tv despair

  • Cal: ....Mare? Why is your head on my chest?
  • Mare: know, just making sure you're still alive
  • Cal: you aren't seriously worried that I'm going to die in my sleep...are you?
  • Mare: *rolls over* Death, demise, die, those are my least favorite words right now.

Rocky horror picture show has literally everything in it. It’s got a wedding, a romance, an engagement, a creepy castle, a hunchback servant, a Frankenstein monster designed for sex, sex, a transvestite, a murder, philosophy, aliens, incest, a convention, infidelity, illusions, underwear, a flat tire, a narrator, two virgins, drama, crying, dogs, despair, television security systems throughout a castle, a wheelchair bound professor, a motorcyclist, scandal, a dictionary, pretension, sleepover manicures, tap dancing, singing, whipping, intruders, a German accent, high school sweethearts, a birthday, an FBI who specials in UFOs, rocknroll porn, an old man dancing, a dead body hidden in a glass coffin under a dinner table, a device that controls people’s movements, a princess (I mean that as an annoying girl, not an actual princess), Tim curry, a diabolical plan, boobs (nipples included), a good girl turned “bad”, a pool that literally comes out of nowhere, a motivational/inspirational song, a titanic lifesaver, a scientist, a song about hotdogs, a laser full of antimatter, a spaceship, and I’ve probably missed something

now that i’m slightly more articulate and am able to form my thoughts about this episode, i’m actually a bit annoyed at the lack of screen time that we got of the midwives’ reaction to sister e’s death? a lot of the screen time was focused on the nuns, which was lovely, but i would’ve liked to have seen more of the younger generation of nonnatus house’s reactions. so, naturally, i wrote a list of headcanons.

-“i’ll write to jenny. she’ll want to know” being the first thing trixie says after sister j confirms the bad news

-delia breaking down on the steps because she barely knew sister evangelina and she wished she “got to know her better”

-barbara blaming herself because she’s sure sister e’s stroke is due to her impromptu delivery last night, and barbara being convinced that if she hadn’t asked sister e to come out with her then she would never have had another stroke, despite patsy and trixie’s reassurances

-patsy (strong, held-together patsy) completely breaking down at clinic when a small child asks where sister evangelina is

-barbara curling up in trixie’s bed and delia falling asleep in patsy’s bed the night of sister e’s death

-trixie doesn’t tell anyone, but she keeps a scrap of material from sister e’s wedding dress. she keeps it in her pocket, close to her heart.

-sometimes the midwives, especially barbara and trixie, will walk into a room and then have to walk straight back out again, because they’re hit by a sudden realisation that sister e will never sit in that chair again, or she’ll never make another cup of tea or read another book, and sometimes it’s just too much

-delia not really wanting to attend the funeral because she barely knew her, but she’s practically dragged there anyway by phyllis and patsy

-trixie and patsy sharing their favourite stories of sister e with phyllis over a warm mug of horlicks

-it takes a long time for any of them to be able to deliver a baby without crying

-delia rushing to take over sister julienne’s eulogy because the nun gets too emotional and well no one else is going to bloody do it are they?

-“i didn’t know her like i wished i did. but i did know that she was strong, and brave, and rather stubborn, actually. and she was loved. she was so loved, not just be us but by the entire community. everyone who met her was touched by her warm heart and compassion. she might have been harsh at times, but she was never cruel, and she blessed - and continues to bless - all of our lives, every day, with every hour that passes and every baby that is delivered. and we’re lucky. to have been able to know her and, most importantly, to have been able to love her.”

-and when delia catches sister julienne’s eye as she comes off the altar, and when nurse crane reaches over the pew to squeeze her hand, and when sister mary cynthia smiles at her as she sits down, she knows she’s said the right thing

feel 100% free to add your own, we’re all trash here after all

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i will yell about how important naegi makoto is until the day i die but today i’d especially like to yell about how amazing it is

that the student with no talent was the one who brought hope to his fellow classmates, who kept them from falling into despair during the final trial, who by the end of it all was considered to be shsl hope

remember that hope’s peak is an institution that believes talent itself is of the utmost importance (i say talent itself because they don’t care what your talent is, whether it’s sports or programming or pornographic fan works), and that people who possess incredible talent are the people who will bring hope to the world

the idea that you have to be born with talent to be worth something to the world is an idea that people believe in in real life, and that attitude is especially prevalent in japan. it can be a super damaging attitude because according to this worldview, people without talent are worthless (this is something that both hinata and komaeda in sdr2 struggle with, particularly hinata, who went so far as to undergo brain surgery to try and become talented)

so you have the entire institution of hope’s peak believing that its super-talented students are the hope of the world, because they’re super talented. you have enoshima junko deciding that, actually, her despair is stronger than the hope of the shsl kids, and trying to prove a point about this by broadcasting their descent into despair on tv to the survivors of the apocalypse she brought about. and it's working. the amazingly gifted hope’s peak students, people possessing incredible talent (and thus having an incredible potential for hope, supposedly), are killing one another left and right. when junko offers them a choice between their freedom in a world where they'll need hope to survive (given that everything’s gone to hell, thanks to her) and living out the rest of their lives in hope’s peak, they’re ready to give up

the most talented young people in japan. supposedly the people most capable of inspiring hope in others with their great talent and potential. and they’re ready to give up their freedom, their chance at helping to rebuild the world. they’re falling into despair and junko’s seemingly won

and then naegi, the one student there who's totally ordinary, no outstanding talent to speak of, gives a rousing little speech and suddenly everyone is ready to take on the outside world

hope’s peak thinks people like naegi aren’t worth anything, because they don’t have talent and therefore they can’t inspire hope in anyone, right? their only interest in naegi is his possible extraordinary luck, and it’s proven again and again throughout the course of dr that naegi’s luck is bad if anything. so basically, in the eyes of the institution he’s been trapped in, he’s worthless

and he turns out to be the one who saves his fellow classmates from falling into despair. he's living proof that hope has nothing to do with talent & that one’s value as a person has nothing to do with talent

don’t fucking play like naegi’s “boring” or like he’s got nothing but his luck going for him because his entire character is about how talent doesn’t determine one’s worth and how ordinary people are capable of extraordinary things