to take care of Walter, to – to save the world. But in the end… you have to come back. Because you belong with me.”


fangirl challenge = 17/10 pairings ♥ michael and holly

“Hi, Holly, it’s Michael.
I just wanted to call and let you know that I was thinking about what you said.It’s just, you know, it’s weird.Today I ended up seeing a lot of the women that i used to date, and in my mind, they were all great.
And then when I actually saw them, It was mostly a freak show.
And you and me, that must have been a real train wreck.
You know what? Holly, you’re wrong.You are wrong.I remember every second of us.And talking to you today I don’t feel for them anything like what I feel for you.It’s…I didn’t joke with any of them.I joked with you.You were the only one who was actually happy to hear from me.And I don’t know why you downgraded what we had, but I did not make us up.”

TV Fangirl Challenge: Female Characters [02/10] → Skyler White (Breaking Bad)

“Okay, don’t talk, Walt! Shut up and say something that isn’t complete bullshit! You want to know what you have to do? You have to tell me what’s really going on right now – today. No more excuses, no more apologies, no more of these…these obvious desperate breakfasts! You don’t wanna lose contact with me, Walt? Good. Then tell me. Now.”