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The Expanse Season 1

“Either you commit to diversity, and it’s just a fact of how you do business, how you live, or you’re not diverse,” Franck says. “You can’t say ‘I know, we’ll be diverse, we’ll gift one black part.’ That sort of tokenism is not diversity. To be truly diverse, you have to start at the top. Our production company, one of the presidents is a black man. The president of our TV division is a woman. Our writer’s room is pretty close to fifty-fifty, men and women. It’s not like there were checkboxes, the attitude was just, ‘Let’s hire an interesting array of voices.’” That attitude extends to the script and the screen. “We’re not trying to champion anyone in particular,” Abraham says. “We’re telling a story, and in the course of the story, there are people who aren’t all white guys. What’s important is what the Zuni woman is doing, not that she’s a Zuni.”
- How SyFy’s The Expanse cast its multiracial future.

get to know me!

since this blog is slowly growing i figured i would tell y'all some things about me 🙂

name: angelica but most people call me angie
zodiac sign: libra
what am i doing in my spare time: right now i’m in my last year of grad school to get my masters in mental health counseling and interning. hence why this blog is mostly queue lol
personal blog: @donttouchmypride
race/ethnicity: afro latina (black, puerto rican, & cuban)
other fave twd ships: gleggie, desus, carol & ezekiel
other fave shows: the office, gotham, insecure, shondaland shows, bad reality tv 🙃
currently reading: long division by kiese laymon
my fave thing about richonne: their great slow burn omg i love slow burns and theirs was beautiful and they are beautiful 😭

feel free to send some questions over if you have them 🙂